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"Why are you hiding in a bush?"

Bright, bulbous eyes stared at me with blank curiosity. She held one of those ridiculously over-sized lollipops in one hand, and in the other, her fingers clutched a plastic bag with a single gold fish swimming around in it.

But that was a good question. Why was I, Kale Christiansen, or better yet, 'that-no-good-trouble-making-rascal-of-a-delinquent' (I was more offended that my title lacked gusto rather than what adults thought of me because frankly, I could care less), crouching down behind a bush at some lame school carnival?

Well if you claim you've been to hell and back, than you certainly haven't faced the wrath of Molly Hopkins.

I made a gesture for the girl to scram before she attracted attention, but she only used her lollipop to point at Molly, who was now making her way towards us with a menacing scowl plastered on her face. I reached out and yanked this girl down by the wrist. The plastic bag accidentally slipped out of her hand and exploded on the ground with a splat. The water seeped into the soil and the bag slowly began to deflate.

As for the gold fish, it started to flip around frantically, but in a matter of seconds, it stopped and- for the lack of a better word- died.

I prayed that she wouldn't start crying because I had just committed fishslaughter. An angry female was enough, but a weepy one? Their incoherent blubbering wasn't amusing in the slightest. By the time Goldie had stopped gaping its scaly mouth, Molly was looming over us with her hands on her hips.

"Kale, you are so dead," Molly enunciated every word so her voice sounded clipped.

I shot up on my feet and dusted the dirt off my pants, "Technically the fish is dead, but it probably would've lived a less-than-exciting life anyway. Swim, eat, and belly-up it goes, y'know?"

"What the hell are you talking about?" then she paused and shook her head, "Actually, never mind- I don't even want to know. What I do want to know is why I found my car rammed into a metal gate in the middle of nowhere!"

"You see, that's a funny story actually-"

"Cut the crap, Christiansen."

I ran my fingers through my hair, "Okay fine. I owed some people money and I couldn't give it back in time. So they chased me around the city until I finally jumped out of the car and hid in this bush," I admitted uneasily.

Molly squinted her eyes, "Were you selling drugs?"

I put a hand over my chest to feign hurt, "Is that something you think I would do? In fact, I'm flattered that you believe I'm capable of drug trafficking," I said with mock agony. "Come on Molls, it was a life or death situation, would you really want to see me as road kill?" I reached out to touch her hair but she smacked my fingers away.

With one swift movement, she flicked her other hand across my face. "You're never using my car again, asshole," she spat out before she stormed off.

"Jesus Christ," I muttered as I rubbed the side of my face.

Whatever, the only reason I associated myself with Molly was because we had an exchange. I'd let her ride my motorcycle if she needed to get somewhere fast, and she'd let me drive her car if I needed to go a longer distance. It was a win-win situation- until something like this happened.

She wasn't even that hot. Maybe if you were into the raccoon/prostitute type.

Besides, I wasn't too worried about Molly. Our fights never lasted long because she'd always end up feeling lonely at some point and come back to apologize for being such a bitch. I didn't consider her a friend because I for one didn't care for the pretentious company of others. But Molly did and apparently I was the only one who tolerated raccoon prostitutes. She'd probably be good friends with Satan. But yeah, our relationship was pretty fucked up.

I had completely forgotten about the girl who was witnessing all this until I took a step and felt something slimy beneath my shoe. Shit, not only did I kill the damn fish, I had to decapitate it as well. I wiped the bottom of my sneakers on a patch of grass, "Look, I'm sorry, I'll buy you another one," I said, trying to sound as sympathetic as possible.

But she seemed more interested in the anatomy of my face rather than the puddle of fish guts that were sprawled messily on the dirt, "You're bleeding," she said softly.

I brought my hand to my temple and grazed the skin. Sure enough, blood was smeared on my fingertips. Molly's fucking talons must've reopened my wound from rolling out of the car. "I'm fine, just tell me where you got that fish."

Without a word, she headed towards a stand with several fish tanks. There were a couple of people dipping hand-held nets into the tanks. Apparently, it was a game in which I had to catch as many fish as possible in thirty seconds to keep them. I reluctantly seized a hold of a net and waited for the man to tell me when to start.

Once he set the timer, I wildly waved the wand around trying to get at least one guppy, but those shifty bastards were intent on flittering away. It turned out to be a lot harder than I thought.

"Ten, nine, eight-"

Come on, this was so pathetic!

"-seven, six, five-"

"Gotcha' now you little sneak!" I exclaimed with maybe too much enthusiasm as I scooped the tiny creature into the bucket. She cheered with just as much excitement while the man handed me the bag with a single orange guppy in it. How the hell did she manage to get a giant gold fish when all I could catch was one measly guppy?

"Thanks," she piped up. "I think I'll name him...Bubbles!" her whole face lit up.

And just like that, this girl was actually sort of pretty- even if her name choices were far from original. In the sunlight, I noted the auburn red hair that stopped at her chest, and the freckled, up-turned nose. I finally moved my gaze on her green eyes.

Her lashes fluttered, "I'm Annabelle. What's your name?" she inquired.

I had no intentions of getting cozy with this girl. Hell, I was probably already tainting her with just my presence alone. "It's Kale," I said bluntly. As soon as I turned my heel to walk away, she spoke up again.

"What about that girl who was yelling at you?"

I swallowed. How was I supposed to describe Molly? "She's...no one."

Annabelle shot me a look, "Well 'No One' seemed pretty upset that you crashed her car, maybe you should apologize to her," she suggested gingerly.

I narrowed my eyes and snickered, "How old are you anyway?"

"Old enough to know that you hurt your friend's feelings," she said softly.

Dear lord, what have I gotten myself into? "Answer the question, shortcake," I rolled my eyes.

"I'm sixteen," Annabelle's mouth curled upwards.

Okay, who was this child telling me what to do? I didn't take order from anyone, especially not fairy-faced girls. Something about her goody-good attitude made me snap, so I quickly moved forward to pin her against a nearby tree with my hands. A small yelp escaped her lips in surprise.

"Look kid, I don't know who you are, nor do I care- but you have a lot of guts to talk to me like that," I growled.

Her eyes were glassy, but she didn't flinch, "I'm not scared of you."

I scoffed to contemplate this nonsense, and then I realized that I was offended by this. If anything, I was not some nancy-boy.

"Yeah well, it'd be smart to be afraid of me," I said with a snarky tone. My palms pushed her shoulders harder against the trunk.

"You would've hurt me by now if you were really planning to," Annabelle said with grit teeth. Jesus, she was testing me.

I scowled and pulled out my switchblade. In one quick motion, I slid the knife out and slit the hem of her dress. Before getting off of her, I tore the piece of cloth until the seams unraveled. Annabelle scrunched together the ripped fabric that revealed the skin of her thigh.

"Don't try me darling," I said smugly.

I expected her to start bawling, but there was only a playful look dancing in her eyes. Instead, she dropped her lollipop on the ground. "Catch me if you can!" Annabelle piped up as she started to skip away. She held her skirt up as she trapezed across the grass. I raised my eyebrows in bemusement, like hell I was going to chase after her. Man, she was odd.

Once she was out of sight, I exhaled and began to walk home. It took me a second to register that this carnival was happening at the high school I had graduated from earlier in June. It was a miracle that I scraped through this hell chamber at all, and I certainly didn't miss it. It was September now and I didn't plan to fill out any college applications any time soon. Besides, I had my own apartment and a job that provided enough income to sustain me. There was no way I was going to school after five excruciating years of it.

I had to navigate a bus stop to get home, now that my car privileges were gone. I hated taking the bus more than anything because it was stuffy and uncomfortable. It reeked of seniors and drooling children. When it was finally my stop, I pulled the yellow line and stepped off the vehicle.

My apartment building was settled in the ratty part of town. Most of the foundation was crumbling and there were visible vines climbing up the walls- not the intentional kind either. I could hardly afford to care though, as long as it was fully functional. All that mattered was that I got to live on my own.

Near the entrance of the building, I spotted my motorcycle lying pitifully on its side. I hastily rushed towards it to inspect the damage. What the hell did Molly do anyway? Beat it with a crowbar? There were several dents on the surface and the paint was chipped. In other words, my bike was utterly trashed.

"Damn it!" I cried out. I was going to kill that bitch!

I carefully lifted the vehicle and propped it against a pole. Maybe there was still time to fix it. I hurried inside the apartment and took the elevator to the second floor. I could smell a rancid stench that seemed to be coming from inside of my room. Shit, I probably forgot to turn the oven off.

I jammed my hands into my pockets to find my keys. All I could feel were a couple of coins and lint though. I dug around some more but they definitely weren't in my pockets. I grit my teeth and stopped searching my body when it hit me.

Fairy-face must've taken them.

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