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This is embarrassingly short. And only seems to make sense to me.

She remembered the dare.

"I bet you can't jump from the board!"

"Nah, Sunny's too scared to do that!"

Chlorine is something probably only associated with swimming pools. It's a strong and sickly smell- the chemical mostly used to keep the pool clean. The stench would've overpowered anyone's nostrils as well as Sunny's if it were possible.

Being only in her swimsuit made her and millions of other people uncomfortable. She was glad that she wasn't alone in her worries when her book-smart brother told her the fact. She slowly made her way around the pool, making sure not to run. For someone like Sunny, to run meant to slip and knowing her; she'd crack her head open. She wasn't eager to get anywhere too fast this time. People are supposed to learn from their mistakes.

Her bare feet tread along the textured ground and she heard the soft padding when her mind thought appropriate. Sunny's hair was pulled up into a damp ponytail, a small miracle for her as she always managed to lose the hair tie. It was an unspoken law of her Mum's to have hair tied up whilst you swim. Although her skin seemed damp she hadn't swum for a long time.

The low lamps deep within the pool offered the only light of the room; the mirrors behind the watcher's stand reflected back the rippling glow as well as the tiled hall. She didn't even try to get a glimpse of herself; it was impossible. The whole room flowed with movement, the water never staying still due to the humming water filters.

Sunny didn't know what to do with her arms as she walked. Being an eleven year old with low self esteem meant it was a difficult decision between crossing her arms or letting them fall by her side awkwardly. Choosing the latter option, she tapped out an even beat on her leg. For some reason, it calmed her.

She wasn't far from the diving board now, about to round the last corner between her and the steps. Because of some overpaid architect's design, the ladder that went to the water was in this corner. Sunny waved her hand over the smooth metal. She wondered if it felt cold and imagined the feeling.

As she waited at the bottom of the steps, they stood taller than she'd ever seen them. The only view she'd gotten of them was from afar, when her and her friends had joked about the number of them. Lucky thirteen. Holding tight onto the banister, being sure not to fall through; Sunny made her first step. She counted them in her mind as she simultaneously remembered the dare.

"I bet you can't jump from the board!"

"Nah, Sunny's too scared to do that!"

She'd reached step seven now, the taunts of her so-called friends swimming in her memories. Taking in her surroundings once more, she realised how high she was at just nine steps. The water looked so far down. But she couldn't turn around now. The imaginary jeers of her friends reached her ears once again.

The diving board made an appearance as she stood on the last step. All thirteen were accounted for, for which Sunny was almost glad. Wouldn't want to have to complain. She smiled but a frown soon followed as she realised where she was. At the diving board. Finally. Her toes grazed the edge of it.

Keeping them pointed, just like the teacher had told her. Arms above her head. She looked confident even if she didn't feel it. And with her eyes shut tight, she jumped.

No more than a few seconds later, the care taker forced himself through the double doors with a quiet swear, yet still making enough noise to wake the dead. The unnatural temperature of the pool room made him move faster than usual. The abnormal cold scared him. Switching off the water filters stopped the annoying hum as well as the ripples. Looking around once, he saw the room was void of the living. The water was calm.

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