Kylie rolled her eyes looking over at her boss, Max who poured himself another glass of Scotch, the liquid crackling the ice.

It had been one of those days when one glass just wasn't going to do it.

He had just breezed in from an out of town business jag and thrown his coat on the lounge seat before heading to his office to conduct a conference call. That would hook him up with five other CEOs of other business firms to discuss the recent legislation passed by the state senate. When Michelle, the receptionist and gatekeeper who manned the front desk handed him some contract forms, he simply nodded but said nothing.

Kylie looked up at him from where she sat dressed in her business attire which meant a stiffly ironed blouse over an even more pressed skirt. She had a jacket slung over the back of her chair and pumps on her feet

Only a necklace of small pearls around her neck spiced up her orderly clothes. God, she hated dressing up like this. When she had graduated from Hastings School of Law, she had dreamed of wearing business pants to work and not these ridiculous skirts. The nylons itched her lithe legs she kept in shape through running and hiking in the foothills surrounding the city.

But Max liked his staff attorneys in feminine attire, and Michelle had told her the first day of work that it had been because he favored females appearing for him in court to soften up the competition.

Max knew that the world of business still held a sexist bent and he planned to use that against his rivals by fielding a team of the top female attorneys all who would be underestimated simply for being female. Kylie hoped that this story which had traveled around the office building hadn't been the truth.

After all, she had grown up not too far away from Max in terms of geography even though they'd been farther apart in social status. Max's father had founded one of the top chains of hotels in the country. He hadn't owned more than a half dozen at a time but each one had been customized in the luxury it afforded the clientele who could afford to stay there.

He still traveled the globe looking for new frontiers and hotels that could be tailored to best fit them. Last month, he had been to the Arctic looking at spots to build one of the largest hotels made entirely out of ice. Another would be built more than 15 feet in the depths of the ocean, accessible only by a mini-sub.

Many analyists in the industry had called him eccentric at best and insane at worst but Max' father had known what he was doing. But the son of the successful hotel kingpin hadn't wanted his father's cash or his guidance. He had wanted to build his own empire and he had been doing that.

Only it had been in designing and selling customized security systems to a growing list of clients, who represented all the different fields that required such services. Max had just bought a chateau in the south of France to join to another growing list of prime real estate he had purchased. She had no doubt he would spend time in all his bases of operation though none for too long given his propensity to keep moving.

But right now, he stood still enough in front of her…for now. Good, because she loved looking at her boss given that his physique could lure every weakness inside of a woman to the surface. He stood tall enough at just over six feet and his body, muscled like a quarterback instead of a line backer. Hands that could curve around a football, legs that could power him through a marathon, Max had grown up loving all kinds of sports, especially those that thrived on constant motion.

Dark hair, curly at the ends that brushed his collar and eyes, pools of greenish aqua that hid a lot and lips that curved up into the sexiest smile that could and did warm her insides.

She'd had her fantasies about Max, what woman didn't? And more than a few of the socialites in a couple of the major party circuits had been able to do much more than that. Growing up just down the street she had seen him attract a throng of eager females since junior high school and that hadn't changed.


She looked up and that's when she had seen him get that refill on the Scotch. He had just finished an hour conference call. She saw the weariness on his face.

"That bad?"

He sipped his drink.

"Just business…it gets crazy when new product comes out."

Oh yeah, the new security alarm system that had just been released for sale after five years spent perfecting it. But it had passed its exhaustive round of beta testing with flying colors, so they had started promoting it at conferences and seminars around the country.

"It's going to sell like hotcakes."

He winced at her description.

"I hope to be able to keep production up with the orders because the list of orders is growing."

"Well that's good isn't it?"

He nodded and then loosened the collar of his silk shirt. She watched him because she liked it when he did that because if he tugged just hard enough…yes, a button would pop open and provide just a tiny glance at the muscles underneath.

The man had always been amazingly fit, since his line of work had involved field testing of his product which challenged his cognitive and physical skills. The last time he tested a system, he had to scale a 12 foot wall and sprint across several spans of damp grass lit up by the full moon. He had known that his new client had deliberately scheduled his test during that phase of the lunar cycle to test him but he had done his job anyway.

"What are you working on right now?"

She looked up from where she sat working on some files on the coffee table in front of her chair.

"Just filing the invoices in some files," she said, "My court hearing got postponed until Friday."

He took another sip.

"On the Blevins case?"

She nodded.

"I need you after the next call," he said, "so work on the invoices for 30 minutes then join me in my office."

He left her for his office then, leaving her to wonder what he wanted her to do. She knew what she wanted to do to him, she thought as she idly continued sorting the invoices.

She had wanted to finish what he started with his silk shirt, unbutton it slowly all the way down to where it tucked into his dark slacks. As long as she could get her hands to move slowly, but then ripping his shirt open might work if he had a good tailor. Anything so she could slide her hands over the smoothness of his chest just before her eye saw it. Would the hair on his chest be coarse beneath her hands, his skin slick with sweat, she definitely wanted to find out.

Michelle walked over to get some juice from the wet bar and asked Kylie if she wanted some too. She nodded, her mouth suddenly feeling parched. The mango drink felt cool as it poured down her throat but she still felt warm.

The receptionist rolled her eyes.

"He's such a workaholic," she said, "He'll be in his office until past midnight to meet his deadline."

Kylie knew that to be the truth. The party circuit would have to do without him tonight, his rolodex of dates untapped. She'd be done with her own work but if he wanted her to stay late and help him she would do that. They had done that many times before since she'd been hired six months earlier. He finished many a marathon session in his office marveling on her work ethic. She'd smile sleepily before heading home to crash for a while.

If only they could do something else together except work, enjoy a marathon session of another kind. Her body tingled at the thought of that but she knew it to be nothing but fancy on her part.

She leaned back on the lounge chair listening to it squeak, thinking of how she'd like their conference to play out instead. Let's see, how should it begin this time? Wait, she needed a wardrobe adjustment.

Looking down at her boring business attire, she thought it wouldn't do. In fact, it left her a bit overdressed so it needed to be gone.

So she imagined just that, her business suit no longer existed and that instead she just wore the basics.

Like lingerie…let's see what look should she go for with Max? What did he like anyway, did he like negligees on his women, or did he want them to go the full nine yards with a push up bra and garters?

Okay that might work. She'd be wearing one of those lacy bras that would lift her breasts up a bit, not that they needed too much help. Then she could wear a nice lacy g-string which normally she wouldn't be caught dead wearing at the office. She sipped her juice, this sounded promising, but wait she forgot the garters and thigh-high tights, sheer of course.

Instead of pumps she needed, some serious heels if anything to change the way she'd walk in the office.

Okay now what should be her color scheme? She naturally gravitated first to the soft pastels like peach or rosy pink or powder blue…no, that wouldn't light his fire. She needed something seriously hot like royal blue…no red…wait, black would better accentuate her dark hair, which curled around her face.

Yes, that made her insides heat up just thinking about how she'd look standing at the doorway of his office dressed up in that getup. Her breast hardened beneath her blouse and her panties, she felt them grow damp just from her getting dressed into something much naughtier than a business suit.

Exhilaration, the type that arose from being wild and just a little bit wicked colored her emotions. She'd stand there brazen while he worked at his desk, diligently on some project. He had called her in to assist him on what legal language to include in some passage of the contract but when he looked up and saw her, he'd know she had something else in mind.

Especially after she closed the door behind her, yes she'd do that quickly enough so that they'd have their privacy. The whole world could continue conducting its business without them for a while.

"My god, Kylie…I had no idea."

His eyes looked at hers intently and his body grew rigid where he sat at his desk. She smiled at him, her eyes assessing him slowly in ways that would make him hot. He'd take in the creamy mounds of her breasts sheathed by the black lacy and silk of her bra and her toned abdomen, and the panties which would cup her pussy from his view.

He swallowed dryly just looking at the vision in front of him.

"I know Max…but your whole world's about to change."

Her voice sounded soft and seductive to her ears and would raise his blood pressure as well. Just then, she'd sit on his desk, planting her ass on it, while draping one leg over it, one garter and stocking clad leg. She invited him with a look and giving him a gander of what waited for him, soft silky flesh aching to be stroked gently as he claimed her mouth.

She wanted him to kiss her badly, and he didn't move. He just stared at her.

"Is this what you want," he said, "I thought you were only into the business. I didn't even know you liked to play."

She chuckled, her eyes sparkling.

"Oh Max, I don't want to work or play," she said, "I want you to come over here and kiss me."

He didn't need further encouragement as he got out of his chair and she could tell that he wanted more than that just by looking at his pants. God, he had a lot down there to grow hard enough to fill her with, when he took her up on her invite. His mouth caressed hers gently at first, his stubble scraping her skin in a way that tantalized and his hand cupped her chin.

His cologne smelt heavenly but not as much so as his own musk, the scent that defined him as a man who wanted this woman. His lips probed hers and she felt the gentle pressure of his tongue. Should she let him slide it inside of her mouth, it seemed so much more intimate than with other men. But then the men in college and law school had been clumsy, and not very goal oriented compared to Max, who knew exactly what he wanted and how to get it.

So she relaxed her mouth and felt his tongue tasting the inside of her mouth, which sent shivers through her. Enough so that she had to remember to remain on the desk, while he thoroughly explored her mouth, offering hints of what he wanted. She put her hands on his chest, and started to unbutton his shirt, to expose the magnificent chest she knew lay undiscovered. Her fingers itched to touch him, and not just there but she wanted to explore every inch of him.

He teased her when he didn't taunt her with those lips and his tongue, her body threatened to turn to jelly just from that and that would be much too soon. She got enough shirt unbuttoned to allow it to hang open and then she caressed his skin which felt both hard and soft, the sprigs of hair silky beneath her inquisitive fingers. His copper nipples, her mouth ached to taste but…maybe later because now she felt her desire increase tenfold because he had moved his mouth away from her mouth and closer to an ear.


"Shhh…I want to taste…"

So she let him because his mouth felt so good, gently sucking on her skin, before tugging it gently between his teeth. Never hurting, but filling her with hints of the pleasure ahead. She wanted to squirm but she forced her body to remain still on the desk.

His mouth returned to hers again, but his hands began to wander, stroking her skin on her abdomen and then cupping her breasts stretching the lacy binding to its limit so eager where they to fill his palms. Even with her bra on, she wanted to lean against him while he cupped them with the gentlest of squeezes.

"You like that?"

His voice was charged but its timbre surprisingly gentle. She sighed as he reached in front to unsnap her bra and free her breasts, while his hands waited to catch them and this time…no lace between them.

"Oh god…," she said, arching her back as he stroked her breasts, toying with the nipples and when she saw the glimmer in his eyes, she knew he wanted to taste the rosy nipples, to slip them inside his mouth. She couldn't let him do that because if she did, she'd scream from it and everyone in the building would hear.

His mouth still tantalized hers but his hands had moved, to span her waist as he moved closer to her. Her blood heated up and she felt almost lightheaded.

"Open your legs up for me…"

His voice at that point had been a harsh whisper as she saw his hands fall to his own pants which he unzipped and pushed down before doing like to his briefs. She had spent minutes, okay hours of her life imagining what he'd look like without his clothes, what his cock would look like and she smiled when she saw it.

She couldn't help herself…he looked magnificent with it standing up at attention. Large enough for her to wonder if it'd fit inside her, thick enough for her to know she'd definitely feel wonderful if it did. His eyes warned her not to touch it, because she knew he worried about blowing his wad before they got started but she reached for it anyway. It felt like iron in its firmness, yet soft and warm, and so alive.

He groaned, as she caressed him, wrapping her fingers around the shaft.

"You got a condom?"

He nodded quickly and fumbled in his desk drawer. When he dug one out, he tore it open and sheathed himself. She leaned back slightly on the desk, and watched him carefully as he caressed her skin around her panties with his fingers before gently hooking them to slide them delicately down her legs. He moved from his fondling to that action so quickly she barely knew it.

"I want to taste every inch of you but I can't wait…"

She nodded totally understanding, because the desire had coiled so tightly inside of her she didn't think she could bear it. If he didn't thrust inside of her…she reached to pull him closer to her but he settled between her thighs and she used them to hold him snugly. His hands on the desk on either side of her, his mouth tantalizing her skin wherever he could find it, then the fullness of his cock as he thrust it inside of her. Her pussy stretched, the sting of his penetration turning into the shards of pleasure as he moved against her, creating delightful friction.

"You like that or you want it harder?"

She couldn't speak but she nodded, and he bucked his hips and sent his cock even deeper into the warmth of her pussy, and the waves of anticipation threaten to send her over the edge into an abyss.

The desk creaked and shifted and for a moment…but he held onto her enough to assure her that she wouldn't fall. Her hands explored him as he kept thrusting inside of her, withdrawing to leave her adrift before they reunited and the pleasure she felt, the unwinding of the tension sent her reeling.

She saw the tension building in his face yet his focus remained on her, and she felt him shift his position which caused his cock to rub against her clit with each thrust inside of her.


He smiled, kissing her skin.

"You like that?"


She felt herself tighten around his cock and knew she would feel even more pleasure…and suddenly she did as her pussy gripped him even tighter. She felt ripples of elation move through her, growing larger and lasting longer until her body convulsed beneath his, unable to restrain the pleasure which led to abandon.

A moment later, he arched his back and she knew from how he felt inside her that he had climaxed even before he sighed harshly. And when she looked into his face at how he looked at that moment, she had never seen anything more beautiful…

"Kylie…Kylie…you awake there?"

She blinked her eyes and looked up to see Max standing in the doorway propped against it. His face looked amused and his shirt had shaken loose another button, exposing…her face flushed with heat and she felt the dampness between her legs. She must have been fantasizing about her boss again.

Did he know? No, he couldn't possibly…it's not like he could see it could he? But a part of her wished that he did know what she had been imaging including that part of her that throbbed right now.

No, in the real world he was an old friend who had never harbored any fantasies about her and her boss.

That could never change could it, she thought as she got up and walked into his office with a smile on her face.