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Cadence Porter was in her bedroom taking a practice ACT exam online. So far she had taken two and the highest score she managed to make was a seventeen. If it wasn't for her father, Mark Porter, she wouldn't have even signed up to take the ACT in the first time. Her father's dream was for her to go to college like her older brother, MJ, and major in a field that would guarantee her a high paying job. She, on the other hand, didn't know what she wanted out of life.

For as long as she could remember she had been living in MJ's shadow. It was silly considering the fact that not only was he of the opposite sex but was also ten years older than her. She was never the star athlete of her school nor was she ever inducted into the National Honor Society. She didn't get voted president of the senior class and was never nominated for anything like the homecoming court. Her circle of friends was just a handful, and she was pretty much known as an outcast. You would think being the daughter of an ex pro basketball player and a runner up at the Miss America pageant her life would be fabulous. Instead it was anything but that.

She slumped over on her desk and scanned through the questions on the reading portion of the exam. She did okay on the English and reading parts of the test but when it comes to the math and science portions it was a whole other ball game. The one thing she hated about any proctored test was that they were always timed. She struggled enough without it so that just made it even more difficult for her to receive a decent score. It wasn't that she wasn't applying herself she just wasn't smart enough.

There was a knock on the door when she clicked on her answer choice. She sighed and said wearily, "Come in."

The door opened and a tall, well built, middle aged man with smooth milk chocolate skin, warm, bedroom, brown eyes, and dark hair that was cut into a low fade wearing black sweat pants and a white wife beater that clung to his hard, rock pecks and well defined abs entered the room and went over to her.

He placed his big, strong hands on her shoulders making her jump from her lazy position then asked, "So how are you doing so far?"

She shrugged and told him, "I guess I'm doing okay."

He diverted his eyes to the computer screen and noticed the time remaining for the reading section was almost up and she had completed the majority of it. Her timing was improving which was good. She was starting to make progress.

"Remember the more times you take it the higher your score will go," he informed her.

"What if my score goes down?" she asked him while finishing up the portion of her test.

His facial expression changed at her smart aleck remark. What irritated him the most was her lack of seriousness. Everything had to be a game with her and she was getting too old for that.

"That's highly unlikely and don't think about your score going down just focus on improving it," he instructed.

She sighed then blew a puff of air.

"Whatever," she said under her breath.

He cut her eyes at her then started moving towards the door and asked, "So what do you want for dinner? It's your night to pick."

"Hot wings!" she said with anticipation.

"Girl you always want hot wings. I wouldn't be surprised if you turned into one."

He laughs and she rolls her eyes and turns her attention back to what she was doing. He stops laughing then ask her, "How about Mexican?"

"Yeah that'll be cool. Can I get the chimichangas?"

"Yeah and let me know when you're finished with that. I want to see your scores." He told her before leaving and closing the door behind him.

She sighed again out of frustration as she submitted the last answer with only two minutes to spare.

I know it's short but it's just to get things started. More about Cadence and her family will be revealed in the next update. I rated this story M for the language and strong adult scenes the sex won't be explicit at all and the characters are up to age. Thanks for reading and comments are always welcomed.