The next time I saw him

I couldn't help but smile

Yet part of me wanted to cry when I saw the harsh bruises

His neck and eyes

They told the world what had happened the night before

They reminded me of the sounds of him slowly running out of air


He sat close to me on my bed

And my body tingled where his body touched mine

Emotions raw

Struggling to understand

What we felt in side as I held you hand

You pulled me close

One hand on the side of my face

My forehead resting on yours

Looking in your eyes

Tracing the line of your neck, your jaw, your shoulder

You running you hand down my side

Driving my body wild

We just lay like that, breathing, waiting

And then you kissed my mouth

We seemed to both let everything go

Passion was the only thing we thought about

And when it all was done

My body so close to yours

My skin on yours

We talked and laughed

Everything so comfortable

Yet now I don't know how to act

What am I to do?

You know I leave in days

But do understand how I feel for you?

It's not fair to do this to me

That's what my heart screams

I feel so confused inside

I just wish I didn't have to leave

I don't ever want to leave your arms

They held so strong and safe

And when I think of you, hungrily kissing me

Makes me want to run to you

Curl up by your side, slowly track your tattoos

And look into your blue eyes

We both know I have to go

Hopefully we'll meet again

You're my friend

You're my dark lover