I was on my way to work, but it was such a glorious day outside. I didn't want to be stuck at the front desk staring through our wide glass window, wishing I was the one passing by. I was in no hurry, with a few minutes to spare; about to pass by the music store, when out came this handsome guy. He was no movie star, but he evidently caught my eye. I was now incredibly nervous seeing as how in a matter of seconds we would pass each other.

Once he looked up at me his eyes quickly took another second look; flashing me a beautiful smile. I wanted to faint then and there as I grew weak at the knees. And then I felt it, a shot of endorphins ready to act upon my wishful thinking. I felt bold enough to do something stupid. Maybe I would walk up to him and ask him for his name and number like any confident girl would. But who was I kidding, that wasn't me at all. I would paralyze at the first chance I'd get to speak.

Grinning I looked away, I couldn't bear him reading my self-consciousness. I glanced at him once more before completely passing him by, as though I'd never see his gorgeous face again. Shocked to see his reaction, he articulated a sweet hello and slightly bowed his head.

I hoped to not reek of panic. I gave a polite smile, as my shy side caused me to tuck my hair behind my ear. We kept on walking although I subtly looked back a couple of times. My stomach clenched when he too turned...still smiling...still walking.

He was responding! Why were we still walking away? What a bunch of cowards, to let this opportunity go to waste!

That overpowering feeling came back again, like a surge of something entirely unfamiliar. Encouraged, I stopped and turned around. My mind hadn't caught up yet, I seemed to be on some sort of cruise- control, dominated by my alter-ego.

What did I have to lose? What are the chances of me making a complete fool of myself and seeing him again? Very slim. Was he struggling with my same thoughts?

I felt as though all I could see around me was blurry. Then slowly… he came in to focus. He was standing with his side facing towards me; he turned his head and took his first step back...to me.

Almost half way there, we were determined. For what? Who knows. I was just going with my gut. What would I say? What would he do? I was running out of time, I needed to go to work. What if we started talking and I'd have to cut him off because of my dumb job.

We were getting even closer, I made eye contact a couple of times, but wouldn't dare stay fixed on him. Wait a minute! What if he simply forgot something at the store, and had turned back to get it. I would die. I have no excuse to be walking back. What am I going to say, I dropped a dime somewhere. Okay, here goes to making a complete idiot of myself.

Out of nowhere, a shield of bravery covered me as I was about to make my move. Our eyes locked tight, like we were targets. My mouth shifted into a flirtatious grin, as I believed he accepted my invitation of foreplay.

Now here we were face to face, mustering up courage and unable to read the other person's mind. Who would make the first move?

I could tell he was going through the exact same thing I was. Not knowing what first words to utter; how to jump right into this. Time was ticking and tension growing. Something needed to happen soon before this rush was gone.

I wanted to kiss him, but I couldn't just come out and say it. How would you react to a complete stranger asking if they could kiss you? I was staring at his eyes then his mouth, back and forth. He mimicked my moves until he started to lean over hesitantly.

He began to bow his head as he wet his lips; I suddenly felt his hand lift my chin up. He helped guide my way, as he pressed his lips gently on mine. Then he took both of his hands and held my face. I felt his warm breathe as he exhaled through his nose; each time drugging me more and more. I was delirious; was I dreaming? That would be the only logical explanation for my daring behavior. Did he do this often? Nah…

I felt comfortable enough to barely put my hands on his waist, which allowed us to move even closer. His kisses were so soft, and him so calm. Soon I was planning our future: Friday nights snuggling to a movie, or doing this. I felt like I was about to go into cardiac arrest. Afraid that this would end too rapidly I tried to savor each second. He pulled away a little, his eyes were glistening; only to tilt his head the other way and tenderly begin again.

To my dismay, the alarm on my watch went off; only a minute or two before I had to clock in. The alarm wouldn't turn off; it was the perfect kill joy to this fairy-tale moment.

"I have… to go," I whispered. I dreaded leaving him there.

I quickly turned to walk briskly down the sidewalk. I felt like the biggest jerk, I didn't risk looking back. Why did he have to kiss me like that?

I quickly clocked in and plopped on my chair. My heart was still beating fast, my palms still sweaty, my lips still felt him. I glanced over at my desk and there was a pile of folders that needed to be sorted; perhaps a busy day at work would distract me. Just then I heard the bells of the door ring, as it swung open.

He walked slowly up to my desk and smiled. He put his hands in his pocket, looking rather cute and boyish.

"So this is where you work?" he asked.

"I'm sorry I left like that," I said sheepishly.

"Well…I'm here and I'm interested."

I wish I had heard that clear enough but the annoying sound of my alarm persisted.

"What the…?"

My reality had sunk in… I felt my body awaken; but I feared if I finally opened my eyes that I would lose his image forever. Inevitably, I woke up from the best dream I would ever have in my lifetime.

"Of-freakin- course!"


I jumped in my own body. Afraid to find out where that came from, much less who that was. My eyes began to wander, first on to the unusual ceiling fan? Suddenly I didn't feel very comfortable; as I observed that I wasn't in my own bed…but on a couch? Puzzled, I slowly sat up.

"Hey sleepy head…man you sure did pass out after all that pizza," he said.

"Oh my gosh Jake, you wouldn't believe…" I murmured.

At ease, not from the dream, from that moment of doubt that it almost wasn't real. I couldn't wait to get close to him again.

~The End~

Stay tuned… Episode 3: The Airport. Coming Soon