"If you could turn back time, would you still fall in love with that person? If you knew everything that would happen after you love them— if you knew what you'd have to go through for them, would you?"

That question led to no hesitation.

If I knew that I would be like this after falling in love with you, and could turn back time to before I met you, I wouldn't turn it back. I'm the person I am now after meeting you— and to be frank, I never expected myself to like you this much. I wouldn't choose another person other than you. You're the one and only— no one else is like you in this world. Even if I was to go through pain, I wouldn't mind it a bit. You're the one for me, I believe and no one can ever replace your pretty smile. If there was someone who loves me from the roots, I wouldn't go with them because... I only like your smile— your voice, posture, eyes, lips, and every single thing about you— I love everything about you.

I want you to know it right now. I have no regrets in loving you. Even if I had one, it would be for why I didn't cherish you and why I didn't use every chance to get you back.