Pray for the Liar

Hands folded, like a prayer

Seeing the future, like I'm already there,

This is how to heal the scars left behind,

What you parted with, to leave your lies

I feel the serenity already,

My heart beat slowing, growing steady,

I'll always know your violent crimes,

Sins muted in the best of times,

But you are not worth my parted lips,

No, I'll not speak for you as the balance finally tips,

It's my time to smile and feel the sun,

No longer afraid to look for the one

You lied when you said you knew me,

You thought you did, oh, no.

How frightening is it to know you will be in that big house

All alone tonight,

Because of one little slip,

One little mistake,

When you thought I couldn't see her, or she couldn't see me,

Because we're both invisible

To you?