You saw the path of running,
in front of you all along-
but you chose not to follow it
and swayed to another.
The coffee you bought;
it cooled down like the passion you had,
and the bitter taste remains
with no sweetness evaporated.

I saw you holding
a transparent umbrella-
it sheltered pain on your behalf,
but you took no gratefulness
to that person who was always there for you.
I saw you pushing her away
even though I'm in love with you,
I don't like to see such things,
and she loves you more,
maybe it wasn't right for you to such a thing...
because she was your passion
and the reason you persevered on.
But now that you gave up your dream,
you decided to throw away everything.

The window is misty with the clouds
that never clears up unless you do something.
Why don't you just care for her?