Of all the things that could happen to me

Especially in this time of need

I had to go and question this one part

Which now is tearing me apart.

I knew what I wanted in the past

But now that feeling is gone leaving a vast

Hole in my heart and brain

Leaving me lame.

And then you had to come in and complicate things more

You and your stupidity had to come to my door.

If it weren't for you I would be fine

But you were the one who pushed me over the line.

And now I'm confused and lost

And stuck in the snow and frost.

All because of you and your idiotic words

And your desire to kiss me having been stirred

But I don't want you, and you know it

Since I've told you over and over quite a bit.

So just leave me alone and find another

Because it's pointless to bother

Me because I've made up my mind

So go away and leave me behind.