in long -
we're vultures cutting our teeth out on the front lawn under
the mosquito-clouded ten p.m. blackness, sitting on the damp grass
where neighbors' headlights burn yellow holes into the backs of our eyes,
discussing what shit your brother said yesterday & where we're going to college
(you hate me for choosing new york, is it a bad thing i still have two years to
decide the time to diffuse that bomb?) & how you hate people who stand in-line at dominick's
& talk into the blue-tooth stapled to their ear 'cause we're just that sick
when we really have nothing else to do like the cool kids unrated,
never-before-seen footage with commentary from actors on a blue-ray dvd selling for $8.99
at a local wall(m)art near you.

in short -
we're best friends forever & never,
drunk off chlorine & miller lite & raw sunburn & not enough (maybe too much) time
spent clawing at the sky in a failed attempt to break free
from this bumblefuck town where nothing & almost everything happens
at least for me, anyways

this summer hangover will eat us (me)


l i v e.

last friday night sounds like my kind of party. thank god tomorrow's thursday.

so why, then, is my insubordinate life
to explain?

everyone say this is the "easy" part.

...sorry, kiddies, but yeah the hell no.