~~Rainbow Souffle Chapter 1~~
Can't Believe a Single Word

Okay, so I'm going to tell you a bit about myself before we start going, alright? Well, to start off I go to that sea of hormones called a high school, grade 11 I think.

My name is Drake Urban (not related in any way whatsover to Kieth. I don't even listen to country). My hair is black, and at the moment it coveres my eyes (which are light blue, and according to girls, "adorable") and goes all they way to my shoulders. I feel like I have a mullet, but really, I dont.

Now, I wouldnt say I'm exactly an active person, at all, but I do occasionally take place in gym, I mean I'm there but I dont do much. Okay, to my point, I'm short and skinny. No muscle, no fat, maybe a little baby fat here and there, but not much. And I eat like an animal. Legit.

I wear lots of black, and my skin is relatively white, so either I get called emo or goth, though I'm not exactly sure what the difference is, and I dont really classify myself as either.

I get made fun of. Alot. But I really dont care, if you cant beat 'em, ignore 'em until they leave. So all in all im just your average highschooler who may or may not look like a small 10 year old. Or at least a 12 year old.

Anyways, if I lived in a Japanese anime I would be adored by all woman, and obsesed over by all hot gay men. But sadly, this is not a japanese anime. It's not even in Japan. Oh yeah, I'll mention one more thing. I follow the rainbow! And if you dont get that, I'll put this the simplest way I can, I'm gay, and damn proud of it to!

I remember the time a I moved from my homecity, to an even bigger city, I cried for hours because I had to leave Humphry, who is my best friend since pre-school! We still talk all the time).

Well, now we're moving back. So I had to leave my new old school, where I know everyone, to go back to my old old school, where lots of things have probably changed, and I only remember Humphry.

And as you know going to a new school is scary as shit! (Even if you lived in the same town, there are lots of different highschools.) The first day is always hell, and my day has so far been no different, scary as shit and a day from hell.

I have one friend. ONE! It's only Humphry, that rich bastard, not that theres anything wrong with that I mean, he is a little awesome. Well, pretty awesome. Actually he's alot awesome. Humphry and I have almost every calss together, except for math and science.

I really hate math, with a burning firey passion. Science isnt very fun either. So he's really no help with those since he doesnt have them until the next semester. Also, I'm left alone with the devil's spawn in both classes.

Who's the devils spawn? Well he's a giant with blond hair and dark brown eyes, who is apperantly Gods all popular child (although I'd say otherwise).
Humphry says that satans spawn has been popular ever since he moved here, which wasnt to long after I left. I dont get how he's so popular. Emotionless bastard.

Humphry calls the spawn by his name "Gale". If that really is his it's such a pretty, nice name. Way to pretty and nice for a dick face like him.
You're probably wondering why I think he's the nephew of Lucifer. Well, I will explain that to you why this is.

Flash back time! Very. First. Class. Math of course. I look through the door to see if anyone is in the classroom and how big the room actually is, and see this really hot guy surrounded by giggling airheaded bleeders. Okay, nothing against women, but when I see something I like, I get catty.

I was stairing at him like a cat stairs at a mouse (See, catty! Haha) although he couldnt tell becayse you cant see my eyes through my hair.
Whilst stairing at the alluring hunk of teenager in front of me, my foot decided to hit the back of my other foot (damn you!) and my body just decided to test gravity, and I slam to the ground.

*note to self: dont stare

Well, lets just say he decided it was the funniest thing in the world, and stood there snickering at me. Until I looked up and glared at him, and he just glared on back. An instant hatered sparked between us.

So now, to the present. I stand in the hallway, covered in in shaving cream, and why you ask?

Another flashback time! It all started at the begning of lunch. Humphry and I were sitting peacfully at a table in the farthest corner of the cafeteria away from everyone else. Humphry was eat some kind of sandwich, and I was stairing at him.

"Humphry," I chimed. "Throughout the many years I've known you, you havent changed a bit! You still look like a vampiric drag queen!" I grinned and pulled on a strand of his long shiney hair. Humphry is tall with black hair, well black excpet for his bnags which are blond. His hair reaches to the middle of his back.
His eyes are the prettiest shade of dark green, and his facial expression rarely changes, he always looks blank.
Exactly how I remember him! His face is manly yet really femanin, so he kind of looks like a really pretty drag queen.

Humphry snorted and said, "Seriously, Drake, you need to call me something else. I dont even care if it's "that kid" or even "that goth in drag" or even "that chick that looks like a dyke" just not Humphry. I honestly dont know what that woman was thinking when she named me."

It's weird that he can say all of that without even smiling. I stare at him for a while and think of different names to call him. And then they came to me. "Alright, you have three choices, Number one, Vamp, as in Vampire as in you're pale as fuck and look like a vampire. Choice number two Drag, as in drag queen, and choice number three, slap my ass and call me your sister!" I smirked at my more than obvious lame sense of humor.

"Dammit Drake! Why do you have to make these decisions so hard! I'm stuck between Vamp and Slap My Ass!"

Oh. My. Bajeasus. He's smiling! When did he learn how to do that? We both sat there and laughed for about 5 minutes straight until he stopped smiling,and in all seriousness chose the name Drag. I'm not sure, but I guess he likes it. Weird kid.

Drag decided he needed to leave early and left me to fend for myself in the deep, dark corner of the cafeteria. Although I left pretty much right after, and was walking down the hallway when the spawn of satan and his little group of minions decided to surround me.

"Hey you little goth shit! I heared you teamed up with lady face!' Gale laughed. Although I must admit Drag really did look like a very manly girl, he is quit good looking. If you catch my drift.

Not THAT drift, but thaaaat drift. But it made me pretty angry to hear someone, besides myself of course, make fun of Drag. I couldnt really do much besides glare though. My voice doesnt work infront of people I dont know to well.

Gale scoffed, "Shut up fag face! I hope you brought an extra pair of clothes!" Okay, I didnt even say anything. I also rememver wondering why I would need extra clothes.

Gale's minions pulled something from behind there backs. Which. I swear to God, were condams. LEGIT
My eyes widened as they threw them at me. Like, really hard! I'm pretty sure there were rocks in them. The condams exploded on contact (wow, weak much?) coating my hair and clothes in shaving cream. FUCK.

"Welcome to my school. Have a good day Princess!" Gale snickered as he squished the last condam into the top of my head, and walked down the hallway with his little group of F-tards.

Like I said before, I was left stanfding in the hallway covered in shaving cream. And condams.

I sighed and walked to the bathroom dipping my head into the sink and turning on the tap. Cold water rushed onto my head, carrying the shaving cream down the sink. After I getting most of the shaving cream out of my hair, I pulled off my black t-shirt, which left me in a relatively tight, grey, long sleeved shirt.
I wiped the cream off my pants, threw my ruined shirt in the garbage, and walked out of the bathroom to my locker.

I opened my locker, which took an extra 3 minutes of my time because of the damn combonation, and pulled out a little black bag full of different shaped clips, they used to be my mothers before she...died.

I clipped my hair out of my face with little golden bobby pins with butterflys on the end.I hate it when my hair is wet, it's so uncomfortable, I hate water.
The bell went off signaling the end of lunch, and the begining of my fourth period gym class. I hope this will go better then the morning.

AN: Okay the title. I really dont think it has anything to do with the story. At all..maybe one gets baked. But I dont think you can actually make a rainbow souffle...I wonder what that would taste like...I've never even had a souffle before =D Isnt Gale just a sweetheart |D I also cant write any story except for this...-_-