pfft. who wants to go to fuckin'
therapy these days, darlin'? tragedy,
my dear, it's tragedy that's the whole new
beautiful. and what you've
always wanted (above all else)
is to be so fucking gorgeous that
all the girlies stopped to stare
and none of the boys could keep their
filthysinful hands off you.

don't you put down that blade,
baby. they've been waiting for a new star to
admire(&&condemn) and maybe you could be
IT if you just hate yourself
hard enough.

and savor the resentful taste of his
t-t-tongue in your smoke-stained mouth;;
soon enough the vomit will wash it away.
so wrap him in you (all of him, mind)
and be prepared to sob it all away later
and you be sure to hate yourself for doing this, cause
no one gives a guilt trip
quite like you.