If you've got this far you're not paranoid, they are after you. We don't know why, but they come for us all. You've got some of what you need as long as you have the backpack. From no on any life you had is over. Your name is changeable and so is your face. Stay to the woods they won't follow you there. Go into the cities only when necessary and when you know you've covered your tracks well. Blend in, make no effort to stand out. Where ever you are know they could find you, be careful. In the front pocket of the bag is a small card that number is an account number. Any thing you could need you can buy with that money. Remember these few tings:

1 Who you were does not matter

2 They are after you

3 None that have been taken are seen again

4 You are alone

5 Keep to the woods; the government wasn't lying when they said the mutants were gone from the woods

Good luck you'll need it.