Author's note!

Not finishing this, sorry to say. Maybe there could be a small possibility of finishing it in the future as some Fictionpress scribble, but for right now, I'm writing on a novel. This story, along with other stories on my Fictionpress account, will be taken apart and kind of just...melded together inside the important one I'm writing (don't think I plagiarised if you go to Barnes & Nobles or some book store and find a book of mine that has a very similar paragraph from one of my stories you read on FicPress because it's my work ;) ). Sorry to disappoint readers and stuff, but this was just something I wanted to play out until I came up with a really good idea to publish out as a long-term goal.

Thank you for reading though! I very much enjoyed writing this - if you have any ideas of FicPress stories I could write as side-jobs, notify me! I'm always available and suchness...

-Chester M.