Chapter 14

Somewhere deep in a forest

"He's starting to remember" a snake like voice hissed to the tall man Daniel with a blood red sword on his side.

The tall man examined the Slayer Family Mansion and a small curved on his face before retreating in the cold shade of the trees. He turned to where the voice came from and held his right hand up before cold frosty air tingle from his upturned palm and a ball of crystal clear ice appeared

"Then it is time to face and kill him before he awakens his full potential before I do" the man said in a deep and bone chilling tone.

"But only he wield the blade Kalam, he'll be hard to kill even in his weak state" another voice said and the man turned to the silver haired girl with a green blade said and Daniel growled at her.

"Do not underestimate my skills, Kalam maybe a powerful blade but so is Blodrim" Daniel spat back and the girl merely held up her hands in false apology before laughing.

"I do not under estimate your skills, you are the man who single handedly destroyed the Kalbrim Clan, I merely think that like you said before, killing him now without seeing how much power he can draw from the blade would be such a waste" she explained and Daniel laughed loudly before shaking his head.

"Please, I merely said that back then for he knows nothing of his past, if he remembers what happened decades ago, rage will fill his heart" Daniel paused and swung Blodrim across the air and frost fell from where is passed.

"Strong emotions like anger, hatred and rage can release the elemental weapons power, better kill him while he lives in bliss full ignorance than with a killing intent that can cloud his judgment and let the blade do the rest of the work" Daniel explained and the hissing voice from deep in the forest hissed in agreement before moving forward to the moonlight.

A stagnant odor filled the air and a skinny man covered in robes came out from the shadows, where his feet touch, the grass withers and die. Its hands pointed towards the house and turned its eyes towards Daniel

"What shall we do then?" the man in robes hissed to Daniel.

Daniel didn't like the man very much, he recoiled from his smell but his master told him to work together with the foul creature. He considered fighting Jason himself but it might draw the other clans' attention to the boy. He sighed and tossed a small black pouch towards the robed man which he caught in mid air and examined its contents before letting out a chuckling laughter and reminded Daniel of knives being scrapped on stone.

"For now we shall test his skills, if he proves a threat we should proceed with caution and if master approves of his death I shall personally do it" Daniel said and a hiss of approval came from the robed man.

The silver haired girl looked a bit disappointed for not being able to have a bit of action but let passed for the sword Kalam is their true objective.

"What if the master doesn't approve of his death?" the girl said and Daniel tightens his grip of Blodrim.

"Tie him up and bring him before the master alive if our master sparks interest in him" he said back with an edge of disapproval behind it.

The silver haired girl laughed for his sudden anger at the boy but it was natural for the pass that Daniel had lived to act this way. The three watched the peaceful night and the mansion that stood under the moonlight, though they imagined the place in ashes.

Jason's POV

The next morning, I groaned at the sunlight that streamed through the window. Even if it won't blind me like any other vampire, it still hurts just by looking at it directly and makes me feel weak. I got out of bed and realized that it was already midmorning,

Harper must be out by now I though before walking out my room and heard nothing but utter silence in the mansion. Samercrom was curled up in his giant bed in the living room while a low fire crackled in the fireplace.

"He buddy, just the two of us huh" I said when Samercrom looked up at my approach. He yawned and lay his head down and started snoring loudly.

I sighed and thought about going to school myself but as I recalled it's the last day so why even bother going plus even if I go now it's around lunch time already and I don't feel like eating normal food at all. I sat beside Samercrom and rubbed the back of his left ear and he wagged his tail happily.

"Looks like I can have some peace and quiet today" I murmured and remembered my conversation with Turk.

Just thinks about it made my head throbbed, I thought I finally let it sink in yesterday but it is definitely a lot to take in for an amnesiac vampire like me. To think that I might be part of a vampire clan that is equal to royalty. Hard to believed but the more I think about it the more it seemed to be so true. Pushing the thought aside, I went back to my room and grabbed Kalam which stood near my bed before going down to the living room again and lying down on the carpet.

Samercrom raised his head lazily to check out Kalam as well as I unsheathed from its sheath. The sword noiselessly came out from it and gleamed under the low light of the fire. Its blue blade glowed under the firelight but the image of it bursting in energy yesterday made me cautious of it more.

"You're no ordinary blade, nor am I an ordinary vampire" I mumbled while I examine every detail of it.

Then I heard a low hissing sound but it sent chills down my arms and the hair on the back of my neck stood, Samercrom tensed and growled at the direction of the hissing and I moved to a crouch while holding Kalam close to my body.

"Heel" I hissed to Samercrom when I noticed his muscles getting ready for a leap while the hissing grew louder.

Suddenly the doors blasted open by a strong push of the wind and also slammed into me that knocked the air out of me like I've been hit by a speeding truck. Samercrom barked angrily and tackled the source of the attack. I landed on my back hard but I held Kalam in my right hand and let the rest of the forceful wind pass me before jumping up to my feet and ran to where the loud barking, growling and hissing came from.

Just out in the hall stood a person covered in think a think black robe but what made my skin crawl was the stench coming off from the guy. Samercrom kept rushing and biting into the person's arms and side but the guy seemed too hissed and fought Samercrom like it was only a pesky little dog.

"Let go of me you annoying beast" the guy spat in a snaky tone but I took his moment of distraction and charged.

He noticed my approach and tried to raise his arms in defense but Samercrom bit his left arm down leaving the man completely defenseless on his left side. He tried to grab me but I dug my heels on the ground, spun around and brought my sword down hard on his left shoulder making him hiss in pain. He managed to break free from Samercrom's bite and raised his right hand and another powerful gale of wind blasted both Samercrom and I backward.

Samercrom howled as he was tossed to the wall far off my right while I struck Kalam to the ground trying to lessen my speed and hold my ground but the guy was fast and as soon as I stopped from being pushed back his clawed like hands was close around my throat.

Claws? I thought but pushed the thought away quickly and had to act fast. I kicked him with my right foot on the stomach which made him stumble and go back two steps which was enough for me to raise Kalam up in defense and tried to cut the robe dude's side but he was agile on his feet since he missed my attack by a millimeter and soon was both backed up a good distance to examine each other cautiously.

"Very good for hold me off Jason the forgotten" the man hissed like a snaked but I tried not to look surprised by him.

"You know me but I don't know you, who you are" I said back and he laughed slightly and that's when I noticed that the floor bubbled like acid under his feet.

"You will be under my hand before you will know my identity forgotten one" he said and lunged for me again in his blinding speed.

I silently cursed and quickly moved to defend myself from his claws and dodge his speedy kicks from making me almost lose my balance. Then I got lucky and tore his hood clean of his head and he growled in anger and pushed me back. I hit my head hard on the wall behind me and black spots danced across my eyes

"You shall pay for that Jassson" he hissed but I stared at him in shock as his hood fell down his feet.

Green blood trickled down the side of his right ear which I probably cut cleaned off but that didn't mattered since I was staring at a humanoid snake man. Yellow eyes like a snake, two needle point like fangs on his upper lip and his body was cover with brown scales like a rattle snake. His forked tongue stuck out and tasted the air but his eyes bore down on me in anger. Samercrom still lay unconscious on his side and my muscles ache from fending him off for so long that if he plans to strike again I'm in big trouble.