uncertainty in every step

by, Cassandra

Reading through my past,
and I wish I could start again.
Erase the dirt and scars and lies,
and taste something sweet.
(for once.)

I focus on the grit,
the grime,
the unholy dark
and shattered lives.

I forget there's
a highlight for
every lowlight.

Time to change my tune.
Strike a brand new chord.
Look beyond the mold.
Face an open world.

on foot on
the threshold.
I'm scared,
of what I
might find
out there.)

Retreat back to my hide-a-way.
My great escape, delayed another day.
Put the blueprints back away.

Back to cloudy skies and silver lines.
Day dreams and never-to-bes.
Wings that flutter in the wind,
but never believe they'll take flight

Pull the covers over my head,
and vow I'll try again.
Tomorrow, maybe,
I'll try again.