A shadowy figure appears, wearing a long black cloak with a hood.

"Sooo," the figure begins, with a distinctly feminine voice. "I kind of owe you guys an apology…"

Before she can continue, a slender man with reddish hair, dressed in expensive fabrics and wearing expensive jewelry opens a door to the room and barges in. "Hey! What the hell happened to our story?" he demands.

S.H. Marr sighs. "I was about to explain that, you know. I've taken it down."

"What?" asks another man from behind the first. Now there are four men in the room with the cloaked figure, and none of them look pleased. "Why would you take it down?"

"I've sold it, Evari."

Silence reigns for a moment before there is another outburst from the first man. "What?"

The figure throws up her hands. "What? Is that a problem, Rekeir?"

"Yeah! Where's my cut?"

"You don't get one," the figure replies. "Or I'll write a stupid story in which Terrahe breaks up with you."

The tallest man of the four scowls. "Hey. That's not fair."

"You guys aren't getting 'a cut'. You guys are here because I need to explain to the readers what, exactly, happened to it."

"Fine," the one man who had yet to speak up says. "Explain."

"Well, you see, someone from Mongoose Publishing saw it, and so I sold the publishing rights to the story. Therefore, this story has to come down."

Reon frowned. "But why would anyone buy this book when it was available for free?"

"Because…it won't be free anymore?" S.H. Marr offers. She pulls a long scroll out of the cloak and opens it. "I've prepared a list of reasons the readers should buy it once it's been produced and is available in stores."

"All right," the first man, Rekeir, says. "Let's hear it, then."

"Okay. First, you get a hard copy of it. Which means no internet connection is necessary."

"Okay…" Reon said. "And?"

"And it will be coming with pretty cover art, and proper formatting."

Rekeir rolls his eyes. "So what?"

"Shut up," S.H. Marr complains. "I'm not done. Also, because I won't whine at you for reviews for it."

"Fair enough," Evari muttered. "That was kind of annoying."


Reon chuckled, and Marr decided to ignore him.

"And because it will be available as a hardcopy paperback as well as e-books, therefore everyone should be able to procure a copy of it somehow."

"That's not a reasons they should buy it…" Terrahe added.

"And because I think I'm a nice person, and I'm kind of poor, and money is nice."

The four men laugh. "So, when's it coming out?"

"I don't know yet. I'll update again when I do."