A/N: I just thought that this was interesting... it's all the planning I've done for this story. This was such a difficult story to plan and to write, and I needed some sort of a guide, so I just jotted all my ideas down in this one document. Maybe you all will find it interesting.



Quinn Richardson- smitten by Laurel. Calls her Laurie.

Colette Richardson- Quinn's twin sister. Loves Elliot to death. Takes care of him. If he died, her world would die. Knows that some day, she will marry him. She knows Elliot and Laurel's story. She hates Laurel for that.

Elliot Cruise- Forgets things a lot. Thinks really deeply. When faced with unusual situations, he gets confused. LOVES Colette. Smitten by her. Absolutely adores her and will love her for the rest of his life.

Laurel Boothe- beautiful girl, perfect. Is flattered by Quinn but doesn't have feelings for him (so Quinn thinks). Misses Elliot because of their incident.

Keegan Matheson- Colette's best friend.

Domonique (Monique) Lane- Laurel's best friend. Quinn tries to get information about Laurel out of her.

Clayton Cruise- Elliot's older brother. Oldest of the group. Watching out for his little brother. Does not like Colette.

Magdalena (Lena) Harrison- Colette's best friend.

Glenda Kingston- Clayton's girlfriend.

Lydia Anthony- Glenda's best friend.

Dane Jacobson- Random freshman. Nobody knows him or knows why he's there.


Red- Every group enters once at random periods.

Orange- Quinn, Keegan, Monique.

Yellow- Nobody has ever been inside except for Dane. Went crazy afterward.

Green- Colette, Clayton, Lena. (blue rose)

Blue- Elliot, Glenda, Dane.

Purple- Room for the kidnappers. Elliot looked in and got thrown in the unknown room.

Pink- Laurel, Lydia.

Brown- Everyone goes in at the same time (in the beginning). Orientation; questions.

Black- They are tortured inside. Enter one at a time, one person per day. Not the first day…they stay for 11 days. Dane does not go in.

White- Go in and then come out not remembering the inside except the color.

The Unknown Room- Go inside when they misbehave. Blindfolded. Inexplicable pain. (mirrors)


A- Head of the whole thing. Never seen. Lives in the purple room. Elliot sees. Male.

B- A's right hand man. Does everything "for A". Evil. Male.

C- Runs the red, yellow, and brown rooms. "Veronica." Female.

D- Asks questions in the brown room. "Stephanie." Female.

E- Delivers food, water and letters to their rooms. Male.

F- Runs the black room. Male.

G- Works in the black room. Male.

H- Shows the kids around. Answers questions (sometimes). Evil and creepy. Female.

J- Terrible. Drags them to the Unknown Room and blindfolds them. Male.

K- Works in the yellow and red rooms. Female.

Z- Tries to help them escape. Tells them that everything A says is a lie. Is badly beaten. Never let out of the purple room, but she escapes. Used to be named I. A-K hates her. Female.




The poison apple had been given to him.

He would never escape in his shiny red car with Laurel in the passenger's seat.

Home would never be the same.

He would never give her a crimson rose.

Her blood perfectly matched the color of the walls in the red room.

Black Room Order: Clayton, Colette, Domonique, Elliot, Glenda, Keegan, Laurel, Lydia, Magdalena, Quinn. No Dane. (alphabetical)

Day Two: everyone goes in the red room at different times. Quinn gets his letter from Laurel. Clayton goes in the black room.

Day Three: they spend the day in the white room after Colette goes in the black room.

Day Four: wake up from white room and just remember the color. Discuss it. Z shows up and tries to sneak them out because she stole the keys while everyone else was asleep. She is introduced. They get caught. Z gets taken inside the purple room (introduced) and Quinn gets put in the unknown room for helping her. Monique's day in the black room.

Day Five: they spend the day sending letters to each other and making a list of who all the kidnappers are, what rooms there are stuff. They make the prologue. Elliot goes into the black room.

Day Six: elliot wakes up in the middle of the night and his door is open. Everyone else is sleeping (he can't see that dane isn't in bed cause it's dark but he can see the light from the hall through the door). He goes out in the hall. There are no lights on in any of the rooms except for one, in which the door is wide open. Purple room. Elliot looks in and sees all the kidnappers huddled in a circle, having a meeting. Dane is there but the reader doesn't know that. Elliot recognizes his face, but it doesn't click because he is half asleep and because he forgets things. The people catch him and throw him in the unknown room. When he wakes up, he forgot the whole thing happened anyway except that he went in the unknown room. Dane opened the door when he left the blue room and accidentally left it open. Glenda goes in the black room.

Day Seven: Quinn thinks of a plan to escape with Z's help. They send a letter to her asking her to help them. Z sends a letter back, saying that she will try to steal the keys again then she will let them all out and they will sneak through the purple room. Then they will escape. Z says it might take days before she can find a good time to steal the keys. They send a letter to every other room and tell them of the plan. They send a letter back to Z to tell her the plan is in action. Keegan goes in the black room.

Day Eight: Quinn decides to send a letter to Laurel confessing his love for her because he can't take it anymore. (his point of view). She receives it and realizes that she loves him too, and she has the whole time. She sends one back to him saying this. After she sends it, she goes to the black room. (her point of view).

Day Nine: Dane goes in the yellow room. Elliot adds the yellow room to the list. Lydia goes in the black room.

Day Ten: Lena goes in the black room. H brings laurel and Quinn into the red room for more questioning. After H leaves, Quinn and Laurel are alone in the red room together. They make-out ((RED ROOM IS WHERE THEIR FIRST KISS WAS! Put that in the end!)). Colette comes in (because she was being questioned too) and sees them making out as well as H who takes them all back to their rooms instead of questioning them. Lena goes in the black room.

Day Eleven: Quinn goes into the black room and when he gets back, there's a note from Z saying that the plan is in action. Then the finale happens.


They try to escape with Z. They sneak through the purple room. H and B catch them. B has a gun. B kills Z and then says "okay which one of you helped her?". Quinn says, "It was me. Just kill me, okay? It was my fault." B then points the gun at Quinn and says, "Well, then for pulling a stunt like that, I think I'll let you suffer." Quinn breathes a sigh of relief because he thinks that he will be the one to get killed. But then B says, "I think I'll let you emotionally suffer. I think, maybe, I'll just kill your little girlfriend instead." B almost shoots Laurel but H (being nice for once in her life) pushes him over and he misses. Therefore, B kills H and then kills Laurel. Quinn runs over to her and has the revelation about the color of the red room. The students all get taken to the unknown room, which, uncovered, is the mirror room. B decides to give them a little talking to. He reveals A's true identity. He says, "You really want to know who A is? Really? Because when you do, you'll all just get pissed off. Instead of being productive, you would be angry and you would hate us instead of accepting us like your government never did." Quinn says, "we already hate you! You killed Laurel!" B says, "You really want to know who A is? Fine, I'll tell you. In fact, why don't I just call him? Remember that day in the red room when you were all asked questions about each other? Remember that one of the questions was asking how long you've known a certain other student in the house? We asked you to give us a specific number. It didn't matter if it was weeks, months or years. You all gave us a series of numbers. If we put those numbers all together, it gives us a ten-digit number. And what is a ten-digit number? A phone number! So let's see if when we call this number, it sends us directly to A…" Someone says quietly, "Ten digit number…wait, isn't there eleven of us?" B whips out his cell phone and dials the number that he memorized. A cell phone ring comes from Dane's pocket. He smiles. He no longer pretends to be a student. "In your code names, you skipped the letter I. Why?" -"Z used to be named I. But then, she broke the rules, tried to escape, became an outcast. We couldn't have her be named like one of us. So we changed her name to Z. That way she knows that she is different. She's not one of us. She's at the end of the alphabet.""How did you know that Quinn and Laurel were together? If you didn't you wouldn't have killed her." -"Of course, H saw you two in the red room. You really are idiots." "How did you snoop around acting like a student without us finding out?" -"Well, it was quite simple actually. I'm young enough to look like a student, I can act, and whenever you were all sleeping, I snuck out of my room and joined the other agents in the purple room. Except for that night when I accidentally left the door of the blue room open. It was lucky that Elliot was the one to wake up and sneak out. He just forgot my face and forgot that the whole thing happened in the first place. That's what's so great about forgetful people. They don't spill your secrets.""What did you do to us in the white room?" -"Oh, don't worry about that. It was just an experiment. In fact, it was pretty harsh for us too. We had to give you a drug that made you all go crazy.""Why did you take us to the black room?" -"We had to let you all know that we have power. Yes, we can kill you at a moments notice if you try to escape. Yes, we can give you drugs to make you go insane. Yes, we can do anything to you or anyone you love at anytime anywhere in the world. We have power. The only way to show you that was to torture you." "What was with the yellow room? Why did Dane go in it?" –"Actually, the yellow room is our conference room. After you idiots tried to escape, we had a meeting with A in there to discuss what we should do with you. We wanted to scare you so A pretended to be going crazy. We needed to show you that we have power.""What's up with the colored bracelets that some of you wear?" – "Each bracelet represents the room we work in. C and D wear brown bracelets because they work in the orientation room, or the brown room. K wears a red bracelet because she asks questions in the red room. It's a system of organization." "Why eleven?" – "At the end of World War One, the German's were forced to sign an armistice, ending the war. Germany had to give up its army and some of its land. They were forced to pay for the war entirely and all blame for the war was placed on them. This armistice was signed on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. Our program is homage to World War One. So on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month, we took away your power. You had to give up your strength, just as Germany had to do. We took control. Of course, we took it a step further. We gave you eleven rooms, eleven of us, eleven of you. We woke you up at 11:11 every day. We kidnapped you at 11:11am on November 11th. In theory, we took control of you just as the British, French and Americans took Germany's power. You surrendered to us."

Chapter one- quinn (5) ((6))

Chapter two- Colette (2) ((2))

Chapter three- elliot (4) ((5))

Chapter four- quinn (4) ((6))


Chapter five- laurel (3) ((3))

Chapter six- elliot (8) ((10))

Chapter seven- quinn (3)

Chapter eight- Colette (5)

Chapter nine- laurel (4)

Chapter ten- elliot (2)


Chapter twelve- quinn (9)

Chapter thirteen- Colette (clayton goes in the black room, they go in the red room, clayton gets back from the black room.) (8)

Chapter fourteen- elliot (they go in the red room and he thinks about his mom) (2)

Chapter fifteen- laurel (they go in the red room and she thinks about elliot) (3)


Chapter sixteen- Colette (she goes in the black room) (5)

Chapter seventeen- elliot (goes into white room) (2)


Chapter eighteen- quinn (talk about white room, Z comes, quinn goes in unknown, monique goes in the black room) (5)


Chapter nineteen- elliot (goes in black room) (2)

Chapter twenty- quinn (makes lists, asks Monique about laurel) (6)

Chapter twenty-one- laurel (thinks about quinn and her relationship with him and also elliot) (3)


Chapter twenty-two- elliot (night thing w/ dane, Glenda goes to black room in the morning) (2)


Chapter twenty-three- quinn (thinks of plan, writes letters to z) (2)

Chapter twenty-four- Colette (finds out about plan. thinks about elliot, clayton tells her the story of his parents.) (4)


Chapter twenty-five- Quinn (love) (3)

Chapter twenty-six- laurel (love, black room) (4)


Chapter twenty-seven- Elliot (dane goes in the yellow room) (5)

Chapter twenty-eight- Colette (misses elliot. Sends him letters. Talks to him about the plan.) (2)

Chapter twenty-nine- Laurel (thinks about quinn and lydia goes in the black room) (2)


Chapter thirty- quinn (he and laurel hook up. RED ROOM! Rose!) (4)

Chapter thirty-one- laurel (thinks about her hook-up with quinn) (2)

Chapter thirty-two- Colette (thinks about her brother's hook-up with laurel. Thinks about quinn's relationship with laurel and how laurel hurt elliot.) (2)

Chapter thirty-three- elliot (gets a letter from clayton that says that Colette is actually a nice girl and clayton should have never judged her and he won't stop elliot from loving her. Elliot remembers the car crash and writes his brother about it.) (4)

Chapter thirty-four- Colette (clayton is crying because of letter from elliot and lena in the black room) (2)


Chapter thirty-five- quinn (black room, escape, finale –laurel) (13)

Chapter thirty-six- laurel (she dies but thinks of quinn while she dies) (1)

Chapter thirty-seven- elliot (in the unknown room during conversation- unknown room is revealed as mirror room; conversation begins. now that laurel is dead, elliot worries about colette's safety. He sticks by her, but all she wants to do is comfort her brother. His POV when dane is discovered. Dane was in his room, so now all his trust is out the window.) (5)

Chapter thirty-eight- Colette (in the unknown room during conversation- wants to comfort her brother and thinks about how his relationship with laurel was real.) (3)

Chapter thirty-nine- quinn (the cops storm in, having found the mansion. They are rescued, but quinn doesn't care. He is empty. He misses laurel) (2)


Chapter forty- nobody (talks about how their kidnapping had been all over the news and how everyone was fine physically but not emotionally/mentally. End: None of them could look into a mirror for weeks, for the memories of the Unknown Room would suddenly stab their hearts if they did. They never wished to relive these drastic events.)

Chapter forty-one- quinn (written)

Chapter forty-two- Colette (written)

Chapter forty-three- elliot (written)

Chapter forty-four- laurel (written)

Quinn: 854

Colette: 593

Elliot: 613

Laurel: 479


Quinn calls her Laurie sometimesElliot is forgetfulQuinn met Laurel on the first day of high school in math classElliot and Colette have been dating for two years (since accident)Laurel's hair is platinum blonde (not strawberry blonde) & she has blue eyes.Only Quinn feels the breeze (and the cold in the house) Blue Rose = Colette Elliot (The Glass Menagerie) Orange Shirt = Laurel QuinnGreen Shirt = Elliot Colette Pink Rose = Quinn Laurel^^Clothes = Laurel Elliot (ex friends). Flowers = Colette Quinn. (twins).


Breeze- something new is headed his way (Laurel loving him/dying)

Cold- he's the only one who's alone in this situation (besides Dane). Elliot has Colette, Laurel has Monique, Keegan has Monique, Glenda has Clayton, Lydia has Glenda, etc. So he's cold and lonely. He stops feeling the cold once he kisses Laurel.


All of the kidnappers use pencil when writing because NOTHING IS PERMANENT.Whenever Quinn thinks about the students, Laurel comes to his mind first. For example: "Obviously, the list was not in alphabetical order, or else Laurel's name would have been before mine." HE IS ALWAYS THINKING ABOUT HER.

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