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The Things I Do to Win You Back...
Like Dress in Drag.

Part 2

Seth really hates wearing women's clothing but for the sake of Matthew's happiness, he's willing to go the extra mile and don some frilly, strapless, satin, black and green Gothic Lolita Steampunk dress with a lace chocker he's had stuffed in the back of his closet for months. The fashionable dress is of Matthew's design, elegant and sleek, catching many an envious leer from other cross-dressing males. Unfortunately, the material is also incredibly heavy and the corset around his midsection is stifling but, in Matthew's words, Seth looks "damn fine" and "très beau". For the first time in weeks, Seth's vibrantly colored hair has been washed, combed, cut, and styled, looking silky smooth and flashy beneath the carefully staged lighting of the nightclub housing Matthew's fashion show. His molten brown eyes are accentuated by black eyeliner while his lashes have been 'volumized' – a term one of the makeup artists working on Seth used frequently. Against his will, they've applied a light layer of glittery emerald eyeshadow to his lids, concealer beneath his eyes to cover the dark bags there, pale pink blush across his cheeks, and tulip pink gloss on his lips.

Seth can safely say he has never before felt so emasculated in his whole life. Or appalled. Or scandalized. Or disgusted. Or…

The only plus side to this entire fiasco is that Seth talked his stylists into letting him wear his favorite jeans – ripped at the knees and frayed at the edges – along with his faithful tennis shoes.

A small victory but a victory nonetheless. Especially considering the way Matthew nearly threw a tantrum and then threatened to burn all of Seth's clothes to ash. How Seth managed to get away with his chosen attire, he'll never know.

But he'll be forever thankful.

Currently he's surrounded by a mass of excitedly chatting men and women dressed to impress and rocking to the techno trance music blaring from various speakers set up around the room. They dance among one another, grinding and swaying, eagerly waiting for the show to begin. The ground floor of the club is bare, the seats and tables having been removed several hours ago. The only seats remaining are the few barstools snuggled up against the bar's countertop that are already occupied by several patrons. Colorful LED lights hastily swoop across the room, matching the tempo of the music as they briefly highlight different groups of people before moving on. Black clad stagehands flit about adjusting various devices and making minute changes here and there before disappearing backstage.

While not necessarily a 'gay' establishment, Club Eclipse is owned by the wealthy, successful businessman Hannibal Lynch, father of Azrael, Gabriel, Matthew, and the rest of the Lynch brood. At his son's query he agreed to promote the fashion show at little to no cost in exchange for free advertisement.

Nice of him considering he's possibly the laziest, most casual, cutthroat and terrifying man Seth has ever known.

Alone and feeling exceedingly out of his element, Seth impatiently waits for the show to begin so he can finally ditch the uncomfortable dress, get the hell out of there, catch the late night bus home, and hop into his comfy bed where he'll hopefully catch a few much needed Z's. Growling darkly, he rubs his bloodshot eyes with fisted hands, heedlessly smearing his makeup and not giving a damn.

I'm fucking beat. This is definitely the last time I decide to date an asshole, break up with him, and then suffer from sleepless nights because of said asshole.

Fuck dating and heartbreak. It's celibacy from here on out, man. Just a bottle of lube and my hand to keep me company.

Seth quickly realizes those are possibly the most depressing thoughts he's ever had. Irritated as he is with himself, he almost doesn't notice a newcomer until she's right beside him, shrewd blue eyes shining and sly grin in place when she flings an arm over his shoulder. Her straight blonde hair is pulled into a severe, neat bun; it tips to the side in greeting as she quips, "Well aren't you one morose looking motherfucker?"

Seth rolls his eyes, scoffs and mutters, "Hello to you, too, Rae."

Rae Lynch winks cheekily, grin widening and her naturally tanned cheeks dimpling cutely. A young woman of seventeen, she stands nearly even with Seth's height of 5'6". She's of average size, modestly curved, and toned from many hours of intense gymnastics, sports, and physical training. She's dressed in an uptight 19th Century gentlemen's outfit complete with a tombstone white dress shirt, caramel fall front trousers, and a silky black tie partially hidden by a black vest. To finish the vintage outfit, Rae's outfit is accessorized by a knee length burgundy colored tailcoat, black preacher boots, top hat, and formal white gloves. Her oval face is kept bare of makeup save for a little blush and some clear gloss.

Snickering, she brings her other arm around Seth, pulling him into a tight hug. "Holy shit, dude! I haven't seen you in forever. I swear if didn't know better, I'd think you were avoiding me."

More like avoiding your dickweed brother, Seth's mind supplies quickly along with a mental sigh.

Hard to believe that it's been an entire month since he and his ex-beau became separated after their most recent and pointless argument. An argument spurned from Azrael's infamously jealous and volatile nature. An argument that nearly left Seth in tears as he stormed out of the apartment the older man rented with a few of his friends.

That night had started out like any other. Seth arrived at Z's place with the intention of spending the night – a somewhat rare occurrence considering his own father's disapproving outlook on their relationship. Yet Seth was willing to brave his old man's fury if he meant he got to spend just a few more moments in Azrael's presence. In his mind, a minute with Azrael was worth a lifetime of Jerr's disdain. So having the apartment to themselves, Azrael cooked a simple yet appetizing chicken and rice dinner before serving chocolate cake as dessert for the couple to devour. Or rather, for him to devour while Seth made teasing comments about his nasty eating habits. All was well and good until Azrael's best friends and roommates suddenly arrive, announcing that they were throwing a party and inviting a shitload of people over.

Sure enough, within the hour the apartment was packed with drunken gyrating bodies dancing all over the place. Seth himself was a bit tipsy, dancing with some random guy he hardly knew, and other than the fact that the guy had two left feet he was having the time of his life.

Until the dude tried to kiss him repeatedly and without his permission.

And Azrael saw.

And got pissed off.

And attacked him.

And then wouldn't stop no matter how much Seth begged him. It took one of Z's friends – a tall, hulking man named Eri, ribbed with muscle and covered from head to toe in tattoos – to finally pry Azrael off the bloodied man. With his gold eyes blazing with rage, Azrael had dragged Seth off to his room only to cruelly berate him for letting another man touch him while he whirled about the room like a madman, accusing Seth of being "stupid" and "a dumb bitch."

Just the thought of that night and the things Azrael said nearly brings angry tears to Seth's eyes. Azrael's words had cut deep, tearing wounds into Seth's heart he isn't likely to forget anytime soon. Though spoken of out of mindless anger and rage, they were still completely out of line and uncalled for. So even knowing that his boyfriend didn't necessarily mean the things he was spouting, Seth left anyway and has refused to converse with him since then. Even though plenty of time has passed. Even though, in the past few days, he's received multiple phone calls, voicemails, and text messages from the man asking if they could meet and talk. Even though every day without him feels like Seth's dying a little more on the inside with each passing moment.

Even though he really, really wants to forgive Azrael and patch up their relationship before it's too late.

Earlier at the mall Gabriel was one-hundred percent right. Seth is being stubborn to spite Azrael, to get his revenge, and make Azrael hurt even just a little so he can feel better. He wants Azrael to suffer for awhile before he takes him back. Seth wants him to realize just how good he had it before he fucked everything up.

Though in truth, the plan has kind of backfired since Seth is the one up all night unable to sleep. Seth is the one who hasn't eaten properly is days and has lost several pounds. Seth is the one feeling like the undead, dragging through life barely at fifty percent.

And all because of Azrael.

Crazy, stupid, possessive, controlling, protective, hunky, mean, charming, sexy, adorable, rude, funny, scary, loving, cute, bastard Azrael.

Seth would have probably continued on his mental tirade but a pair of feminine fingers suddenly snapping in his face abruptly brings him back to reality. He scowls in annoyance at Rae, growling, "What?"

Grinning easily, she remarks, "You haven't listened to a word I've said so far, have you?"

Seth doesn't deny it.

"I said, since you and Z split he's just about barricaded himself in his bedroom at home," she says, referring to Azrael's room at their parents' house.

Seth snorts in mild amusement. It's totally like Azrael to run home to his mommy and daddy when he's upset.

"He's been emo-ing everyday without you. If he's not moping in his room, he shuffles around the house like a zombie."


Serves the bastard right.

And at least now Seth knows all his pain and torment in these past weeks wasn't for naught.

Thankfully, it only takes a few more minutes for the show to begin meaning Seth no longer has to talk to Rae about her asshole brother. As Matthew Ashton Lynch sashes his way on stage, the crowd gives a raucous welcome to their beloved host. Rae is, of course, the loudest. Matthew is clothed in a seductive Fae-like sapphire blue dress, silky smooth and sparkly beneath the bright lighting. The knee-length dress showcases his long, smooth legs while the strapless halter top displays his creamy pale shoulders. Matthew's burnet hair is pulled into an elaborate hairdo Seth doesn't even have a fighting chance of understanding – a half up-swept prom style with ringlets framing his face. The crown of his hair is twisted and curled, pinned in place while the rest hangs down in wild waves. On the left side of his face is a thin lock of burnet hair, twisted into a braid and decorated with cherry blossoms. Decorating the tresses is a light layering of glittery white powder. There's a frost blue ribbon around his left wrist, a decorative anklet around his right ankle, and his feet are snuggled into a pair of ice white stilettos with blue ribbons that crisscross their way up to his knees.

With a brilliant smile and shining blue eyes, Matty greets the attendants and announces the beginning of the drag show before bidding the viewers a good time and exiting stage-right. The techno music promptly switches tempo to a more sensual tune as various queens sassily saunter across stage dancing and singing to the music while showing off their different outfits. The whole thing is pretty funny and entertaining, especially fifteen minutes later when one queen slips off stage and falls into a group of other cross dressing men. Almost against his will, Seth's lips tilt into a little smile. Deciding to enjoy himself for once and put his worries behind him, he takes Rae's hand in his own and let's her lead as they begin dancing along with everyone else. The twirl, and dip, and prance across the floor in reckless abandon, uncaring of whomever they may run into on the way.

Yet, as fun as it is, he can't help but still remain a little moody. Especially when he comes to the sudden realization that someone's missing. Face screwed into a look of confusion, he stops moving with Rae and asks. "Hey, where the fuck is Gabriel?" He could have sworn the redhead said he'd meet Seth at the show. If the idiot thought he could get away with not showing up, he had another thing coming.

Without a hint of surprise, his friend hums, "Mmm. Backstage."

Seth is confused. Backstage? "What? Why?"

Rae grins in her obnoxious I-know-something-you-don't way. "Oh, don't worry. You'll see. Give it a few more minutes." And then she winks as if sharing some secretive hush-hush joke.

Seth stiffens. He's on instant alert, eyes narrowed shrewdly and his glossed lips pursed in contemplation. She's planning something. He can tell. Chances are Gabriel is in on it too; hell, he probably planned it. And knowing how tightly the Lynch kids run together, it's almost a definite that Matthew has something to do with it as well.

Sensing a setup, Seth quickly comes to the conclusion that now is sooooo the time to bail.

Good thing I've got my trusty tennis shoes.

Knew they were gonna come in handy.

Unfortunately, before Seth can get some decent momentum going Rae decides to flying glomp-tackle him to the floor, trapping his arms and legs beneath his thrashing body. In her wonderfully athletic and physically fit condition, she's easily far stronger than Seth who prefers to spend him time lazing about. With an amused lilt to her voice, Rae playfully chastises him. "Oh, ho, ho; no you don't! Not when the shows about to really start."

Enraged, Seth howls, "Betrayal! Lemme go!"


"What the fuck Rae?"

"Calm down and trust me! This is for the best, babe. Honest."

For the best? For the best?

How making him wear a frilly dress, holding him down against his will, and setting him up for some diabolical scheme or another could be considered "for his best", Seth would love to know. Irritated beyond belief, he tries once more to dislodge his friend –

Soon to be ex-friend –

but Rae's toned arms are like living steel. No matter how hard he tries to break her hold, she refuses to budge.

Damn her and her awesomeness.

Seth is about two seconds away from childish groveling when the lights in the club suddenly brighten and the music quiets; the crowd instantly grows silent save for a few stray murmurs of confusion. Excitedly, Rae cheers and jumps to her feet, dragging a reluctant Seth along with her. Annoyed as he is, Seth is thankful that he's no longer pressed against the establishment's dirty floor. Besides, at least now he could see the stage which was impossible from the ground.

Though he knows this is probably the best time to bolt, Seth can't stop his curiosity from keeping his feet rooted to the spot.

There are a little less than a dozen people on stage, men and women alike. Most are dressed in similar sheer black knee-length lace dresses with thin spaghetti straps. The light cloth floats freely, airily, as the people – who Seth realizes to be dancers – find their designated places upstage. He recognizes one of them as Matthew, beautifully poised as he waits along with the others.

Lo and behold, standing before a black piano located stage-left is Gabriel donning a silly grin and an outrageous Jester-esque costume. The tunic is flaming red and eye-catching, much like his hair, while the jagged silk collar and hem are decorated with tiny gold bells. Clasping Gabriel's lean legs like a second skin are black and gold horizontally striped tights. The corset style belt around his abdomen, matching three-pronged hat, and curved elf shoes on his feet are all a blend of all three colors. Obscuring most of his face is an ornate shimmering gold Venetian mask, they eye sockets curved into an expression of mirth. Last of all, his smirking lips are covered golden lipstick flecked with sparkles.

Staring at him with wide eyes, all Seth can do is blink mutely, thinking, What. The fuck. Is he wearing?

As if sensing the stare, Gabriel makes eye contact and waves heartily. Well, Seth assumes he made eye contact. It's kind of hard to tell with that stupid mask covering his face. His body tingling with an abrupt rush of adrenaline, Seth angles himself to catch Rae's blue eyed gaze. He arcs a black brow questioningly. "What's this all about, Rae?"

Winking, she gestures to the stage just as a few wolf whistles and cat calls ring throughout the mass of club attendants. "Check it out, man."

Seth turns back in time to see a tall cross-dresser slowly striding to the center of the stage. He's dressed in a sexy beige Victorian Steampunk dress and matching high collared bolero along with black elbow-length leather gloves and a sturdy corset. The leather is delicately stitched and interwoven with gold embroidery, intricate designs that speak of expert craftsmanship. The elegant gown is long, trailing about a half-foot behind each of his footsteps; to Seth's complete surprise, he notices the queen is walking barefoot with what looks like multi-colored, iridescent polished nails. The man's silver hair – most likely a wig – is loosely braided down his right shoulder giving the upstyle an asymmetrical, casual look that complements his caramel tone face. A pretty while dahlia is tucked behind his right ear, perhaps in an attempt to soft his appearance and add a bit of feminity. His gold eyes –

His gold eyes are –

Gold eyes –

Seth focuses on Rae once again, expression devoid of emotion. "You know, sometimes I really hate you."

"Pfft. You don't mean that."

"Actually, right now? I kinda do."

Rae bats his irritation aside with a careless wave of her hand. "Whatever; I'll deal. Besides, soon you'll be thanking me, Matty, and Gabe for saving your relationship and putting it back on track. Just you wait."

Seth grunts disdainfully and glares at Rae, doing his best to quell the sudden urge to flatten her smug mug. By the time he turns back to the stage, scowl firmly in place, Azrael has reached the microphone and a wooden barstool set up center-stage. Leaning on the barstool is a black cherry acoustic guitar that he swipes up before turning to the now silent crowd, sheepish grin in place.

Though he's wearing a wig, a bit of gold eyeshadow and black lipstick, there's no denying its Z. He isn't decorated his usual assortment of piercings, instead opting for dual hoop earrings, a small stud in his nose, and a single smaller hoop in his bottom lip. The long dress and high collar of his bolero covers most of his body, hiding the packed muscle and various tattoos beneath all that clothing. Clearing his throat, he finally utters a shaky, "Uh… hey. Sup?"

The crowd, sans Seth, laughs. Noting his frown, Rae lightly punches him in the shoulder. "Lighten up, bro."

He gives a derisive snort. "Blow me."

"When and where?"


"That's what I thought."

Onstage, Azrael sucks his teeth noisily – which Seth recognizes as one of his stress-reliving habits. He shifts from one bare foot to the other, molten eyes anxiously flitting about in search of something. It bothers Seth when realizes he hopes it's him Azrael is searching for. That he's the reason the older man seems so off his game. It's strange to see the normally over-confident and brusque Azrael looking like a nervous wreck. In truth, it's actually pretty cute and adorable, melting the ice around Seth's heart if only a little.

Fucking shit. I'm supposed to be hating him right now. Not thinking he looks adorably huggable.

Eventually, the eldest Lynch nervously clears his throat again, muttering, "Holyyy crap, there's a lotta you. Look; sorry to interrupt the festivities and all, but I kinda have some shit I gotta do up here. See, about a month ago I fucked up and hurt the one person that means the world to me." At this, Seth's cheeks and ears instantly flare red in embarrassment. He almost can't believe the words spurting of Azrael's mouth. Did he really have to tell an entire room of strangers this story?

So. Damn. Embarrassing!

Azrael continues on the same breath, dark rich tone filling every corner of the building and making Seth's unfaithful heart flutter with each word, "I said some really fucked up, twisted stuff. So, he left me. And I haven't seen or heard from him since. And honestly, I don't even know if he's fucking here right now but I've got so many things I need to tell him if he would only just listen to me for five measly minutes."

Z pauses momentarily to look into the crowd, but Seth, coward that he is, ducks before Azrael catches sight of him. Next to him, Rae rolls her blue eyes and shakes her head in exasperation but, apparently taking pity on him, she decides to keep her mouth shut and conceal his presence. For that one act of kindness, he'll love her forever.

Seth stands upright again just as Azrael's painted lips pull into a disappointed. "Seth, baby, if you're out there, please don't leave. Just hear me out, okay? I don't think it's much to ask for considering I dressed in drag and came out on stage to sing for you."

From the corner of the stage, Gabriel heaves an audible sigh aided by a microphone earpiece hidden somewhere out of sight. Shooting his older brother a faux glare, he grumbles, "About time. Your rambling was starting to get painful," to which the audience snickered and giggled in agreement. He grins and heads over to the piano bench, taking a seat before the expanse of ivory keys.

"Whatever, whore." Z situates himself on the barstool, perching the guitar on one propped up leg as he spends a moment fiddling with the strings. The lights begin to darken as a soft tune starts up throughout the room.

It's catchy and melodious, vaguely familiar though Seth can't quite recall why. He can safely assume it isn't any of the usual Suburban Noize or rap rock type songs Azrael like to listen to or sing while in the shower. And whether Seth wants to admit it or not, he is interested in hearing what Azrael has to say. There's no doubt a part of him is still upset with his ex. But there's a part, a greater part, of him that's also ready to forgive and move on. Yet, there's another piece of him, tiny and nearly insignificant, that can't help but fear the risk of being hurt again. Though he tries to ignore it, a small part of Seth wonders whether Azrael truly meant any of the things he said while he was angry. Wonders if Azrael really does think that little of him.

As the notes floating from the sound system gain volume, both Gabriel and Azrael begin playing their individual instruments while Matthew and the other dancers start to move about gracefully. They're strategically placed so as not to upstage either brother while simultaneously providing visual entertainment for the viewers. Azrael makes another quick comment before switching into the lyrics, "Excuse me if I suck. S'been a long time since I played in front of a live audience."

He takes a final deep breath to psyche himself up before beginning, keeping his tone as soft and even as he's able to. Tough he's a bit out of practice, Azrael still manages to carry to the tune well; the audience members almost immediately join him as soon as they recognize the song.

"I'm lost without you

Can't help myself

How does it feel

To know that I love you baby?

I'm lost without you

Can't help myself

How does it feel

To know that I love you baby?"

Stunned and rooted to the spot as he is, Seth can do nothing but stare in wide-eyed shock. His pulse has increased tenfold and the blush across his cheeks has managed to completely overtake his typically pale face. His heart rate feels like it's skyrocketed to the extremes and his emotions are so powerful right now, he's left in such a deliriously wonderful state of bliss. "Oh my God, I don't think Z could have possibly picked a gayer song to sing."

Overhearing him, Rae claps her hands in glee, nearly doing a jig as she bounces around happily, "I know, right? Isn't it great?"

Seth laughs freely, the first time in months. Yeah. Yeah, it kind of is.

It's exactly at this point that Seth comes to the decision that he's done running from Z. He's done with trying to get back at him. Because right now, there's absolutely no doubt in Seth's mind that the man has got to love him to bits to not only get on stage in front of hundreds of people, but to also wear women's clothing and sing the pansiest song he could possibly come up with.

"Tell me how you love me more

And how you think I'm sexy, baby

That you don't want nobody else

You don't want this guy, you don't want that guy, you wanna

Touch yourself when you see me

Tell me how you love my body

And how I make you feel, baby

You wanna roll with me, you wanna hold with me

You wanna stay warm and get out of the cold with me

I just love to hear you say it

It makes a man feel good, baby

Tell me you depend on me

I need to hear it

I'm lost without you

Can't help myself

How does it feel

To know that I love you baby?

I'm lost without you

Can't help myself

How does it feel

To know that I love you baby?"

Rae can barely keep her cackles at bay; she's doubled over in mirth, slapping her knees as she tries to gain control of her intense giggle fit. Seth is right along with her, barely able to keep upright from the force of his laughs. With tears rolling down his cheeks, he can't help but marvel at just how good he's feeling. It seems like an eternity since he last let go and just enjoyed himself.

Funnily enough, Azrael was the one who put him in that state of despair and anger. But with each passing lyric, it's Azrael who digs Seth out of his dark hole and brings him back to the light.

"Baby you're the perfect shape

Baby you're the perfect weight

Treat me like my birthday

I want it this way, I want it that way, I want it

Tell me you don't want me to stop

Tell me it would break your heart

That you love me and all my dirty

You wanna roll with me, you wanna hold with me

You wanna make eyes and get Norwegian wood with me

I just love to hear you say it

It makes a man feel good baby

I'm lost without you

Can't help myself

How does it feel

To know that I love you baby?

I'm lost without you

Can't help myself

How does it feel

To know that I love you baby?"

Azrael's got his eyes closed now, a blush of his own across his cheeks and a slight sardonic tilt to his lips. Seeing each tick of his jaw, or flutter or lashes, or even the way his large hands delicately strum the string of the guitar only remind Seth of how much he loves his crazy, stupid, possessive, controlling, protective, hunky, mean, charming, sexy, adorable, rude, funny, scary, loving, cute, bastard boyfriend.

"'Cause you will tell me every morning...ooh,alright baby

Oh yeah, oh baby, oh darling, alright

I'm lost without you

Can't help myself

How does it feel

To know that I love you baby?

I'm lost without you

Can't help myself

How does it feel

To know that I love you baby?

Oh yeah, oh baby, oh darling, alright baby

Oh baby, oh darling, ooh baby, alright"

The last note of the song hasn't even died out before Seth is pushing his way forward, eager to reach his man and get his ass back to where he belongs. At Azrael's side. The mass of club-goers are jumping around, cheering wildly, and demanding an encore but they're no match for Seth. Not when he's on single-minded-mission mode. Any other day he'd be weak as a kitten but on this day he somehow finds the strength to show men three times his size out of the way. Seth is about four feet from the foot of the stage when Gabe spots him, catches Azrael's attention, and points him out.

And the moment Azrael and Seth's eyes meet for the first time in four long, long weeks and remaining wounds or bruised egos they may have still suffered became insignificant. Azrael's expression immediately brightens upon seeing him and, without a care to his dress, well-being, or those around him, he hops of stage and into the crowd, distractedly pushing aside the last remaining bodies separating him from his goal. The two meet in the middle standing only a foot apart.

Seth's almost positive they've got an audience of avid watchers but for once he doesn't give a damn. "Hey."

"Hey, yourself. I like your hair."

"Can't say the same about yours."

Eyes bright with pleasure, Azrael laughs boldly. It's as deep and sultry as ever, instantly causing delightful shivers to run down Seth's spine. Until know, he didn't know just how much he missed him. Z tugs at his braided wig. "Heh. It is a bit too much, huh?" He smiles.

Z may not have dimples like Gabe or Rae but his smile is no less endearing. Sadly, the smile wanes after a quick second as a more serious look takes over. Lips now in a fierce frown, Azrael's intense gold eyes rove over Seth's slight frame, noting his too-pale skin and overly thin, somewhat emaciated body. No doubt, Azrael's upset and probably berating himself for Seth's current condition, possibly even blaming it completely upon himself. Perhaps eager to get everything he has to say out while Seth is in his presence, Azrael begins speaking rapidly. "Baby, I didn't mean anything I said. It's no excuse but I was so pissed and fucking jealous when that asshole started putting his God damn hands all over you. Seeing it made me snap and I know I must have scared you but I'd never, ever put my hands on. Fuck, I'd sooner jump out a ten story window than hit you. And I don't think you're stupid, okay? Never have. You're funny and cute and witty; you make me laugh all the time. Shit, babe, I love you so much; you're perfect for me and there's no other emo, loser couch potato on the planet I'd rather be with than you. Alright? I'm, uh, I'm sorry. Forgive me?"

Though he's actually quite surprised his boyfriend used the dreaded 's' word, Seth plays off his amazement with a playful, "Wow, Z. Never knew the day would come when you'd manage to push a 'sorry' past your lips."

"Yeah, well, I practiced in front of the mirror for an hour before I came here. Anyway, now that I've epically humiliated myself and simultaneously ruined any street cred I had, wanna get a bite to eat? I'm starved. And honestly, baby, you could use some serious chow."

Seth rolls his eyes self-depreciatingly. "Tell me about it."

They share soft smiles for a minute before Azrael finally breaks the silence, running his rough knuckles across Seth's cheekbone. "We cool?"

"Yeah. Frosty."

"Missed you" bond


End Part 2

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For those who don't know, a bolero is a short jacket that reaches about mid-back.

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