~~Rainbow Souffle 16~~
Anytime You Need a Friend
**Drake's POV**

It's strange how quickly things can go back to normal, but it is very nice that it can. I'm feeling better, alot better, but I do have this feeling I scarred Gale for life. Poor boy. He really doesn't leave my side, which is nice. I like the feeling of having someone to be with me all the time, though it is a little overwhelming sometimes.

It's Tuesday now, a cooking day! I cook every day at home but it's never as fun as cooking at the school, or cooking at Marlo's. When we cook in class though, it kind of feels like Drag and I are a married couple cooking together and Marc and Gale are little retarded kids because they're usually throwing food at eachother, but you know what? It's all fun and games until someone loses an eye!

I also noticed that our kitchen always seems to be the only one thats always missing plates and bowls and stuff, and I seriously wonder where the hell they end up! Like, it's got to be the evil sock elves stealing more than just the socks! I have to keep borrowing stuff from all the other kitchens, and they never just let me leave it in here!

Gale's sitting on the kitchen counter beside the stove, stirring a pot of something. I'm not actually sure what he's making, but it's not what he's supposed to be doing. Drag took the initiative to ask him what he's doing. "Boiling water for noodles. I got hungry and I want to eat now." Gale replied, walking over to his binder and pulling a package of noodles out.

"Right..." I say just as the classroom door flys open. A boy that I've seen before walks in and makes a beeline for our kitchen, he's playing with a lock of his pink hair. He's pretty hot actually, his head is shaved besides one side that hangs down over his eye. His lips are pierced and he has plugs, but he looks very shy.

He walks into our kitchen and stares at me, I can tell he's biting on his cheek. "You..you're Drake right. I'm uh..I'm Cameron, but...my mom and dad call me Cam..." He trys to smile a little. His eyes crinkle, so I know it's a real smile. His eyes are gorgeous, a lovely shade of ice blue with long blond eyelashes.

"Yeah, I am!" I grin widely, "What did you want?" He rubs the back of his neck with his hand, sucking his cheaks in and then dropping his hand.

Cameron leans down to my ear, whispering quietly. "I have a crush on Gale." My eyes widen in shock, and I look right at him. A sizzling sound distracts me, the pots boiling over. I run over to the stove and pull the pot off, not the smartest move in the book. The water splashes all over my arms, burning my skin. I bight down on my lip but set the pot down as calmly as possible.

Cameron yelps and grabs me by the hand, dragging me over to the sink and shoving my hand under the tap and turning on the tap. The cold water rushes over my hand, turning the sting into a dull throb. "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to pull on you so hard."

I smile warmly, "No problem. Did you want to like...go and talk somewhere?"

He nods his head, his pink hair flowing back and forth. It looks so soft! "We can stop at the office and get some stuff for the burn. That looks like it kind of hurts...a little." I laugh and tell Gale that I'm going to the office with Cameron...and that his noodles are evil.

"So...uhm..you have a crush on Gale?" I ask awkwardly, rubbing burn cream on my arm. He looks down at the ground and shuffles his feat a little. We're leaning on the brick wall on the outside of the school. I can't help but check out what he's wearing, he just looks so cool! He's wearing white capri pants with an orange hoodie vest with a white t shirt, and I dont know why but it suits him so well!

He's tall, skinny and lanky, but he's really pretty! Yet handsome at the same time. WHY CANT I GROW! Shortness makes me sad, and sadness makes me sadder. Oh saddness, why are you so short? I get lost in my thoughts until Cameron finally speaks.

"Yes...I'm sorry, but I thought I should tell you that. Not to be rude, but...I just. I don't actually know, I thought it was the right thing to do." He laughs a little, but then he starts to cry. Tears pour down his face and he falls to the ground, hugging his knees. "I'm so stupid. I dont want to be gay. It's wrong and stupid!"

I get it. He told because he needs help, he doesn't want to be gay, but he can't help it. He doesn't want to have feelings for Gale, he's scared of what people would think. I understand that. I look at him, right in his eyes. "You're gay."

He doesn't deny it, but his mood seems to get worse. Denial. Though he might not be gay, maybe he's just confused. "So...is Gale the first guy you liked, or have you liked others." I can see Camerons neck turn red, but he lifts his head up and looks at me.

He smiles a little, his cheeks bright red. "I used to have a crush on this guy that went to school here, but he moved. I've also had a crush on your friend Humphry, but he looked like he could have bit my head off. All he did was stare when I tried to talk to him. I dated a girl once but I didn't like it. It felt wrong."

I laughed. "Humphry is a good guy, but he's as straight as a pole...even though he doesn't look like it. I seem to have always accepted that I was gay, it just seemed normal to me. But different people think differently, and I can see where your coming from, but you will have to accept it."

"I've told my mom. She said she already knew, and I told my father he got really upset but he said I'm his son so it doesn't matter. What did your parents say?"

I looked down at the ground and took a deep breath. "I've never told them."

"Thats...a little hypocritcal in a way...isn't it?" He said, a little confused. I guess, in a sense, that would be a little hypocritical.

"Actually, I never had the chance to. I did however tell my sister and my niece. My sister wasn't mad, she said there was nothing to be mad about. People are how they are, it doesn't matter. She said that as long as there is love, it doesn't matter who they are. And as long as they accept themselves."

It gets silent for a while as Cameron just sits there and thinks, his expression changes alot and at one point it looks like he's going to break into tears again. "So...do you love Gale? Can you...does it feel normal to fall in love with another...boy...man...male?"

I think for a while. Do I love Gale? My heart races and my cheeks heat up, so I guess that means that I do. I grin at him, "Yes, I do. And I think he probably loves me too or he probably would have fucked off by now. Though he is questionable, whether he is gay or not."

I've never really thought about him being gay, but if I asked him I think he'd probably say yes. Or maybe he'd say something romantic, like "I'm not gay, your the only one, your special," but for some reason I really doubt that.

"No, it doesn't feel wrong. It feels right, once you find the right person. You'll know whether its right or not once you find someone. Or someone finds you."

Cameron laughs, "It's all about the wait right? Whats your type, do you have a type?" That is the first time I have ever been asked that question.

I chew on my lips, what is my type? "I guess what I'm most attracted to would be a bad boy, big with black hair and dark eyes. The type that smokes, drinks and beats people up, dresses like he could kill someone. Yeah, the type that would make you feel special because he was nice to you and no one else."

Cameron stares at me, he's face scrunched up into that "WTF" look. "Have you looked at your boyfriend? I mean he's tall with dark eyes and he smokes, but I dont think beats people up and really, he really treats everyone the same. He treats most people besides his friends like they dont ex...he treats you like your special..." Cameron smiles softly.

Not even I realized that he was treating me special. See, he's not particularily my type but he still is. I love him just the same. "How 'bout you, whats your type."

He takes a deep breath, "I don't know. Whoever is willing to say that they like me, even though I am a boy...man..male...teenaged male. I don't know what to call people...I called my mom a girl and she took it offensively! Would you rather be a boy or a man?"

So maybe Cameron has a little ADD, but thats okay. "Well, do I look like a man? At all? I think boy would suit me better, I dont mind. And I think you have a very good type, as long as he treats you well right?"

"Yeah." Cameron stands up and holds out his hand, pulling me up with him. "Thanks, that helped a little."

"Really?" I laugh. "What are you doing this weekend? Are you hanging out with your friends?" I ask him.

He looks at the ground, laughing sadly. "I have none."

"WHAT! But your so cool! Do you want to come over to my house this weekend? We're watching movies!" I ask, getting excited.

Cameron blushes, rubbing his neck with his hand again. "Y..yeah sure!" He smiles widely, walking with me back into school.