Come Back to Me

Bottles of beer
Strewn across the floor
Wishin' everything was like
The way before
The pictures near my hand
Show a time of different people
and different lands
A smiling girl
and a happy boy
He wrapped around her
as if she is his toy
History of the two
playback in the mind of you
Summer fun, and fire camps
Wishin' on stars, and yellow lamps
Smilin' happy
Kissin' true
Nightime strolls
and havin' a clue
Then all of a sudden
What happened to you?
The yellin' started
and my heart broke in two
Your eyes glazed with tears
was one of my fears
But I was still in love with you
And now years later
I still think of her
About what was and were
The phone I saw inside the mess
Just a number away
Maybe I can see a new day
Ringing ringing will she come?
or does she still have a number 1?
It picks up
I freeze a while
She knows who I am
I can hear her smile
She talks about this and that
I stutter 'bout my old lost hat
She says she's single
Who doesn't like that?
Before I hang up
I say I had a nice time
She blurts out
"Can you stay on the line?"
I say "You know what would be better...
you and me again, together."
She laughs a laugh
I've yearned long for
She says we can try again
Once more
She laughs again and we hang up
I'm no longer in a slump
I find my hat and I sing
about life, love, and diamond rings.