Chapter one

Usually during Sunday nights a teenager would be either hanging out with friends, watching a movie, partying or for most nerds doing their homework. But if you ask me what I'm doing this Sunday well I would tell you

I'm spending my Sunday inside an old abandon sardines factory beside a convertor belt with rotting sardines on it that smelled like being trap inside a gym locker. Why the heck would any sane person stay in a place like this past midnight with his best friend.

Well and adventure seeking maniac might consider staying here all night or probably a homeless dude but I'm here for a different reason.

Beside me my best friend Harper with her long brown hair and warm puppy brown eyes constantly looks between the wide open metal door and her thin yet deadly dagger strapped on her left leg. Yup you heard it right a dagger

I could say Harper and me has this night job that might sound weird when we explain it during the morning but it would still sound crazy if we explain it at all unless you saw us in action.

Leaning back on this dusty crate behind me I yawned but kept one of my hands on my trusted long sword Kalam and to be honest I don't know how it was named that way or why I have it.

Kalam was this dark blue blade with a white orb at the tip of the handle

A puddle of water just inches from my feet reflected my face. My messy black hair and bright blue eyes was so visible under the dark night. Harper was so anxious beside me it almost annoyed me like I would let anything happen on my watch I thought

Once she began tapping her fingers on the crate I had enough

"Geez be quiet or I won't hear them coming!" I said angrily between my teeth and Harper looked surprise

She was that concentrated? I thought as I watched her slowly calming down

"I'm sorry it's just that well it's the first time I ever been in a mission like this without any adults with us" She admitted and I laugh

"Hello I am the adult in this mission" I said back and she laughed quietly

"Yeah right just because you are like them doesn't mean I wasn't with you when we grew up together" She said back already feeling calm

I closed my eyes and thought about what she said and even I'm mystified by what she said I mean I was in every ways like them since I could remember but why can't I remember anything besides my name or why I even grow older

A sudden noise got my attention and I looked around. Harper was still focused on the door which means whatever I heard must be too far for her to hear yet.

I sat up until I was half crouched and Kalam was in my hand, Harper read my body movements and she was also copying my actions as we waited in silence watching the door with full attention

The sound I heard got louder and louder I my ears that I had to cover them with my hands. Harper looked at me with concern but I knew that also means it's getting closer it was the sound of a car engine I thought as I saw a car's shadow coming closer to the door

Well what do you know the information was right? A van came to a stop in front of the open door. Beside me Harper crept to another crate to get a closer view

"Get ready" She hissed and a smile curved on my face I'm always ready I thought

I felt my upper jaw aching it's no surprise for a vampire. I should introduce myself I'm Jason Kalbrim and I'm a vampire but not that I'm the only one

The world is full of mysteries and trust me you can't be safe at night knowing that we are around course normal people won't know that. You guys don't know us but we are always ready to know and kill you.

I breathing in and out from my mouth trying to calm myself which worked then two figures came out from the van. One was tall and skinny he was paled skinned and his calm yellow cat like eyes he seemed calm and must be the one in charge he was dressed in fancy clothes and a long coat the other one must be a teenager only he was constantly on edge with his wild black eyes looked around the room he acted like a wild animal than a normal person

I smelled the air slightly and I looked at Harper

"One is a vampire and the other one is a werewolf" I whispered to her and she looked serious now with her dagger half drawn

The skinny guy looked at his cell phone and was texting quickly while the teenage guy constantly circled the van I could hear him snarling even from this distance.

"For God's sake my boy quiet down!" the skinny man barked angrily and the teenage guy looked at him apologetically

"I am Sorry sir but I do feel and smell that we are not alone" He said in a husky voice but I tighten my grip on Kalam

Leave it to the rich vampires to have were wolf body guards. The vampire looked serious and scanned the room I knew soon enough that they'll smell me out

"Search the factory you damn mutt don't let the merchandise get damaged or taken" the vampire commanded and the scared werewolf started sniffing his way around the factory as the vampire walked out to take his phone call.

The werewolf was almost to my hiding place and Harper looked at me.

"I'll take on the vampire you handle him' she mouthed and this time it's my turn to be worried

Harper might stand her ground in a fight but this is facing a vampire. Although this guy was my problem so I just nodded at her and she silently ran out

As soon as she left I heard the snarling sound getting louder until the werewolf was on top of the crate

"Hello vampire.." he saw while his form shifted from human to wolf as he let out a howl

I hit him in the snout with the tip of Kalam's handle making him howl in pain and leap back. Saliva drooled from his jaw while he showed his long rows of dagger like teeth

I smiled as I slowly drawn Kalam and held it with both hands

"Let's dance" I said as the werewolf charged for me