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It's not a one story book, it's more of a tales book or a bunch of small stories stuffed together.
This is my first one, but I don't know if I will create another chapter. I'll see.

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Saturday 3rd October, 2007

There was a boy who was a real knockout. His eyes were bluer than the Circassian sea, they were like two gems glimmering with delight; his skin was wintery pale, a great contrast with his black hair, but his cheeks had an adorable tone of light-pink; however, the thing that most drew attention were his lips, blood-red and sensually shaped.

But there were a bunch of girls who thought the same about him and tried to get noticed knocking themselves out; they wore extremely short clothes, heavy makeup and vertiginous heels. He, on the other hand, kept turning them away, by hiding in the shadows, traveling to unusual places.

One day, my luck changed. I'm not the kind of girl who goes to party every weekend or who has a lot of friends. I've been told that I'm the quietest girl in my class and the most thoughtful. I never wondered about how to have a boyfriend was like simply because I didn't want to. It wasn't the right time. But ever since I saw him, my mind started to fill this empty dusty space, like pouring water in a glass, leaving not a single place dry.

It was a foggy morning, a bit cold for autumn, and I was reading my book in the park. It was nearly 9 AM, but nobody had appeared yet, so it was only me and my book in the park, followed by the screams of the early birds and the leaves rustling in the wind.

Out of the blue, a figure formed by my side, it was a tall, slender, black-haired lad, shifting his weight from a foot to the other. He sat next to me and looked at nowhere, his eyes a confusion of worry and happiness. He was there, sitting very close to me. The boy who changed my mind in so different ways and yet kept it in its place.

"Hello" he mumbled, while his hands moved frantically.


"Er, can I talk to you? Am I not disturbing your reading?" his voice was cracking a little, trembling from nervousness perhaps.

"Sure. I have just finished the chapter."

"Good. You seem like a nice girl." he pondered for a moment, biting his bottom lip. "You won't judge me, will you?"

"I… I won't." my voice was intense with delight. He was talking to me after all. Me, the girl who thought that could never stand a chance with him.

"Right. The thing is, I'm tired of it. Being the handsome guy is tiring, believe me. You always have to prove what you are worth and thousands of girls keep following you like crazy paparazzi. Do I look like Britney Spears?"

"Well, she was a brunette for a while, and I'm pretty sure that her hair colour looked a lot like yours. But I don't know about being followed, though."

He half smiled. Temporary slipping the cloud that covered his blue eyes. My heart pounded heavily in my chest, so loudly that it must have been audible.

"You're funny. I like that. Anyway, I have problems and people don't get it. Family issues and stuff. For example, my parents are getting divorced, and my sister is pregnant. She is only fifteen, for God's sake! And Pops doesn't care about anything but his own money and my grades, while Mum is very sensitive and caring."

"They don't match anymore." he continued "All I hear when I get home are yells. My friends, on the other side, are really shallow and empty. They only care for this thing called 'popularity'. What is it, anyway? Some kind of label that says who you should be friends with?"

"I'm sorry about your parents. It must be really bad to know that they don't work so greatly together anymore. And, I guess that being popular is just a reflection of what you look like." My eyes were locked into his. I could see where it was a darker blue and where it had a grayish tone. It was so beautiful. I could stare at it all my life and never move from where I was.

"No, you're lovely, but I assume you're not popular." He flashed a smile, which made me blush.

"Thank you. But, it's only you who think that. The rest is… the rest."

He took my hand into his, making small circles at the back of it. It sent a warm wave through my body, heating till my cold feet. I could feel his soft skin against mine, the hot pulse of his veins.

"Believe in yourself." He looked at my book and sighed. "I wish I could be like you, sitting alone in the park at an early morning, hearing the nature sounds. It sounds great." "It is. It is great." my gaze went from his eyes to our hands, tangled together, sending waves after waves of shivers through our spines. There would always be something unexpected happening. Anything could change. Perhaps he would change or I would. But at that moment, I only thought about us, sitting alone in the park, talking about our problems while our hands moved by their own.

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