After the accidental death of the female teleporter, the warehouse became even more locked down than what it already was. Other than roof access, outside contact was frowned upon until things settled down.

A week passed without incident, and then another. David promised that he'd put security back at level 1 if it got to Wednesday without any incident but cabin fever was already setting in and everyone was on edge.

It was hardest for Jane. Everyone had the gift to sleep eight hours of the day. She was built to sleep as little as possible which was what they wanted if she were to become a soldier. But she wasn't a soldier, she was a fugitive in hiding and the hours passed so slowly for her in particular that she HOPED that someone would try storming the place, just so that she'd have something to do.

Instead of sleeping as the humans did, she spent her nights in the gym learning how to fight. She wasn't created with an automatic knowledge of how to go into combat; she had to teach herself based off videos on the internet. It was something that she'd tasked herself with learning for the past two weeks since she'd been with these people, they needed as many fighters as possible. Thanks to the scientists that designed her, she had a photographic memory and a bit of muscle mimic. She could use her speed and strength to take down almost any opponent. Well, every opponent except for Joseph. He was too good with his teleportation ability and too good a fighter for her to take down.

She sighed and stripped off her workout sweater. It wasn't so much an exercise run as it was an experiment. It seemed that she had to work twice as hard as the others before she began to feel tired. Normally she could say up 48 hours before she began to feel tired and she could sleep for four hours and feel completely rested.

She walked to the railing of the third floor and looked down to the second and first. It was too quiet here. Lisa and Naomi where at a hospital getting her leg checked up on and they were going to take a bit of a vacation. She was left to guard the headquarters because Able and Joseph were up to something and in between their pet project; Joseph was teleporting in and out to check on his sister.

It wasn't really a matter of watching the headquarters as it was watching David. David was still by himself. Everyone had a different opinion on whether or not David was telling the truth about the Guardians, and if he was, how much of it WAS the truth. He kept to himself and everyone tolerated him, but no one really had anything to do with David, he was just sort of there...

Even then there was nothing left to do, he was asleep now. She'd seen him going to his room an hour past, and since her bedroom was next to his, he wouldn't be able to make a move without her knowing about it.

She walked out of the gym and heard some movement downstairs.

The first thing she thought was that intruders had breached the front door, but that would be impossible. No normal person could get through their defenses without alerting them.

What if it was someone from the Facility?

Immediately she upholstered the gun from her belt and ran downstairs to the sound of the noise, "Stop!"

Both Able and Joseph looked up from the kitchen; Able was stuffing the backpack with food.

"Jane?" Able asked, "What are you doing?"

She looked at the duffel bags on the floor. Two were already full. Joseph stared at her with a nervous expression on his face.

"Um…nothing," she put her gun back in her belt quickly, "What are YOU doing?"

"An emergency has come up," Joseph told her, "We're going to take care of it."

"What emergency?"

"It's none of your business; you have your own thing to do."

"Well, what do I tell the others if they ask?"

"Make something up."

"I can't lie."

Joseph stopped and tilted his head, "You want to be human?"

She blinked, "Yes."

"Okay, well then humans lie all the time every day. You have two weeks that you need to start making up for. Happy practicing."

"Look Jane, it's not as dire as Joseph's pretending. We'll be back in a few hours," Able stepped in between them, "A day max. I'll keep in contact with you, alright? Just stay here and watch David."

Something was around his neck that she hadn't seen before. She looked at it in shock but managed to nod, "Alright."

"Thank you," he said in relief, "Oh and if it's alright with you, please don't tell Naomi and Lisa where we are."

"I guess, I don't even know where you're going."

"Good. I'll call you as soon as I can."

Joseph grabbed his shoulder and teleported out.

David looked up as soon as Jane walked into his room. He blinked in surprise. For the past two weeks most everyone ignored him but he knew they were keeping an eye out. They weren't really as subtle as they thought they were when they searched every inch of his room and office. What was she trying to search while he slept or something? "Don't you people ever knock?"

She looked at the door and then back at him, "I'm sorry."

"Well, at least one of you is talking to me," he muttered and stared at the chessboard, "Or did they send you to guard me? Make sure I don't jump out that little mailbox slot of a window? You know…being a leader could've at LEAST gotten me a room with a view. "

"I've been guarding you; I don't need to be in the same room with you to do that."

"Just outside my door at all hours of the night. Freaked me out at first, but if you want to stay hidden you Might want to make sure I can't see the shadows of your feet from under the door."

She looked crestfallen, "Oh."

"Now…what do you need?"

Her eyes filled with tears, "Did you know?"

"Know what?"

She swallowed, "That Able is married?"