When she was back in home, she found that there was a message on his voice mail; she couldn't answer because she was at work, in a very important reunion, but this was probably even more important, once she recognized the voice:


Well...I know it's been a while, and I don't want to sound like I'm was picking my last choice in a long list because, to be honest, that list wasn't that long in the first place...

...but everyone is busy and, you know I'm not a "party boy", hell, I hate parties, I hate any place with more than three people around, but...I'm feeling...lonely.

I know you're busy with your own stuff too, and I'm probably being just too selfish: You can't just stop what you're doing just to please me but...if you're around, if you hear this message, please, send me an answer: please tell me I'm not alone...

...Sorry, yeah, I'm a bit drunk, but I'm honest when I try to express that it would be nice to see you again.

I love you, sincerily yours...well, you know my name, you know where to call...


The message ended

"Who was it baby?" Her boyfriend asked, seeing an odd expresion of his partner face

"It was...no one...wrong number"

She hung up


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