Author's Note

Hello to anyone who may still be following this story and decided to log in to their FP account to read this update.

If you were expecting a new chapter of this story, I'm sorry to disappoint you. However, I do come bearing some good news.

While I have discontinued posting on this site, I have been continuing Some Call It Fate on another platform: Wattpad.

I am writing this note to see if any of my past readers still have any interest in this story and would want to read it on Wattpad. I was so blessed to have such a lovely reader following on this story in the past. I have been reading a lot of old reviews lately, and they always leave me smiling and feeling nostalgic. I really miss FP and how great the community was at supporting writers and connecting new writers to potential readers.

If you happen to have any interest in seeing where this story has gone, I will direct you to where you can find it.

Before that, however, I want to give a FULL DISCLAIMER: The wattpad version of this story is vastly different from the version that was posted on this site. A few years ago, I rewrote the story completely from scratch (yes, again, I know) with fresh new scenes and an actual premise. Many of the characters are still the same (though you may notice one or two name changes). I wanted to make this story as strong as it could be and I'm happy to say that I am extremely satisfied with this new updated version. Even better - I will actually finish this version (gasp!), as it's about 10 chapters away from the end.

Essentially, this new version has all the magic, angst/emotion and lightheartedness of the older version, but it's stronger and with better direction that can only come with the experience of having planned, written and revised it for years.

Anyway, if despite all the changes you are still interested in the story, please leave a review or send me a PM and I'll send you a link (unfortunately FP makes it hard to post outside links anywhere). Whether or not you decide to check it out, I appreciate all the support that you guys have given this story over the years, despite its many, many (many) revisions and long hiatus periods in between updates. I wish you guys all the best wherever you are in your lives currently and I hope you are all safe and well.