Ideas are painful to make.

Don't forget to read The Player, The Cynic, The Cliche, and Her Spongebob Panties. It is the actual story.

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What's on your mind?

Danielle Rizowski

What does PM and AM mean, anyway? Can't we all just say "in the morning" or "at night"?

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Summer Yvonne As far as my brain goes, it means "after midnight" and "pre-midnight."

Alexander McCord I'm pretty sure that's not what it means, but it sounds pretty rational.

Bonnie Clyde That actually sounds smart. Lol.

Quinn Parks AM actually stands for the Latin phrase Ante Meridiem, which means "before noon." PM stands for Post Meridiem, which means "after noon."

Danielle Rizowski Uhm, I think I'm going to go with Sky's thing. It sounds WAY less complicating.

Bonnie Clyde

I need to go to Paris. Someone buy me a plane ticket, please?

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Cassie Clyde Dream on, sister.

Kacey Marks OMG. I want to go to London too.

Bonnie Clyde Uhm, what?

Kacey Marks I want to go to London too.

Alexander McCord

Kacey Marks Isn't Paris in London?

Alexander McCord -_-

Alexander McCord - Summer Yvonne

Hey, can I borrow your "Twelfth Night"? I need it.

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Bonnie Clyde You're sad. That report is due in two days, idiot.

Quinn Parks "Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them."

Cassie Clyde Hey, isn't that a line from She's The Man?

Kacey Marks Hey, I want to read that. Isn't that about Christmas?

Summer Yvonne What?

Kacey Marks You know, "On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me…"

Bonnie Clyde -_-

Hally Richards likes Watching Disney movies when you're old and Cinderella

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Bonnie Clyde Beauty and the Beast.

Summer Yvonne Sleeping Beauty.

Alexander McCord Snow White. It's the CLASSIC Disney movie.

Danielle Rizowski The Little Mermaid.

Quinn Parks Mulan. She's not one of those damsels-in-distress.

Logan Richards Aladdin.

Kiley Richards I personally enjoy watching The Lion King. But, that's just me.

Garrett Harley I personally enjoy watching porn. But, that's just me.

Dylan Rizowski Win.

Kiley Richards

"Last Friday night,

We went streaking in the park,

Skinny dipping in the dark,

Then had a Ménage à trios…..

This Friday Night,

Do it all again."

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Logan Richards Watch what you put. You don't know what half this shit means.

Hally Richards And you do, Logan Richards?

Cassie Clyde I'm certain that you're a virgin, so how could you have a Ménage à trios?

Bonnie Clyde Virgin question: What the fuck is a Ménage à trios?

Summer Yvonne Best friend question: You're a senior in high school. How the fuck do you NOT know about this?

Kiley Richards You know what, screw it. I'm never going to put up song lyrics again.

Bonnie Clyde

Thanks to Summer Yvonne, Alexander McCord, Quinn Parks, Danielle Rizowski, and Dylan Rizowski for coming over. When you're sick, it's nice to see some friends.

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Jemma Clyde That's nice, honey. Just don't get them sick.

Bonnie Clyde No, mother. I want them to get sick.

Jemma Clyde That's bad then. Oh, you forgot to flush the toilet after you took a poopy.

Bonnie Clyde Mom, GOD! What—I—OHMYGOD!

Jemma Clyde Sorry, I'm not God. I don't know who you're talking to.

Bonnie Clyde

Summer Yvonne I'm guessing you got your sarcasm from your mother.

Nathaniel Davidson - Garrett Harley

I'm fucking hungry. Let's eat Garrett.

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Summer Yvonne Hey, you're number one fan here! I just love you unintentional gay posts. I commend you on your awesomeness.

Megan Jenner Oh, Nathaniel, you're adorable.

Logan Richards You're so fucking gay.

Bonnie Clyde Is this the "omnomnomnom" eating or the perverted eating?

Quinn Parks That is the power of using a comma in the right places.

Quinn Parks was at The Convention

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Danielle Rizowski What? Was it some sort of nerdy convention?

Quinn Parks Mind you, not everything with the word "convention" in it means that it's automatically dubbed "nerdy."

Alexander McCord With the way you talk, we just assumed.

Bonnie Clyde Okay, we get that it's not a nerdy convention you went to.

Summer Yvonne No nerdy-ness there at that convention, I'm guessing.

Jason Mays So, what was it for?

Quinn Parks It's called "Attack of the Nerds Convention." ;P

Alexander McCord You. Are. So. Ugh.

Quinn Parks "Ugh" is not an adjective.

Alexander McCord Fuck off.

Cassie Clyde added 5 new photos to the album Caught in the Act.

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Bonnie Clyde YOU! Stay out of my room!

Blake Daniels What? How the HELL did you get that?

Alexander McCord OH MY GOD! WHY?

Summer Yvonne I'm going to stop going over to your house now.

Kylie Richards Oh, God. This is hilarious. POST MORE!

Kacey Marks Is Bonnie in her underwear AND flexing her muscles in front of the MIRROR?

Logan Richards Obviously, you still wear your Spongebob panties.

Bonnie Clyde Ha. Ha. Ha. Look at Blake. He's pinching his nipples. LOOK AT HIM.

Quinn Parks So, Sky, what number were you dialing? You know, since you seem to be dialing in your nose.

Summer Yvonne Shut up. Everyone picks their nose.

Quinn Parks Not a lot of people get caught though. ;p

Marcus McCord Dear brother, you should never get caught with your hand in your pants.

Alexander McCord UGH. Take it down, Cassie Clyde!

Logan Richards

What High School Cliché Are You? (Boys)

Logan got The Manwhore

You don't do relationships. "Get in and get out," that's your motto.

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Hally Richards State the obvious, why don't you.

Kiley Richards I took this test. I got The Cheerleader.

Cassie Clyde OMG. Me too, Kiley Richards.

Bonnie Clyde HA. That sounds so much like you.

Summer Yvonne It doesn't "sound," I'm sure "it is."

Quinn Parks I resent that quiz. I got The Classic Nerd.

Alexander McCord You are though.

Quinn Parks That's besides the point.

Garrett Harley I got The Asshole.

Nathaniel Davidson I got In The Closet. WTF does that mean?

Summer Yvonne Oh, God, Nathaniel Davidson. If you weren't gay, I'd marry you.

Kacey Marks I got The Dumb One. How is that possible?

Quinn Parks How is that NOT possible?

Summer Yvonne I got Not A Cliché. Yay. I'm unique.

Bonnie Clyde I'm pretty sure that means that you don't fit in anywhere at all.

Dylan Rizowski Pwned.

Bonnie Clyde - Summer Yvonne

Hey, did I leave my black bra in your room again?

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Garrett Harley I'm seriously wondering what you guys do at your "frilly" sleepovers?

Nathaniel Davidson Probably the same thing we do.

Megan Jenner I literally just spit my drink out at what Nathaniel Davidson put.

Nathaniel Davidson I AM NOT GAY.

Summer Yvonne Stop posting "gay-worthy" statuses, replies, comments, and shit.

Logan Richards Hmm, what do do you guys do anyways?

Alexander McCord No. You left it at my house, Bonnie Clyde.

Dylan Rizowski Lucky asshole.

Garrett Harley I should be gay.

Megan Jenner You already are.

Garrett Harley You hurt me, baby.

Megan Jenner It's my job to.

Bonnie Clyde If you're gay, then what does that make Nathaniel Davidson?

Garrett Harely Nathaniel Davidson…

Dylan Rizowski HA. HA. HA. WIN.

Kacey Marks

OMG. Watching reruns of Beverly Hills 21090.

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Alexander McCord What the…

Bonnie Clyde Don't. Just don't.

Summer Yvonne I don't even….

Alexander McCord


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Bonnie Clyde 2

Summer Yvonne 3

Danielle Rizowski 4

Garrett Harley 5

Quinn Parks 6

Kacey Marks 8

Quinn Parks Uh, you missed 7….

Dylan Rizowski Epic.

Jason Mays Fail.

Dylan Rizowski

I'm so bored. Someone give me a story to put on FML.

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Danielle Rizowski Your life story?

Summer Yvonne Pwned.

Summer Yvonne Damn. That feels good. I should pwn you more often.

Logan Richards

I'm awesome.

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Garrett Harley Spose FTW.

Nathaniel Davidson Damn. I was going to use this as my status. Why'd you have to put it up first?

Logan Richards Cause I'm awesome.

Bonnie Clyde No, you're not.

Logan Richards Dude, don't lie.

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