I walked forward, giving the man a flirtatious look. He was in his late twenties, drunk as hell, pretty much unknown. Perfect prey for someone like me.

"So…when are we going to get to your surprise?" He slurred, stumbling forward.

I took a deep breathe in. The air smelt like a mixture of drugs, booze and blood. "Right about…" He stumbled right into my arms, giving me the perfect opportunity. "Now." I quickly snapped his neck, causing him to fall limp. I hoisted his limp body onto my back, not wanting to have my dinner here. It was too open. I dashed out of the alley before someone could even open the door. I couldn't get caught.

I dropped the body in the forest, the lust growing too great for even me. I knelt down, letting my fangs come in to help me start my meal. I took the man's limp wrist and dug my fangs right into his veins. It wasn't the best meal ever but I'd take what I could get. Vampires do need blood to live. It doesn't have to be good blood. Just blood. We were always allowed to drink from animals or steal blood bags from local hospitals, but that was too simple for me. I was and will always be a ripper. The most feared of all the vampires.

To make it simple, a ripper is a vampire who only drinks from humans and is violent about it. Some become rippers once they've turned into a vampire; some are rippers in their previous human life. I myself started my life as a ripper. I'd always had a fascination with blood. It started when I was ten. I'd gotten a huge gash on my knee from getting pushed down by this bitch of a girl. Seeing all the blood and how it just flowed had awakened something in me. The gory side. When I turned eleven, I decided to see how long blood could flow until it stopped. I got hold of a razor and did a huge cut on my wrist. My parents found me about an hour later, just starring at the cut as my blood dripped onto the floor. I had made a pretty big puddle by then. They took me to the hospital and punished me, thinking I was trying to kill myself. When I tried to explain to them about my experiment, they assumed I was crazy and signed me up for counseling.

So long story short, the counselor had no idea what to do about my obsession with blood, they sent me to a group home when I was fourteen and there, at the age of eighteen a vampire turned me. Gabriel. He had been a good friend of mine. The two of us were very close, always spending time together. For just one second, I thought I was feeling true love. But when he turned me, all of that went away. He had turned me because of how I talked. I had sounded like a ripper. He was only there to find the perfect person. The perfect person to turn into a ripper to complete his army. After I found out his plan, I ran away. I took off. For almost thirty years I've been running. I never knew if he gave up trying to find me but I would never stop running in case he tried to get me. I enjoy being a ripper but being controlled, now that is one thing that I very much hate.

I drained the body dry of every last drop of blood, then dug a hole, threw him in and buried him. I couldn't have anyone finding him. Especially the hunters. Those finding me would be even worse than Gabriel finding me. He would just control me. While the hunters would murder me. They would murder me and examine me in their lab, trying to find out how vampires work. I could never let that happen.

I ran away from the body, trying to get as far away from the evidence as possible. I stopped when I heard the crunching of leaves. No. They couldn't have found me that quickly. I'd lost the hunters three cities ago. I darted up a tree, staying quiet and hidden. I couldn't let them find me. Not now. I scanned the ground to see it was a wolf. I knew it wasn't an average wolf though. For one, this was a forest that was five minutes away from a city. No way in hell would normal wolves be living around here. Two, it was far too big to be an average wolf. It had to be some other type of wolf. I looked up to the sky to see the moon. It was full. And there was this wolf, that looks nothing like an average wolf that just happens to turn up when I am running by. The only thing that went through my mind, werewolf. On full moons, werewolves were strong. Vampires had to watch themselves on full moons. I looked back down to see the wolf had started sniffing around my tree.

My last thought, 'Shit. I am fucking screwed.'