Author's Note: This is a poem from the perspective of a mother, about her daughter who has run away from home. The parts in normal font are in the past tense and the parts in itallics are present tense. A line signifies a new stanza.

Hope you enjoy it!


The cheeky cries of "You'll never find me!"

We were in the garden, playing hide and seek.

I allow another tear to fall down my cheek.


I heard a plant pot smash; you were up to your old tricks.

You were desperate to hide and didn't care what you broke.

Whether it was a window or my heart, to you it was only a joke.


I loved playing with you, we had such a great time.

You had fun too; it was your favourite game to play!

Perhaps that's the reason why you ran away.

It's only now, as I reach number 10,

That I hear those same words again:

"You'll never find me Mum, I'm far too good for you."

It's fourteen years later, and those words are still true.

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