You can sense something's off, but you really don't know

Exactly what's in my eyes, that makes them glow.

At first, it's just a feeling that creeps across the skin.

Giving time for the poison to really sink in.

Your soft lips tingle as they mingle with mine.

They price you will pay will be quite a hefty fine.

Then something snaps when you start to shake;

Your heart beat increasing as you quiver and quake.

The toxin is working, you're getting your fill,

Of the very same drug that gives me my thrill.

Slowly I watch you, twisting in pain;

Your body grows cold and your life starts to drain.

Faster the heart and the signal do strain,

How easy it was, to fuck with your brain.

I've lied and cheated and thieved and deceived;

But after it all, your trust I achieved.

I turn my back on you, with your vision a sway,

The last person you see as you pass away.