This is my first of many episodes of short romance stories. Each episode is a different situation with different characters but all holding the same focus: classic tale of guy meets gal and the circumstances that lead them to their first kiss. I'd appreciate any feed back whether good or bad. Enjoy, Ciao!

Jayson Taylor is a 27 year old Math teacher, starting at Worthington High School. His best friend Trey Gibbs, also a teacher, got him this position. Jayson had just broken off his relationship with his girlfriend of 5 years. Every place and friend reminded him of her, therefore he chose to move away. It had been 6 months since his breakup, now that she was out of sight out of mind, he could continue peaceably with his life. Mind you Jayson was a very attractive and charming man; at 5'11, brown hair and remarkable blue eyes, he was that guy who'd have you do a double take.

It was 6:30 on a Monday morning; Jayson still had some papers to go through, so he decided to make a quick coffee run. He felt pretty confident for it being his first day. He dressed in informal attire; casual shoes, fitted jeans and a grey V neck shirt with rolled up sleeves.

In a hurry to leave, Jason bumped right into one of the tables; he knocked over someone's cup, spilling coffee over a laptop and a few papers.

"You've got to be kidding me!" he grunted.

Whoever this table belonged to was not there. Thankfully, to his embarrassment, not many people were there. He went to get a stack full of napkins and threw them all over. As Jayson was trying to soak up the liquid, he heard someone gasp behind him.

"What happened?" she said.

Jayson turned around with panic in his eyes; "I am so sorry Miss. I was in a rush and accidentally bumped into your table." He had guilt written all over his face.

The young woman managed to crack a smile due to his frightened facial expression. She began to help him clean up.

"Luckily, these papers aren't that important, however, my laptop just might enter into a coma."

Jayson grinned at her slight hint of humor, which reassured him that she wasn't angry.

"I'm so terribly sorry. Please take my number, if your laptop doesn't recover, don't hesitate to call me right away. I'll be more than happy to take care of it."

Jayson jotted down his number on one of her pieces of paper.

"Thank you, but I'm sure it will be fine" she answered.

"But still call if something goes wrong. If I perceive that you're not because you don't want to bother me, I will seriously feel horrible."

"For how long?" she chuckled.

Jayson couldn't help but smile at her lightheartedness. He had changed from feeling remorseful to grateful for her positive attitude.

"You know Miss, I can't thank you enough for how well you're taking this; I was prepared to have my head chewed off" he admitted.

"Oh don't worry about it, that's why they're called accidents right? I know you're in a hurry, I promise I will call if my laptop doesn't work" she smiled.

"Can I at least buy you another coffee?" he insisted.

"Oh, no, that was my second cup."

"Okay, I still feel bad for leaving. Just call, ok bye."

"I will!" she replied.

Jayson walked out the café, not before getting one last glimpse of her. He was smiling the entire drive over to the high school. Still so impressed by her cool reaction, he kept replaying the incident. Remembering her kind face, what she wore, how lovely her hair looked, her soft blue eyes and cute smile. He'd be mortified yet somewhat glad if he were to see her again, just without any coffee present.

After an hour of paper work, Jayson found himself in the teacher's lounge getting a snack. His first class would be in 15 minutes. His friend Trey was also there, listening to Jayson's horrific morning. He laughed as he fessed up that that wasn't the best start to his first day. He tried to encourage his buddy to take it easy and saw him off.

In the first and second period, he taught 10th grade Geometry. Because he was such a likeable guy, he hit it off immediately with his students. The guys joked around with him, while the girls melted in their seats. That is pretty much how all his classes went. Jayson felt good, as though he had redeemed himself from this morning's humiliation.

His fourth class, right before lunch, was 11th grade Pre-Calculus. He finished erasing the boards as the class settled in.

"Good morning. I'm your new Math teacher, Jayson Taylor. Please don't call me Mr. Taylor, Jay is fine. I'm going to go through the attendance list and hopefully memorize my 200 something students, so be patient with me" He said.

The class fed off his laid back vibe, allowing him to feel welcomed. Jayson sat on the corner of his desk and began to call out the names on his list, looking up each time.

"Chris, Sarah, John, Nadia…" he paused.

Jayson swallowed hard, fighting back the urge to smile. Nadia, already smiling, insinuated as to raise her hand. Preventing any obvious awkwardness, he continued to call out the rest of their names. He then turned to face the board, giving the impression that he was about to write something, when in fact he was just collecting his nerves. Jayson couldn't believe that the girl from the coffee shop was sitting in his classroom. He proceeded with the class, trying to avoid glancing. Though once seated, watching everyone engaged in their work exercises, he couldn't resist the impulse to peek over at her. Nadia had caught him once or twice, meaning she too was intrigued.

"What is wrong with me? My insides are in knots over a high school student?" he thought to himself.

Nadia Lovikov seemed more mature than your average 17 year old. Half American half Russian, her unique beauty set her apart from the rest of the girls. Although striking, she was mostly known for her kindness, leadership and brilliance. Esteemed amongst her peers, so much so, they had voted her to be their class valedictorian.

Jayson observed how strands of her light brown hair fell against her face; her eyes sparkled as the sunlight reflected off her desk. His gaze drifted down to her perfectly sculptured nose, then to her lusciously tinted mouth. She had a lovely smile with flawless teeth. He was trapped.

"Yep, I'm in trouble" he uttered; just in time for the bell to ring.

Hungry students burst out the classroom, ready for lunch. Nadia swung the strap of her bag over her shoulder and walked to Jayson's desk.

"Good news, I won't be charging you after all. My laptop recovered safely, after it had dried off."

"That's a relief" he sighed, "I felt awful all morning".

"No worries, now you can enjoy the rest of your day."

She flashed a radiant smile as he watched her leave. He shook his head to get out of the trance she clearly had him in.

In the teacher's lounge, Jayson sat with Trey again and began to describe what had just happened.

"Nadia huh?" Trey laughed, "Prepare to go to jail buddy."

"What? No! I didn't come here to get in to trouble; mess just follows me around. Agh!"

"Just don't entertain the thought, you'll get over it" Trey assured him.

"Has this ever happened to you?" Jayson asked.

"Yeah man, it happens to all of us. You have these students that dress older; enticing their class mates and teachers; seducing you to get better grades. Live by this motto 'look but don't touch'."

"This sucks!" Jayson cried.

Jayson had 3 more classes before he was done for the day. After school had ended, he retreated towards the library to make some copies for tomorrow. Whilst he waited, Jayson scanned the quiet area until he spotted a familiar striped blouse. It was his long haired beauty, Nadia; it seemed like every time he saw her she was moving in slow motion. She brushed her hair away from her face as she handed out some sheets to a group of fellow students. Busy with her meeting, she didn't notice Jayson stalking her.

Nadia was looking for two missing pages, unable to find them she opted to make more copies. Walking over to the front desk, she spied a recognizable face.

"Hello again, seems like I keep bumping into you" she smirked, handing her papers over to another student.

Jayson was only about two inches taller than her, which made it easier for their eyes to lock.

"It's wrong to stalk people you know, especially teachers" he grinned.

Gawking, she responded, "A false accusation none the least, Mr. Taylor."

"I prefer Jay, thanks."

"Whatever you say… Mr. Taylor." Nadia walked away with an evil grin, after she received her papers.

Jayson eyes followed her back to her seat.

"Were we… just flirting?" he murmured.

When she looked up at him once more, his thoughts were confirmed.

Nadia was driving with her best friend Ally, in her red sports car.

"Ok, I have to say…How hot is our Math teacher?" Ally blurted out.

"I know right! It's hard to concentrate in his class. And did you get a whiff of his cologne?" Nadia sighed. "You know…I met him earlier in the morning…"

Nadia began to narrate what had happened.

"Ok so wait… you have his number?" Ally gasped.

"I guess I do. It didn't hit me, but it's not like I'm going to use it silly."

"So can I have it?" Ally teased.

The next day and the day after that, brought an amusing game of eye spy, between Jayson and Nadia. For instance: Nadia would pass by in the hallway and if Jayson was outside his door chatting with Trey or another student, shed make straight eye contact. He in turn would stare back, grinning while fascinated by her attention. Jayson was used to being looked at by the rest of the female students; he knew to be careful and not give them any reason to believe he was nothing other than their teacher. Yet, there was something different about Nadia, something that lured him to her, a little something called: attraction.

The first few weeks grew difficult for both of them. It was challenging and exciting to try and refrain from being distracted by one another in the classroom. Even though they vaguely suspected of their mutual interest, they hadn't planned on acting it through; because of their teacher- student relationship. This didn't keep them from having casual dialogues every now and then. Covering subjects such as: math problems, student politics, movie reviews and other rants of useless facts; which were only mentioned to discreetly enjoy the others presence.

This weekend was the Freedom Youth Festival, held in Brooke Village, out of town. Jayson was interested in going with his pal Trey, as well as Nadia and Ally. Nadia wore a white halter spring dress with brown beaded sandals and belt. Her friend wore a strapless cobalt blue dress.

At the festival, Nadia knew some friends at a booth. Pedro and Sean, both bartenders from a local club, were assigned to the event. She and Ally grabbed two stools and enjoyed a sip of their fruity martinis. Strolling nearby was Jayson and Trey, both in stylish apparel. Jayson sported a brown jacket, sleeves pushed back, with a white undershirt and dark jeans; whereas Trey had a white buttoned-down dress shirt and similar pants. Enjoying the crowd, Jayson almost immediately found Nadia sitting not too far away. Admiring her presentation from head to toe; enchanted once again. He nudged his friend, signaling where to go.

"This is leading down a tempting path my friend", warned Trey.

Jayson approached Nadia with a sly but smooth countenance.

"Aren't you a little…under aged to be drinking Miss?" he teased as he crossed his arms.

"Surely, one drink couldn't hurt." She was more than happy to see him as she displayed an innocent grin.

Jayson and Nadia laughed, than they both introduced their friends.

"So are you ladies here waiting for your dates?" asked Trey cleverly.

Ally jumped in to say, "I believe they just arrived!" She looked over at Nadia, who was already blushing, and gave her a wink.

Ally was also easy on the eyes; she was tall, fit, with short blonde hair and nice green eyes. She was more outgoing and daring then Nadia was. Trey too, held his own; he had hazel eyes, a black buzzed haircut and darker skin. He was very drawn to blondes, so it was no wonder that he would be attracted to Ally. This made the perfect group for the evening. Plus there was less discomfort between Ally and Trey, since she had never been in his class before; as opposed to Jayson's dilemma.

"So Nadia, you wouldn't mind if we joined you?" asked Jayson.

"Not at all" she smiled.

Trey ordered two beers and they pulled two more stools over to sit in front of the ladies. Jayson was unsure of how to behave with Nadia. Certainly there had been weeks of harmless flirtation, but now, out of the school district, they were two single good-looking adults. He convinced himself to just go with the night, if she demonstrated genuine interest, as he would, then he knew what cards to play.

Nadia hoped that there wouldn't be any awkwardness between her and Jayson. This was her dream come true; to finally be alone elsewhere with him. Despite what people thought of how beautiful she was, when it comes to having a crush on someone, insecurities drown out all confidence. Therefore, she wasn't convinced by the friendly flirting, she wanted proof tonight.

Throughout the evening, the group watched comedy acts, musical performances and had a delightful meal. Ally and Trey seemed more up front about their attraction to each other, meanwhile Jayson and Nadia were more timid in that aspect, but not in conversation. Nadia kept thinking to herself, what sign she could do to hint her feelings towards Jayson that wouldn't come off as sleazy. She spotted some dancing further down the street and thought it to be the perfect attempt.

Jayson wasn't prepared for the amount of touching, swaying and seductive exchange of looks that would occur between them. To everyone else what seemed like appropriate dancing was in actuality, explosions of electricity with every brush of their skin. Jayson was by no means trying to take advantage of her, it just so happens, that what his lips found impossible to speak his body didn't.

The music had the dance floor throbbing. Watching the couples was a turn on, let alone the chemistry between each of them. Jason was a great dancer and to his amazement, so was Nadia. They moved extremely well together and the best part was that they were having a lot of fun; finally… no walls…no tension, just the freedom to express their feelings physically.

Nadia cunningly moved with the sole purpose of enticing Jayson, which as far as he was concerned, was working effortlessly. He'd laugh to cool off and keep him from taking this too seriously. There is something very sensual about the way a woman moves. When done right, it's beautiful and arousing. When done wrong, she may give off the impression of being too easy and cheap.

Jayson loved dancing with her, especially when her back faced him. He could smell her hair, perfume and stroke his fingers down her arm. He'd place his hands on her waist and sway to her same rhythm. Nadia would turn to tease him with caresses on his face and neck. She loved dancing close, so their eyes were focused on each other. Nadia could tell he was amused. He would smile and bite down on his bottom lip, when he really wanted to bite her instead.

One song turned into an hour of dancing. There was already so much adrenaline going through the both of them, they didn't want to stop, though they were getting tired. Jayson was ready to take this to the next level; starting by admitting his feelings. Jayson tugged Nadia by the hand towards the nearest vacant bench. Neither one caring where Ally or Trey had gone, they had tunnel vision, anticipating what was at the end.

Nadia felt her arm go numb as Jayson still held her hand. She was nervous hoping that they would have "the talk". Not as anxious as Jayson was, preparing to speak first. The bench they sat at had dim lighting, it allowed for a more intimate conversation. They could still see each other's face perfectly clear. Nadia was gazing into Jayson's eyes, admiring how they magically sparkled awaiting his first words.

"I can't remember the last time I've had this much fun," Jayson announced.

"Yeah, we dance well together," Nadia stated.

"You sound surprised."

"Pleasantly surprised," She smiled.

They were both glowing. Jayson switched hands, so that he could now sweep her hair behind her shoulder. This sent chills down her back, completely at his mercy.

Jayson took a deep breath and said, "Nadia, how do you feel about me?"

Her eyes widened, at last this was really happening. She swallowed hard unsure of how to answer.

"I have certain feelings for you…" she paused.

"If you feel the same way you danced with me, then that's all I need to hear," he assured her.

"But I want to hear you say it," she insisted.

"Except, I'm your teacher and that alone is crossing so many lines. And I'm ten years older."

"Funny, I was under the impression that you didn't see me as some flaky high school girl, as I've proved myself to be different!" she argued softly.

"You are different, that's why I'm so captivated by you. I fight it, but I really want to be with you" he confessed.

Nadia felt her breaths accelerate as her ears rang with the last words he said. He was still waiting for her response; his vulnerability was on the frontlines. Before any notion of regret could creep in his mind, she grabbed his face gently and grazed his lips with hers. Not pressing hard just yet, it was enough to stir him up. As close as they were, it wasn't close enough for him.

Jayson slid his hand behind the nape of her neck to pull her closer and deepen the kiss. He would gently suck on her bottom lip, while he held on to her tightly. Driven by the heat of the moment, he had almost forgotten about their "situation". Nadia then withdrew herself.


"Will be our little secret for now." She finished.

He was relieved that she understood.

"I wouldn't want to jeopardize your job, cause then we'd both loose. It will be difficult for a while, but every time you'll look at me…I'll know," she grinned.

"I'm dying to kiss you again." And so Jayson leaned to fill his craving.

Nadia and Jayson agreed to the terms: if they were to see each other in public, they'd have to go out of town. They needed to prevent from being seen by someone at school. Fortunately, this wouldn't go on for long. It was interesting to try and keep straight face during math class. Thankfully, no one grew suspicious.

Nadia would wait till the class was distracted in their assignments and tests, to sneak a longing look at Jayson. While he'd try his hardest not to smile or react in any obvious way, but he'd eventually get even when they were alone. Jayson would remind her of each instance she'd tease him, collecting affectionate kisses from her for each occasion. The end result: en evening filled with every kiss imaginable.

The End

Stay tuned for the 2nd Episode : The Stranger