Nicolas bought a boxing video game.

Trevor, Nicolas' friend, bought a copy of his own after playing.

Nicolas was pretty bad at the game. After the fourth opponent, he often found himself on the losing end.

Trevor was also bad player, but better than Nicolas. He played the game often, including the practice sessions. Eventually, he won.

Nicolas bought a disc that would allow him to use cheat codes. Upon reading the list of cheats, he found what he was looking for: invincibility. He selected that code, replaced the cheat disc with the boxing game, and started playing. With the invincibility cheat enabled, Nicolas no longer had to worry about losing. If he wanted to, he could just stand his character in one spot and throw punches without blocking or dodging. No matter how many times his opponents hit him, he lost no health. He soon beat the game.

Trevor challenged Nicolas to a few rounds at his house. The boy accepted, and the two played.

Nicolas had left his cheat disc at home. Naturally, he could not rely on his old strategy of staying still and not getting hurt. He found that he was really bad at the game when he was not cheating.

Trevor, on the other hand, was a great player. He dodged and blocked many of his friend's moves and won every match with knockouts and TKOs.

The moral of the story is, doing things the easy way causes you to miss out on valuable experience, even if you do reach your goal. When you take the necessary steps, not only will you reach your goal, but you'll have the skills to overcome even greater challenges.