The mirage and I'm thirsty,
A ghost and a napkin wash over the memory and tell me that I'm learning.

Hand over the urn,
Fist clenched walkabout the study always planning domination via burning.

Pan over cadavres,
Widescreen panoramic views of my nausea to climb another ladder.

Momma I'll be there,
Deaf jammed eardrums bass another drop to convince 'em of the latter.

Any day I love is another day I wrap a hand around my neck and show them all the color of the sky. You look into my eyes but the prize is a lie, look around the question mark instead of always asking why. Face plant, belly stock, up yours authority with yellow in your pocket and some green around the herb. Defamation is another clever-tricky-sticky-fingered method of a man to make your lover bite a curb. Unhinged shoulder blades, makeshift wings take us to another level can we make it out alive? Bleed out rainbows, drink another unicorn, replenish all your plans and wipe out another hive. Shaky wish a whale castle, buildings only live to represent the way we try to live way up above the clouds. Grab her hand before the verdict, a jump is only measured by the things you stand to lose before you live beneath the ground.

So live loud.