WorldS WE CreatE

Let the fantasy of hell consume you when you look into my bright blue eyes

See the ones that you use to love buried deep below the earth

And watch as blossom petals fall upon their grave

Walk home as you wave your soul goodbye therefore there's no need for it no more

Because each corner you turn there's bound to be something to make you sure

If you want it back it's too late so don't scream and search for something you can't have

Listen carefully to the music's song letting the words drag you along

Through the hell you created for us, but it looks like paradise

It's so beautiful when the water fall shines into the dark night

The trees whistling our name and flowers that are shy to be touched

How can a scene be called something so disgraceful

You seem to speak through a microphone but I'm close enough to hear your real voice

I don't care if you sound like a monster I want to learn more about you

Don't worry if you're a demon and I'm an angel let's just hold each other

I know were not allowed but I really don't care, we're always so near each other

You make me alive when I honestly dead, I feel this fast uncontrollable beat in my empty chest

When I touch yours it's the same beat as mine

But they seem to slow down and disappear; it's not what we thought it was

I'm not going to stay if I can't have what I use to trust so much

I walk along the edge of the cliff watching the world spin it's normal rout

But I've had enough, take a step to my second death into the crystal clear world

This soon turns red of shock and horror

Your down below where I have to fall, you watch and stare with no tear across your face

I have a confession to make but you can no longer hear it

You had the chance to fight for me but I was best of you

You couldn't stand it having something so special in your after life

I know you were the best of me, but that's been torn apart

Time for a new start in this different life situation

That can't be helped I'll create a new world were angles live

And were demons see the their own love to control

It'll be the paradise of hopes and dreams

And where Wishes do come true