I was looking at my closet and was thinking of my favorite stuffed animals just kinda hidden there. They were a big part of my childhood but now are just kept away from the rest of society.

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Teddy Bear (Secret)

Whisper softly in my ear,
A secret I've been wanting to hear.

I am the one that you can trust,
So slow down and do not rush.

You know that I am one that always listens,
You know I am not like those heathens.

There's a reason you've trusted me all your life,
From when you were a child 'till you met your wife.

Whisper it to me now,
They won't find out anyhow.

Finally you pull me close…
And set me by the plastic rose?

I should have know that this day would come,
But who would have known that I'd so numb?

I never thought that I would soon,
Be lonelier that a cresent moon.

I always did believe,
Your inner child will never leave.

I guess this just goes to show,
How much I know,
Of flowers, the sun, leaves, and snow.


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