Broken Record

By Splatter-Painter52291

I can't remember
Saying the things I said today.
Over and over
Like a broken record.


Porcelain doll on the side of the road
Staring ahead with futile serenity
Missing one eye to the future
Only sees now

Arm bent backwards
Pleading salvation to the sky
While mud stains the dainty mouth
and spiders make their nest among her hair



Am I so mindless?
Repeating and repeating
With no end in sight
Endless babble of faith

How do you stand it?
My babble and rambles
So much repetition, useless repetition
Don't dismiss me.


The record breaks
Wears down and stops
The silence is thunderous
Where is the babble now?

It's locked away
It's better this way
No more repetition
No more babble


Silence? How could this be?
The parrot is quiet
The record still
This is wrong


Pick up the broken doll
Dust off the record
Or leave it on the road
Turn away from the turnstile

Were you annoyed at the repetition?
Do you miss the sounds?
There is no easy switch
Dolls don't run on electricity


The one eye sees the outcome
The turnstile spins in silence
Footsteps walk away
A broken face cannot flinch

The dust settles on the worn record
Mud seeps through the small white dress
The record frowns with its jagged scratch
The white dress spreads a blotch of red


I can't remember
Saying the things I said today
Over and over
Like a broken record