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The Damsel

There's a heavy feeling in my chest,
A weight I cannot get rid of.

I don't understand any of this,
Why do my eyes blur?

I feel my stomach churning,
I'll humiliate myself even more.

Why did you do this?
Why must you do this?

Don't tell me those words,
Your words were different just last week.

I don't know what to do anymore,
Why must you confuse me like this?

I can't meet your eyes,
If I do, I'll surely believe your lies.

I cannot do this any longer,
Why must you make me weak?

Enough, enough,
Why must I be a damsel in distress?

I'm sorry, I'm not strong enough,
I have to walk away.

I'll turn my back on you,
My knees are shaking.

Please don't faint, not now,
Please don't fall, not now.

Why did I even meet you?
Why did I even need you?

My legs will give out,
My legs gave out.

Someone please take my hand,
Someone please pull me up.

A hand reaches out,
A hand pulls me up.

I see a kind smile,
I see a kind face.

Strong arms are around me,
Weak arms dangle on my side.

Why must another knight save me?
Why must I once again be the damsel?

Someday I'll pick myself up,
Someday my arms will wrap around someone.

Someday I'll be the knight,
Someday I'll save the damsel.

I promise you this,
I'll become strong.

But for now,
I'll lean on someone.

For now I'll borrow a shoulder,
For now I'll be the damsel.


I think I wrote this with the purpose of writing a story around this idea. I might write a short story on this, that's the plan at least. But as some of you might know, my plans often don't go right. But we'll see!

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