Futuristic Lover

You're so hypnotizing
Could you be the devil? Could you be an angel?
Your touch magnetizing
Feels like I am floating, leaves my body glowing

The first day of the alien invasion was pure and utter chaos. They came without warning and without notice. Like silent assailants in the night, they slipped discreetly past the nations' defenses until countless exotically shaped spacecrafts touched down in each and every major city across the globe.

They left no room for escape.

Within a mere moment, the indigenous human population was beset by sudden panic and uncertainty of the unknown. World leaders joined together as one for the first time in years. Plans for a preemptive strike were drawn. Theories of why the alien's came were explored. Peaceful alternatives to war were discussed. The nations' military powers were mobilized and ready for war. They spread themselves as evenly as they could amongst the crafts, ready to do battle with the extraterrestrial intruders from planets unknown.

Throughout all this, the world waited on baited breathes.

The aliens, who had yet to show themselves, sat patiently without a word.

By the second day of the invasion, a preemptive strike had been unanimously decided upon, whether by logical or fear-based reasoning is fairly questionable. With almost simultaneous precision, soldiers fired upon the UFOs with delight. Submachine weapons were fired first, their deafening clamor echoing throughout the cities and causing the inhabitants to cringe. After the submachines were heavy artillery weapons. Once those were used up, the military switched to precision, remote-detonated explosives.

Not one managed to put even a scratch on the surface of the spaceships.

And what odd spaceships they were. Nothing that had ever been dreamed up in a comic book, science-fiction movie, or novel. Peculiarly shaped, they closely resemble massive impressions of the devilfish, or manta ray, which reside in the Earth's ocean. The hull, pearl colored with a polished gleam, spans roughly five hundred by four hundred feet with a height of two-fifty. Wing-like appendages rest at its sides while a short tail-like rudder emerges from the back. Though the ships do not leave their posts and no extraterrestrial chose to emerge, many reports of the ship itself moving quickly spread across the country.

A ripple of a wing here; a twitch of the tail there.

Any effort made by the military to get closer than fifty feet to crafts were met with resistance. It was as if there was an intangible barrier surrounding the ships that kept outsiders from drawing near.

On the third day… on the third day the aliens revealed themselves to the world and the world was immediately taken aback by their otherworldly beauty.

Standing stoically in a circular formation around their spacecrafts, a hundred or so of the creatures appeared out of the blue. News and military helicopters flying overhead captured the same phenomenon at each and every UFO sites. Tall and slender humanoid forms, lean and long-limbed gods and goddesses that epitomize perfection. Though each alien's skin, eye, and hair color differs from the other, in the way each human differs from their brethren, they all have a few common traits of their race. Large, almond shaped luminescent eyes and Elvin ears. Firm, flawless skin. Their hair is long and thick with odd stark white tendrils that move about with a will of their own. Their lips are a deep aquatic blue while the sclera is an infinite dark black. Their nails, long and more like talons, glimmer with an iridescent brightness in the harsh sunlight. And marking their erogenous faces are gorgeous spotted designs that run from their temples, dance along their prominent cheekbones, and end at the line of their jaw.

They are dressed in skintight, one-piece suits that cover them from neck to feet. The suits are predominately white though a good few of aliens wear a dark royal blue.

Lacking any official classification, they were aptly dubbed 'Beautés' by news and magazine reporters.

They say be afraid
You're not like the others, futuristic lover
Different DNA
They don't understand you

Several more days pass with the Beautés maintaining their silent vigil. They stare fearlessly into the eyes of the gathered military men, either ignorant or indifferent of the numerous weapons aimed directly at them. Mayors, governors, and others of political powers have tried on many occasions to make contact with the aliens but to no avail. They ask questions of Who, What, and Why but never receive an answer in reply.

As the days have go on, the fear and anger that once smothered the nations' people has given way to curiosity. Slowly at first, but with increasing numbers, regular citizens have been edging their way towards the UFO sites, in hopes of seeing the celestial being's with their very own eyes.

Standing in an open field and situated in one of the many growing crowds, seventeen year old Seth Reynolds leans up on the tips of his toes in an effort to see over the taller men blocking his view of the alien spacecraft. Though average height, he has a slight, lanky build more of a little boy than a young man. His untidy shoulder-length hair is dyed dark green with the tips dipped in inky black. His eyes, large and brown, are framed by long dark lashes. Creamy pale skin, a gift of his Asian ancestry, pouty pink hued lips, and a button nose give him what many deem a 'cute' appearance.

He is dressed for the relatively cool Floridian weather; clothed in jean shorts, a light gray sweater with a black undershirt, and worn out track shoes.

Surrounding Seth are many different people all jostling and jibing against one another for the best place to stand. Though their elbows are repeatedly shoved carelessly into his side, he refuses to vacate his position no matter the cost. To him, a few moments of discomfort are well-worth the awe of seeing real, living, breathing extraterrestrials from space.

For as long as Seth can remember, aliens and other supernatural beings had always been a fascination for him. The chance of actually seeing, or even meeting, one of the creatures he had grown up believing to exist is a fortune he is unwilling to give up.

Unlike a great deal of the population, when the Beautés first arrived all those many days ago Seth had felt ecstatic. It was something new and exciting, something unimaginable and incredible. But he can't say he was surprised to see the existence of aliens verified. Deep in his heart, Seth could always sense that the universe held more sentient life that what is found on Earth.

Lingering further away from him, Seth's family holds a more reserved, intolerant view towards the alien species. Just beneath the noise of his neighbors, Seth can make out his father's snide comments and his mother's nervous titter.

Jerr Reynolds, self-proclaimed redneck and reluctant father of four, growls and grumbles under his breath. "God damn abominations. We should just nuke the whole lot of them."

Overhearing this, it takes all of Seth's willpower to keep from rolling his eyes skyward especially when he hears his mother's timid little affirmatives. He can just imagine the site of her standing next to her husband and habitually wringing her hands from nervousness. Sure enough, when he takes a glance back in their direction his mother, Nami Reynolds, is in that exact pose. Flanked on either side of her and Jerr are Seth's two older siblings, Jared and Sarah, looking characteristically bored. Chris, his younger brother, clings to Jared's leg as big fat tears run down his chubby cheeks and he begs for them to take him home.

Seth doesn't understand how they could not be excited.

This is history in the making. The first time in written history that mankind and alienkind have interacted on such a large scale basis.

While his family may want to go and hideaway in their home, Seth wants to be out in the open at the UFO site and remaining in the crowd. He wants to be closer to the aliens, in their midst and holding conversations. He wants to know what they are like. Where they are from. What they eat and what they do. What they love and hate and cherish.

He wants to be up there.

A small opening in the crowd brightens Seth's mood. It's a tight fit but he's just about small enough to fit through.

But as Seth steps forward a sudden piercing scream rings throughout the group.

The crowd immediately panics.

People begin to scream and run in all directions.

The aliens have begun to move.

You're from a whole other world
A different dimension
You open my eyes
And I'm ready to go, lead me into the light

Like unstoppable forces of nature with no equal, the aliens march in synch with one another. The military men are quick to react, at first firing warning shots at the advancing army of supernaturals and demanding them to stop. When that doesn't manage to deter them, the soldiers begin firing straight at the Beautés using years of honed skill to take out the aliens as quickly as possible.

It quickly becomes apparent that all their training was for naught.

Just as with the ship, an impenetrable barrier surrounds each individual space invader, protecting them from the hail of bullets. In a daring attempt, soldiers hurl a cascade of hand-grenades into the mix in hopes that it'll blow their enemies away. The bombs go off, one raucous boom after another. The earth quakes with the force of the bombs' explosive power. Humans, soldiers and civilians alike, tense in morbid expectation.

For a moment things seem calm and the people breathe a sigh of relief.

That is, until the dust clears and reveals the site of the aliens, calm and collected as always, advancing once again.

Panicked cries of "Fall back! Fall back!" and "Get these people out of here!" spur everyone back into action.

Farther away from the commotion, Seth can't make out exactly what is going on but he knows something terrible has definitely happened. There are smoke clouds everywhere. People are still yelling. Guns are being fired.

It's complete mayhem.

Spinning on his heel, Seth turns to where his family used to be but they are nowhere in sight. Frantic, he tries jumping up and down to see over the heads of passersby. He looks in each direction but can't seem to locate his parents. With the crowd surging around him, Seth is knocked back and forth, tossed and thrown about as people try to escape the field. Some of them step on his toes; others end up hitting him in the face. A few of them slam into him so hard it causes him to double over in pain dry heaving.

Just as he's swallowed up by the throng stampeding humans, Seth hears Jerr's roaring voice alongside Nami's terrified crying. "See! See! What did I tell you all? What did I tell you?"

Kiss me, ki-ki-kiss me
Infect me with your love and
Fill me with your poison

The aliens are harvesting humans by sense of smell. They march into the squirming masses, bypassing some and picking off others. They walk with their noses held high as they delicately scent the air for whatever it is their looking for. The flowing tendrils within their hair reach out and slither against the bodies around them. Though people try to escape they're inevitable caught within the steel embrace of the invaders.

No escape.

The Beautés gather their captured prey into their arms before turning back to their ship where they deposit the goods and head back out for more. They do this like clockwork. Quick and efficient movements that insure a good deal of humans are harvested and brought back to the ship where they disappear from sight.

The extraterrestrials have finally reached the point where Seth can easily make out what they're doing. Mesmerized, he can't help but stare in wonder as a dainty female Beautée with light pink spots lifts a grown six foot man into the air and settles him over her shoulder. With fluid grace, she treks back in the direction of the spaceship, completely ignoring the man as he hollers and beats against her back with his large fists.

The sight sends a thrill of both fear and excitement down Seth's spine. He is both captivated and repulsed.

Take me, ta-ta-take me
Wanna be a victim
Ready for abduction

Seth is truly frightened. He doesn't understand why all of this is happening or what changed. He doesn't know what the aliens want from the people they've captured. He can't figure out why they take some but not all. There are no noticeable similarities between the people taken. Male and female. Young and old. Black, white, Hispanic, and Asian. Height and weight don't seem to play a factor.

Some are simply chosen, and some aren't.

Some are deemed worthy while others are brushed to the side.

It nearly sickens Seth when he realizes he'd rather be one of the chosen. He would rather be one of the worthy few who board the ship. He'd rather be on the alien spacecraft than stand on the sidelines and watch as it flew away. As scary as the situation is, he wants to go. He wants to join them and be a part of all that chaos. He wants to see it all for himself, up close and personal.

Boy, you're an alien
Your touch so foreign
It's supernatural

Seth battles his way through the crowd, pushing and shoving back against anyone in his way. Hopelessly lost, he flits back and forth from one direction to the next seeking out any familiar features in the sea of faces. There are too many people encircling him to make out much of anything. And the more time Seth spends alone, the more distressed he becomes. His molten brown eyes grow wet with unshed tears of frustration as he continues his frenzied search.

In vain, he cries out for his mother and siblings, pleading for them to respond, but his voice is easily consumed by the terrified shouts for help all around him.

"Mom!" he tries again stubbornly. "Jared; Sarah! Where are you?"

The other people, equally lost and confused as him, echo their own pleas for help.

It's only been five minutes since he lost sight of his family but it already feels like an eternity in hell.

Backpedalling, Seth turns around just in time to see the crowd open up for a mere moment. His mother is kneeling in the muck and dirt, unconcerned that her favorite white skirt is ruined, as she sobs into her arms. Jared stands loyally at her side with a tearful Chris held in his arms. Sarah has her arms wrapped around Nami as she tries to soothe their mother.

In the distance, Jerr is running away, leaving his family behind.

You're so supersonic
Wanna feel your powers, stun me with your lasers
Your kiss is cosmic
Every move is magic

The human citizens begin to fight back against the extraterrestrial forces. Many of them wield various firearms of their own. They shoot alongside their allies but lacking the finesse of the trained military combatants, they prove to be more of a hindrance than a source of aid. Held in shaky uncoordinated hands, the guns are fired wildly; most of the bullets don't even land near the Beautés. Innocent men, women, and children are caught in the blaze of fire and are brought to their death within an instant.

People without guns grab hold of any objects they can find lying around. Broken branches, glass bottles, wooden boards and more. They attack the aliens fiercely, swinging their makeshift clubs like Neanderthal cavemen.

To their further dismay, the weapons shatter on impact leaving no damage.

Others quickly realize that using just their fists against the Beautés is an awful decision as well. No matter how hard they punch, kick, bite, and scratch the invaders remain unfazed and unharmed. More often than not, people who attack the aliens with bare fists end up with broken bones and dislocated fingers.

Though supple and delicate looking, the aliens' skin is like hardened, reinforced steel. The spacesuit that seemed rubber-like at first is just as impenetrable as the rest of them.

You're from a whole other world
A different dimension
You open my eyes
And I'm ready to go, lead me into the light

The view of his family only lasts for a mere moment before Seth is once again swept away by the crowd. Bemused and with no sense of direction, he unknowingly heads towards the alien spaceship and advancing army. By now, the Beautés have closed in on his location. They round up humans against their will, tossing them over shoulders or gathering them under their arms. Their strange inverted eyes callously take in the sight of the humans' continuous resistance. With their rigid facial features and blue lips set into identical frowns, the string-like wisps of dancing hair are the only animated aspect of their bodies.

A young woman bleeding from a head wound barrels pass Seth at full speed, nearly throwing him off balance. Seth just barely manages to right himself in time to keep himself from going down. If he hadn't, it's likely the mob of crazed humans and aloof aliens would have trampled him to death.

He shudders at the close call and breathes a sigh of relief but his elation swiftly dies out.

Looming a meager five feet away is a blue-spotted male Beauté whose sky blue eyes are locked on Seth. Like all the other aliens, his irises are luminescent and set in a dark sclera. Abundant walnut colored hair falls effortlessly down his lithe back. Unlike most, he's one of the very few dressed in a dark blue suit.

The alien's head tips to the side as he regards Seth curiously. He delicately sniffs the air in Seth's direction and his eyes light up.

Seth freezes.

The Beauté smiles.

Kiss me, ki-ki-kiss me
Infect me with your love and
Fill me with your poison

Gradually Seth edges his way in the opposite direction, careful to keep his balance with each step. His worried brown eyes stay focused on the Beauté as if he fears what will happen should he looks away. While Seth can't say he's adverse to the idea of entering the alien spacecraft – it's far too exciting for him to be against it – he also can't say he feels comfortable with an alien giving him such an interested look. He has absolutely no inkling of what could possibly put such a fascinated appearance on the extraterrestrial's normally mild features.

Seth doesn't believe there is anything exceptional about him. He isn't especially smart or attractive. He isn't well toned or athletic. He is pale and skinny and uncoordinated. He lacks any notable skills or useful talents. Other than his strangely dyed hair there isn't any trait of his that sticks out. Nothing flashy enough to garner attention.

He turns to run away but there is no point. Before he even has a chance to take off, a powerful set of clawed hands grasp his arms from behind. Startled, Seth vehemently tugs against the hands holding him prisoner. "Let me go!"

To his surprise, the blue eyed alien does just that. Without warning, Seth is released. The sudden freedom causes him to pitch forward and slam into the ground, smashing his knees and the palms of his hands into the hard, packed soil. Grunting, Seth ignores the painful ache in his body. All he cares about is getting away from his attacker.

Before he has a chance to escape the extraterrestrial is at his side. A strong hand wraps around his arm and graceful lifts him to his feet. Unsure of what the alien wants, Seth gazes mutely as the creature begins rambling in a foreign tongue. The alien angles himself toward the sleek spacecraft as he continues talking, free hand gesturing towards the ship wildly.

Anxious and frustrated, Seth shakes his head violently, sweat-drenched green and black strands flying into his eyes. "I don't understand," he mumbles, attempting to pull his arm away again. "I don't know what you want."

While pointing in the direction of the ship, the peculiar Beauté tugs at his arm and says the first and only word Seth can understand. "Please." He looks up at Seth, his crystalline eyes imploring before he angles himself towards the ship again, rumbling something in his language. "Fremre set ur vae. Please."

Brow raised, Seth follows his line of sight.

There, right at the base of the hovering spacecraft, another alien materializes from thin air. He's taller and broader than the others as well as the only one donning a black suit.

It's strange…

Though Seth can't even make out the newcomer's features, his heart begins to race all the same.

Take me, ta-ta-take me
Wanna be a victim
Ready for abduction

The alien at Seth's side perks up as the other takes off in their direction, long legs aiding his swift pace. Remaining armed forces who have yet to die, be harvested, or flee engage him in combat. They fire with whatever loaded weapons they carry, roaring with pent up fury and itching to take it out on any foe in sight. As usual the bullets cease before tearing through their intended target and litter the ground worthlessly. A solider at his wits end charges the oncoming alien, fists flying as he curses the celestial being to hell.

Without breaking his stride, the Beauté carelessly bats the human aside as if swatting an irritating fly out of his way. With a startled cry, the soldier flies high into the air before crashing to the ground in a pile of twitching limbs.

The other human soldiers, enraged at the treatment of their comrade, senselessly rush the Beauté. However; after only a few steps they are brought to their knees, each of them clutching their heads as they scream in anguish.

The Beauté casually steps over the fallen warriors and continues on his way.

Seth watches the entire confrontation, slack-jawed and his eyes wide in awe. A tremor of fear and anticipation wracks his body as he gasps, "Holy shit."

The pretty blue eyed alien attached to his arm rolls his eyes and mutters, "Fremre set khafk volo, da vek."

It only takes a few short moments for the strange extraterrestrial to reach them.

His gaze is wholly set on Seth.

Boy, you're an alien
Your touch so foreign
It's supernatural

Seth quickly comes to the conclusion that the black garbed alien is easily the most otherworldly, ethereal creature he's ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on. Long, white hair with a silver sheen flows gracefully down to the small of his back in thick locks. He's easily a full head taller than Seth with broad shoulders and toned, sinewy muscles heightened by the tight fabric of his clothing. His softly tanned skin compliments the attractive onyx colored alien markings that decoratively run along his temples, down to his jawbone, and rests along the nape of his neck where they disappear beneath the collar of his suit. Just as with the other Beautés, within his hair are pure white tendrils that shift and move on their own, his lips are a dark blue, and his talon-like nails appear wickedly lethal.

But what Seth finds most captivating about the new arrival are his exquisite eyes bordered by dark lashes. The irises are a striking bold yellow surrounded by a thin layer of burnt crimson. They shine with a fierce, animalistic light that is both mocking and smug.

Seth doesn't have the chance to say anything before the alien's eyes roam impassively over his body and he begins to circle Seth predatorily while sniffing the air around him.

Seth's entire body flushes with heat and he feels his face redden under the other's scrutiny. He knows it's ridiculous how quickly his body reacts to the other. He can't help the way his heart jumps in his chest, his eyes fall to half-mast, or his pulse begins to race. He can't help that he blushes and fidgets nervously every time he catches a hint of the Beauté's confident smirk.

He can't stop himself and he doesn't care. Right now, none of that matters to him at all.

The nameless alien comes to a rest at last, his head cocked to the side with a thoughtful though satisfied look on his face.

So focused on the other, Seth doesn't notice the departure of the blue eyed alien. He doesn't notice the battling that still goes on around him. He doesn't think about his family. He doesn't try to figure out why this is all happening. He is just living in the moment, here and now.

In a trance-like state, he reaches out and brushes the tips of his fingers across the handsome alien's cheekbones. His gaze locked on eerie yellow eyes, he whispers, "Who are you?"

This is transcendental
On another level
Boy, you're my lucky star

The alien tips his head back and laughs.

Reflexively, Seth draws back in surprise at the sudden outburst. He isn't quite sure why the alien is laughing or whether he is being laughed at, but he doesn't appreciate it at all. Seth is just about snap at the other when the Beauté opens his mouth displaying a light blue tongue and speaks.

"I do not think you could say my name in your language," he says, voice low and rumbling, words slightly accented by his native alien language. The words come across musical and lilting, and very pleasant to the ears. Though his English is well pronounced, his S's come out in a soft hiss.

It's a rather endearing trait that puts a small smile on Seth's lips before the alien's words sink in. Taken aback, Seth shifts his weight from one leg to another as he itches him arm agitatedly. It has been a nervous habit of his for as long as he can remember. Worrying his lip between his teeth, Seth eventually replies, "Then what should I call you?"

The alien is quick to answer. "Give me a name," he replies easily. "Call me anything you like."

Seth frowns and shoots the Beauté a disbelieving stare. He wonders for a moment if this is a joke or a test of sorts. If he says a name the alien likes, does that mean he will be taken to the ship? If he guesses wrong, then will he be turned away and left behind?

He isn't positive which option would be best but he is sure of one thing and that is what to name his new infatuation. "Azrael," Seth declares strongly. 'Azrael' is a name for both an angel and a god of Death. A fitting title, one that Seth has always thought highly of.

The Beauté – Azrael – tilts his head in a respectful bow as he agrees, "Azrael, it is." Then, he takes Seth's hands into one of his and pulls him closer until their bodies touch intimately. Seth' slight frame fits perfectly alongside his larger build as if they are two puzzle pieces brought together at last. Azrael gently inclines Seth's head upwards until their eyes meet. "And what should I call you, sheifa?"

It takes Seth a while to answer. Being this close to the god-like alien nearly makes him dizzy with arousal. Everything about Azrael is stimulating to his senses. His looks. His voice. The way his body feels pressed against Seth's. He even finds Azrael's scent, a musky masculine aroma, arousing.

Seth finally responds with a mumbled, "My name is Seth." He pauses, face scrunching up in a look of uncertainty, "Um, nice to meet you?" As soon as the words leave his mouth, he immediately regrets them. Seth cringes, berating himself and wishing he could take them back as if he fears he may have ruined whatever impression Azrael has on him. He hurries to cover his blunder and asks, "Why are you here?"

A good question, indeed. One the whole world has wanted answered for such a long time now.

However, Seth doesn't mean it in that context. In fact, it never occurs to him to ask why Azrael and his fellow alien's came to Earth. He only wants to know why Azrael left the safety of his ship and came to him.

Knowing exactly what Seth is thinking Azrael grins widely, his cheeks dimpling cutely. "My brother. He told me he found something interesting. He told me that I would like it very much."


"He was here with you. He held you while I walked over."

The pretty Beauté with the blue spots, Seth realizes. But his mind isn't on that anymore. Not with the thought of 'something Azrael likes' swirling through his head. Peeking up through the chaotic strands of hair obscuring his vision, Seth whispers, "Do you? Like what you see, I mean." He hopes so because he most definitely likes what he sees. Azrael smirks and leans in causing Seth to shiver delightfully. Already in anticipation of something more he stands on the tips of his toes, arching his body into Azrael in the process.

Azrael's yellow eyes burn with an intense passion. "Very, very much," he says, punctuating each word emphatically. Slow as molasses, he dips his head downwards, his alien tongue peeking out to stroke seductively along the line of Seth's jaw, sampling the salty flesh. Other than a mousey squeak of surprise from the human, he meets no resistance. Azrael releases a soft sigh that tickles Seth's cheek before roaming his way back down Seth's boyish face in search of his full lips.

He presses the softest of kisses against them.

It's such a simple kiss.

Yet it blows Seth's mind away and leaves him weak in the knees.

I wanna walk on your wave length
And be there when you vibrate
For you I'll risk it all, all

Seth doesn't think he has ever been this giddy over such a little thing in so long. Certainly not since he was a young boy with no cares or worries, just enjoying life and living it to the fullest. Not before Jerr lost his job and became an abusive husband and father. Before Jared and Sarah grew cold and decided to distance themselves from the family. Not since Chris was born putting more strain on the family when they already couldn't afford to feed the members they had.

He knows right now his brown eyes are glazed over and he has the dopiest of grins stretched across his face but he couldn't care less.

He's happy.

Azrael quirks a black eyebrow in an inquiring manor as he inclines his head towards the hovering UFO. "Will you come with me?" he asks.

Seth nods.

There is no hesitation.

There is no doubt.

The answer is instantaneous and certain.


Azrael's gaze bores into Seth's and he searches the human's pale face for any shadow of doubt. Stroking a cool finger across Seth's bottom lip, he confirms, "Are you positive?"

Sighing, Seth takes a serious moment to think it over.

Earth is home. It always has been and always will be. It's where he was born. Where he lost his first tooth. Where he had his first crush. Where he learned how to ride a bike and skateboard. It's where his family is. His mother Nami, subservient and weak-willed but a kind woman at heart. His brothers and sister. Jared with his calm, self-assuredness. Sarah and her indifferent ways. Little Chris who clings to their older brother like a lifeline. And then there is his father Jerr; a cold, selfish man who treats others like dirt but Seth nonetheless loves.

He loves them all but the thought of them doesn't change anything.

They don't need him. Never have. It may hurt them at first but his absence won't be missed for long.

He looks to Azrael, brows set in a stern expression. "I'm ready."

Kiss me, ki-ki-kiss me
Infect me with your love and
Fill me with your poison

Seth doesn't believe in love at first site. It is by far one of the most ludicrous notions he has ever heard. The idea that two people who had nothing in common can meet and fall in love absolutely baffles him. The way he sees it, 'true love' is a vision for little girls and their fairytales; not the real world. Yet, the more time he spends in Azrael's presence the more he realizes there is no denying the fact that he can already feel some great and powerful emotions blooming for the white haired alien walking steadily at his side.

Azrael is clasping his hand securely as he leads them back to the spacecraft, speaking in low tones that make Seth's head swoon from desire.

Both are completely oblivious to their surroundings, much too involved in other to pay attention. No more soldiers attack. There are none left with the capability to battle. Even if there were, Seth has a hunch that it wouldn't matter.

With Azrael he is safe and protected.

Take me, ta-ta-take me
Wanna be a victim
Ready for abduction

The alien invaders have completed their harvest. Synchronized as always, they turn back to their spaceship leaving a field of fallen soldiers and rejected humans in their wake.

Seth and Azrael are within their midst. Unlike the others, they move quickly through the crowd, eager to depart Earth and enter space. They bypass the Beautés and reach the hull of the ray-like spaceship. It gleams brightly in the afternoon sun as if it's a beacon, a symbol of freedom and relief.

For Seth, this is the most momentous occasion in his life. It is an unanticipated development in his previously mundane life. He knows as soon as he boards the spacecraft that he will leave Earth.

And he won't be coming back.

Whatever happens after this can't be undone.

Glancing back for second, Seth has one last thought of his family. He wonders if they know where he is or what he is doing. He wonders if they will hate him for it.

He hopes one day they could understand.

The bright lights of the ship envelope him and Azrael.

Within an instant, they are gone.

Boy, you're an alien
Your touch so foreign
It's supernatural

The interior of the spacecraft is amazingly complex in its design. As large as it seemed from the outside, it is easily three times that size within. The walls are an off-white color with strange, thin lines that distinctly reminds Seth of veins and arteries throughout a living creature. The floor is oddly spongy and elastic. It is firm enough that Seth doesn't sink into the floor as he walks through the ship but it does give slightly with each step. And like memory foam in mattresses, it immediately springs back into its original shape. With a closer look at his surroundings, he notices that even the walls of the ship are undulating in a rhythmic motion.

The ship, which he first thought of as a machine, is actually a cybernetic organism.

Seth immediately gets the urge to badger Azrael with questions about the craft; how it was made, how it functions, what it is capable of. He would have done so if they didn't come across a holding pen where hundreds of terrified men and woman are kept. The pen is large enough to comfortably hold its imprisoned inhabitants but it doesn't do anything to ease their fear. Surrounding the cage are a few dozen white suited Beautés acting as sentries.

Angered, Seth rips his hand from Azrael's hold and rounds on the alien. His hands are balled into tight fists at his side as he growls, "If you think for even a moment that I'm going in there, you are sorely mistaken."

Expression appearing slightly affronted, Azrael says calmly, "I would not dream of ever doing such a thing."

Seth's brow creases in thought as he stares up into Azrael's seemingly genuine expression. The alien's head is tipped to the side and his yellow eyes glow with a light of sincerity. Though Seth hardly knows the extraterrestrial or has any familiarity with him, he decides to trust him anyway. He has done so already by willingly coming upon the ship; it couldn't hurt to put his faith in the Beauté. "Alright," he concedes, "I believe you but will you tell me why they're in there? Or why you came to Earth?"

Azrael's brows dip into a dark frown as he replies, "Later. I will tell you later. Promise."

He turns and walks away.

Seth wants to object and demand an answer now but he doesn't. He shoots one more dismal look at the frightened human beings before following Azrael deeper into the ship.


They enter what Seth assumes to be a command center of sorts. Busy, blue clad Beautés are situated all over the place, flitting from one area to another in preparation for liftoff. Azrael directs him to an empty seating zone before disappearing into the throng of space aliens. Feeling like an outsider looking in, Seth spends his time observing how the aliens move about fluidly and speak in soft tones. Nearby Beautés give him passing glances but none question his presence in their headquarters.

He eventually spots Azrael across the room speaking to the only other Beauté in sight dressed in a black space suit. The man is tall and broad shouldered like Azrael with inky black hair. Unlike the other aliens Seth has seen so far, his hair and the feeler-like tendrils within them are short, stopping a few inches above his shoulder blades. Seth can't quite make out the alien's eye color or the hue of his markings, but he can safely assume that unknown extraterrestrial is just as beautiful as the others. Standing just beyond the conversing duo is the blue eyed alien from before; Azrael's brother. He catches Seth's probing gaze and waves heartily.

Awkwardly, Seth returns the action.

It only takes a few more moments for Azrael to finish his conversation and come back to Seth, grinning with his features set in a cocky, self-satisfied expression.


Seth relaxes as Azrael perches himself in the seat beside him. He smiles at the look on the alien's face and the way even his feelers are moving more rapidly as if they're affected by his emotions. A few of them reach out to Seth, brushing against his face and causing him to giggle. The appendages are surprisingly cool and incredibly smooth. Seth plays with the strands, marveling at the way the wrap around his finger. He glances up at Azrael and asks, "Can you control them?"

Azrael shakes his head minutely, not enough to dislodge them from Seth's finger. "No. Not very well. They do what they want."

"They're cute."

"We call them tiable."


Azrael snickers. "Close enough." They sit for a moment in silence until Azrael murmurs, "This is your last chance to change your mind. Once we leave, I won't ever bring you back here."

Smiling, Seth nods though he keeps his attention on the tiable clutching him sweetly. "I'm counting on it."

Azrael hums contentedly, his voice lowering a few octaves as he purrs, "I will keep you forever. No one else will have you."

His words bring about a warm feeling in Seth's heart and he grins, replying, "Yeah? Well, I'm kind of counting on that, too."

And then the ship takes off and leaves Earth behind.

Boy, you're an alien
Your touch so foreign
It's supernatural

The End

*Word count: 6,662

This is the beginning of a mini-series I plan to post titled Starstruck.
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Fremre set ur vae. – Brother is coming.
Fremre set khafk volo, da vek. – Oh my god, brother is such a showoff.
sheifa – Cutie

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