Tell me Jesus,

Is my heart going to break all over again

Right in front of you?

Tell me Jesus,

Will you lift me higher instead and rain me

Up to something true?

Tell me Jesus,

Will my vision blur with my selfish tears

While they sign your hymns?

Tell me Jesus,

Will I long for all those things that I gave up,

Will my certainty grown dim?

Jesus, I did the right thing.

I didn't care if I lose or win.

But it's so hard seeing them in front of my eyes.

I feel empty sometimes, my heart secretly cries.

Jesus, I gave it all up for only one reason-

It was changing me, I wanted to be a better person.

So tell me, Jesus, oh Father, will you please

Grant me the greatest gift of all- peace?

I know I have done nothing worthy of earning it.

But I don't want to be restless while I'm at your feet.

Jesus, I'm not a Christian, but I pray

To you every morning at school every day,

And I completely believe them when they say

That you embraced death to save us.

Jesus, can you please save me?

I'm trapped in my own illusional misery

Of what ifs- can you please set me free?

Tell me Jesus,

When I will knock at your Church door,

Will you answer my call or just ignore?

Will you let these hurt me so much that

I will feel like I can't take it any more?

Jesus, I want to leave it all behind.

I want to let it go from my heart and my mind.

Please help me Jesus, end these lies.

Please help me Jesus, help me try.

Tell me Jesus,

Will you stop me from feelings things which are wrong?

Please Jesus, lend me courage, please make me stay strong….

A/N: I'm not Christian, but I don't want to feel angry/hurt/frustrated at a Church, because I respect you Jesus, so please help me stay strong and collected. Thank you. Amen.