A/N: I have no self control. I suppose you can expect these from time to time. :)

Madden bursts through and there's no pretense. Our mouths meet at once, open and puffing hard. We've got two hours, three tops, and I want his dick in me before mom comes home. He jerks my shorts the rest of the way off and knocks my legs open to lay inside them. His weight presses me into the mattress and my cock into his furred stomach. With Madden's tongue in deep, licking out strawberry juice from earlier, I fumble close-eyed for the lube. Madden holds his hand out and I squeeze some into it. Too much. He wipes half onto the sheets. The rest he rubs into my hole.

"Jesus," I curse as he gathers a dollop from his palm and pushes it through. It's cold and reminiscent of his cum. Instinctively I want to push it out and therein lies the fun for Madden, the bastard. He eats up my pursed lips and scrunched nose as I force the glob of lube back out, cheeks on fire. He pushes it back in, laughing meanly, and chases it with his middle finger. It's followed up by his pointer. Together they work my hole, spreading me too fast. It burns and my pucker flutters then clamps.

"Relax," he hisses and so I do because it's that easy, you fucker. I roll my eyes, then again for real once Madden starts tickling that spot inside. My leg flails, kicking at air. I hook my hands behind my knees and Madden's pupils blow wide. He rolls me over and I hiss "do it, do it" as he slicks his dick, slides the head through my crack a few times, and pushes inside. I choke, feeling gutted. The air's pushed right out of me.

It's slow, but hard. I let out high, reedy umph!s every time his balls butt up against my ass. He says I better take it, better let him pound me loose, better not squeeze like that unless I want it harder. "God!" The dirty talk fires me up and I lock his cock in place as I bottom out. I cry wetly into my pillow, drool streaking my cheek as I grind my cum into the sheets. I'm a mess, but Madden only gives my nose a cursory wipe with his hand before covering my mouth with his. He bucks once, twice, then I can feel his load seeping onto my thigh.

I push as soon as he's out. The sounds embarrass me but I keep on until the sensation passes. Madden snorts like a big kid, watching me shit out his jizz. I wipe my face on my covers and resign myself to napping on the wet spots. Madden leans over me to get the carton he hides from Mom under the mattress. He taps the box on my thigh and pulls out a cig with his lips. "Not the whole thing," I mumble, half asleep. "Mm," he hums, lying down.

The lighter flicks on.