I sigh as I walk slowly into the cafeteria, trying to ignore all the chaos going on inside the big room.

Whose idea was it to put 200 high schoolers in one room together anyways; I question myself as I move to a back table already filled with five people.

The only thing different about this table than the others was the fact that the five students, including me, that sit there never interact with each other.

We may share the same table, I think to myself before opening my pop, and the same title as freaks or outcasts but we are not friends like everyone thinks. What else would people think if they saw five outcasts sitting together at a table in the back?

At 'our' table is Alex, the black haired, green and blue eyed artist who draws demented and horrific pictures. Reyna, the wild flame haired girl with striking blue eyes that is able to predict the future, or so the rumors say. Luke with his blond hair and brown eyes who is claimed to be able to come to school unharmed even after a beating by the quarterback. Zack the coldly anti-social black haired and dark brown eyed boy with fighting abilities that don't seem possible with his small and lean frame.

And finally there is me, Jayden, the shoulder length black haired with bleached tips and dark brown eyes. I am an outcast by choice, however odd that may seem, mainly because it is easier keeping my secret if I have no friends to lie to.

My secret is that I can read minds and control people.

It has taken me all, or most of, my 16 years of living to figure out how to ignore the thoughts of countless people. The controlling part has never been a problem, I don't believe in slavery and taking away a person's free will seems worst than slavery to me.

"Hey, Reyna?" I question, startling everyone at the table: we had always existed in a don't talk atmosphere.

"Yes?" Reyna answers hesitatively and I feel all of the eyes on me.

I take a sip from my pop before continuing, "Can you really see the future?"

The tension in the air warns me that I am treading in dangerous water; if we ever talk, the five of us always stayed clear of the rumors most students spread.

"I'd rather not talk about that." She starts to stand up but my hand flicks out and grabs her wrist.

"Stay, I think we all need to talk about some things." I say sternly, leaving no room for argument. Reyna reluctantly sits back down.

"how did we get sucked into this conversation?" Luke asks harshly and I smile wearily.

"Because you get beat bloody daily," He tenses but I ignore him, "Yet come to school without a mark on you. Also every time you've tried to kill yourself you've healed before you die." I turn to look at Alex, "whatever you draw comes to life. Don't argue with me, I've seen the demon tiger and boy was it creepy." I glance briefly at Reyna, "She can see the future and it always comes true. And you," I turn to Zack, "you can see dead people and have an ancient warrior telling you how to fight when you get into tough situations."

I down the rest of my pop as the four digest this information and begin to look at each other in a new light. A new, companionable light: before this everyone thought they were alone in the world and freaks, me included.

"how do you know all this?" Luke asks, sounding freaked out.

I shrug, "Because I read your minds, though I could have gone without the suicidal thoughts when you were experimenting on yourself."

"how long have you known about...us?" zack questions, so shocked, surprised, and freaked that he breaks out of his cold personality.

"Reyna and Luke about one month, you and Alex about a week. I don't make it a habit to read people's minds, actually I try to avoid it as much as I can...I'm not too good at control yet."I mumble the last part but because we are leaning towards each other I have no doubt that the other heard me.

"Well I can't control it either." Luke pipes up and we all look at him. I don't even have to read their minds to know that we are all thinking what is there to control about healing.

Catching our expression, Luke hurries to explain, "you don't know how freaked my parents, my doctor and my brother are that I come home covered in blood but after about an hour am completely fine."

I nod, that makes sense.

"yeah, well at least you don't have to worry about demonic creatures popping out of your doodles." Alex grumbles and I laugh before frowning.

"Your doodles come to life as well as your drawing?" I ask and Alex nods. I lift an eyebrow and wait for him to explain.

"As long as it is drawn and I have drawn it, it comes to life...which is why I usually draw nonliving objects in art class." He explains without emotion.

I glance at the clock and, noticing how lunch is going to end in about a minute, stand up and speak to the whole group, "let's meet outside the school today to talk more about this, is that alright with everyone?"

When I receive all yes's I nod and smile before throwing my garbage away and walking towards my next class.

I make it through advanced physics before walking to gym, feeling lucky that today we have an assembly during gym.

My luck ends when I remember that Alex is in my gym class. He bumps into my shoulder and I look over at him. He points to his notebook and I look over his shoulder to read his note.

Read my mind, I want to see if its telepathy and not just mind reading. DON'T just ignore this.

I sigh but after he continues to look at me, I slowly nod my head. He smiles like I just handed him a million dollars.

I shake my head at him before sitting down in front of Alex in case his telepathy idea is a no go.

I clear my head of my thoughts before focusing on Alex. Almost instantly I hear his thoughts and I inwardly wince at the volume of his thoughts.

'Can you hear me? Are you listening? Nod your head if you can hear me!' I growl but nod my head anyways.

'Yay! So you can actually read people's minds! Or maybe I should test this more...okay what is my favorite color?' the color purple fills my head and I turn around to look at Alex: purple wasn't exactly a manly color.

'Well?' he thinks eagerly and I frown before mouthing purple.

He motions for me to turn around and I turn around only to be assaulted by his thoughts once again.

'Wow! This is cool! I never thought my mind would ever be read! Anyways can you talk to me?' he asks and I slow shake my head.

I feel his annoyance in my head, 'come on you haven't even tried yet!'

I sigh before focusing even more on Alex and thinking 'hi'.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Alex jerk backwards as though shocked. I spin around quickly and look at him wide eyed.

He waves me away and I turn.

'I'm fine, it just caught me by surprise, you're voice was right in my head. Do it again!' he sounds just like a boy getting a puppy for Christmas.

I shake my head and drag the back of my hand across my forehead, showing how exhausted I am after just that one message.

'oh, are you that tired? Well that's okay then. We can try this again after school alright?' when I nod he continues, 'so any clue what this assembly is about, because I haven't been paying attention and the class is about half way over?'

I nod and focus again before thinking 'gangs'. I wipe the sweat from my forehead and my head slumps slightly as the urge to fall asleep tugs at my brain.

'Thanks! Don't fall asleep! Go to the nurse, she'll let you sleep if you tell her you were up studying all night for an important test. I believe there is a test in geometry today.' Alex's thoughts are like a whisper.

I nod showing I heard him before pulling up my barriers and listening to the talk about how gangs are bad and how you should never fall into one and the thought of me and the other freaks enters my mind.

I smile, I like the idea of a gang of freaks- no, a gang of mutants.