"Uh, Ryder, honey?"


"Where are you going dressed like that?"

"Er… out."

"Not to pick up any straight guys, right?"

I looked down at myself, taking in the knee length bright yellow dress I wore and the black ballet flats I'd just stolen from my mom. A yellow headband to match the dress (which I couldn't see for obvious reasons), and a thick black friendship bracelet on my wrist. My dark blonde hair was down, the thick waves falling annoyingly into my face, and the headband was pretty much keeping it from stabbing me in my eyes. My boobs were decidedly fake, but I thought I still looked kind of hot if I discounted the obvious.

"Right?" My Mom persisted, a blonde eyebrow raised as she peered at me over her reading glasses. "Ryder?"

"…right." Definitely not picking up any straight boys. Not any that I know of, anyway.

"Ryder Greyson Lewis, I kidd you not, you will not go 'round there playing with those boys' hearts! It's degrading. It's stupid, and it's beneath you!"

"Mom, calm the fuck down. I—…" I trailed off as my step-dad walked into the room, plopping down on the sofa next to my Mom, grabbing the remote off the coffee table and clicking on the TV.

Reason number one why I didn't live here anymore. "I'm just going to Cam's to play video games."

"Wearing that?"

"Yes, Mom. Can't a guy look pretty if he wants to? Jeez."

"Sorry to say," Ed spoke up, sending me a sarcastically sympathetic smile. "But you look ugly with or without that dress. That dress is cute though. Commendable taste."

I rolled my eyes, not really surprised that my Mom didn't try to take up for me. She'd stopped trying after the first couple hundred insults.

Though she did draw the line at all his "fag" comments.

"Bye Mom." I rose from the couch, smoothing out my dress, checking and double checking to make sure you couldn't see the outline of my cock. I grabbed my messenger and started for the door.

"No straight boys?" She called out.


"You promise?"

I sent my Mom a bright smile as I swung open the front door. "Cross my heart."

Cameron screwed up his face upon catching sight of me, and I pushed past him into his apartment.

"Well you look very… pretty."

"Shut the fuck up Cam." I hissed, but I felt my heart warm at his sarcastic comment. (Stupid Ed. Making me feel all insecure.)

"No, I'm serious." He went to work on hooking up the game console, mumbling along as he did so. "You look hot, Ry. If I didn't know you were a boy I wouldn't even be able to tell. If you had a vag, I'd totally eff you."

Cameron tossed me a controller, taking the spot beside me on the couch. He adjusted his dark-rimmed nerd glasses, squinting at me. Well, not really at me…"Third time in drag, how's it feel?" Mostly at my chest.

"Stop staring at my boobs!" I swung, knocking Cam in his chest with the back of my hand. "Bastard."

"I know they're not, but they kinda look real." He stared. "Can I touch 'em?"


"Oh, fine. Be that way." He turned away with a soft huff of annoyance, starting up the game. "At least you don't look creepy like that Jeffree Star guy." He said after a moment. "He gives me nightmares…"

"Jeffree Star is fucking sexy, Cam."

"Eh." He frowned. "If you say so, babe—"

"Don't call me babe."

"—his eyebrows are all pink and… ugh. Those contacts make his eyes look all creepy."


"He's sexy."


It was silent, all except for the clicking of our controllers as we stormed across the virtual battlefield, shooting people.

"Hey, I got a new roomie." Cam spoke up suddenly.

"Oh yeah?"

"Mhmm. And he's legal-legal."

I thought that over for a moment, dodging bullets. "Drinking age legal?"

"Yeah. He lets me drink some of the beers he keeps in the fridge. I think I'm in love with him."


"Way cool."

Click. Click. Shoot. Click.

"Maybe you should come up with a name for when you dress in drag?"

I glanced over at Cam curiously, cursing when my player got shot. "Like what?"

He lifted a shoulder, narrowing his eyes in concentration. "Somethin' with an 'R'."


He sent me a what the hell look. "Dude, you're white."


"That's a Mexican chick's name. Think more 'Rebecca's' and 'Riley's' or something."

He turned to me after pausing the game, looking me over with a critical eye. "Cross your legs, man, you have on a dress. And your voice. More high pitched and less boy-y."

I crossed my legs, but ignored the voice comment. "So now you're my drag coach or something?"

"Sure," he grinned. "This'll be fun."

"Not so—"

"Sorry to interrupt." A dark haired man said as he stepped through the door. He was, to be honest, probably the hottest guy I'd ever seen. His hair was black, almost purple, and kind of long. The tips of it brushed his shoulders, his bangs falling in his piercing blue eyes. He was wearing a plain white t-shirt and skinny jeans, the Converse he had on a little worse for wear, but somehow they fit. He eyed me briefly, then turned his piercing gaze to Cam. "I bought some groceries."

"Oh, thanks Ash." Cam hopped up to take the bag from the man. Ash, I'm guessing. "I'll put 'em away. Oh. Um. Ash this is my friend Ry—"

"Rachel." I interrupted.

Cam smirked. "Rachel. And Rachel this is the new roomie I was just telling you about, Ashy."

"It's Ashton, actually." The man corrected with a small smile as he extended his hand towards me.

I stood, unable to fight back a slight blush as I slipped my hand in his. "It's. Um. Nice to meet you." I whispered, not bothering to wait for his reply, and followed Cam where he had wandered in the direction of the kitchen to put away groceries. Or something. I didn't want to be alone with that guy. Especially with the stiffie that was forming beneath my dress.

"Are you hard for Ashy, Ry?" Cam whispered with a teasing smile, poking at my crotch (where you could clearly see the hard on I was just talking about). I smacked his hand away with a deep scowl. He broke open a box of Oreo Cakesters and handed me a pack, taking one for himself before shoving the box into the pantry.

"He's fucking sexy." I hissed, peeking into a brown paper bag that was sitting up on the kitchen table and snatching one packet, of many, gummy bears. "And he buys good food."

"Yup. Ashy's awesome. But straight. Sorry. I'm pretty sure the last roomie I had liked to go in my room and smell my undies while I was away."

"What a fucking creeper." I muttered under my breath, but he still heard me.

Cam nodded in agreement, turning away to put the milk and eggs in the fridge. "Yeah… but he was nice when he wasn't jerking off to the smell of my junk."

"Yeah…" I said slowly, subconsciously smoothing my hand out over my dress (mostly my crotch), then my hair. "Cam, I'm leaving."

"Oh. Well." He leaned down to brush his lips across my cheek. "Come back over tomorrow. We could play Mario Kart or something."

"Sure." I grabbed one of the Coke's from the twelve pack he was unloading, then went back into the living room to get my stuff.

I shoved my newly acquired snacks into my messenger, stiffening when I felt a presence looming over me.

"Are you and Cameron dating?" Ashton asked.

I jumped, even though I'd felt him there, I hadn't seen him when I'd walked back in here. "Uh…" Gross. "No…"

"Good." He grinned, nervously, one hand reaching into his front pocket and slipping a folded up piece of paper into my hand, the other swiping hair behind one of his ears. He stared down at his shoes for a moment before lifting his gaze to mine. "Call me sometime, yeah?"