I was traveling to my adopted home town one of the few places I have lived that I felt I belonged for a long overdue visit when events started to take on a different feel it was as if society subconsciously knew it was coming to a tipping point and the World could change at any moment I was leaving the Train station when at a distance I saw a crowd gathered I was curious thinking they might be watching a street performance or something of the sort when I got closer I could see & feel the tension of the crowd & I knew it was something serious I worked my way to the center of the knot of the people trying to help a middle aged man who was having a grand-mal-seizure With out knowing how I knew what to do and with out any conscious volition of my own I knelt down and held the mans head and talked to him I told him my name and what was happening to him lastly I told him that when I removed my hands from his head that the seizure would end and they would never trouble him again I then removed my hands from the sides of his head and his seizure stopped he looked around confused for a moment then his service dog A Boxer that had been waiting patiently for the seizure to pass the dog looked ridiculous with its stump of a tail waggling meanwhile the dog was licking the mans face he sputtered in mock anger at the dog " what are you trying to do dog drown me ?"

With that the dog seemed to know that it had done its job and backed off so the man could get up once he was on his feet he seemed to notice for the first time the people that tried to help him he turned his attention to them and said " what you just witnessed was a grand-mal-seizure I know it must have been frightening to witness & what is probably more frightening is that there is not much anyone can do for someone having a seizure other than making sure the person can't hurt themselves that is one of the reasons I have this Knuckle head right here " he reaches down and rubs the dogs head " he can spot when I am about to have a seizure and he gets me to some where safe or he keeps me in a safe spot until it has passed thank you for your concern , understanding and thoughtfulness in watching over someone in need " with that the crowd drifts away after a large portion of the crowd had drifted away he turned to me and asks " what the heck did you do ? They usually come in a series that was the first one I have had today." I look up at him and say "honestly I don't know what I did . I just knew what to do and did it ." he said " thank you for talking to me during the seizure I think it helped. By the way my name is James Hammond thank you again." with that he walked away his dog by his side I sat there a moment contemplating what had just happened

I shook myself mentally got up picked up my hiking pack and went to my hotel I checked in and take a quick shower . After washing the "Dust" off . I decided to wander around town to see how much had stayed the same since my last visit I walked down town stopped in a shop owned by friends that I had not seen in far too long we talked about inconsequential's and caught up on each others lives they told me how much they liked my newest book I thanked them and told them I would be in town for a couple of weeks then I gave them some polite excuse so I could keep moving .

I only had 2 days before my mother returned from her vacation I knew that if I did not use the time wisely I would not have time until the day I was scheduled to leave 2 weeks later on a book tour I wanted to see one of my ex-girlfriends and her two kids who sort of adopted me I want to see the kids without the drama that my mom would bring to an already difficult situation the girls are not mine but they have a unique place in my heart and my ex understands her new husband grudgingly accepts the situation her kids Kristi and Bethany are now 12 & 16 Kristi is slightly autistic and Bethany is Hyper active and I would not have either one another way their frailties and their struggles to overcome them are what make them so special to me both have dishwater blond hair Kristi keeps hers long & it has gentle waves Bethany keeps her hair short and fortunately her mother has not let her dye it other wise it probably change color every week or so although I am not sure how much of that is Bethany's personality and how much is her age

When I asked her why she was attracted to a schlub like me She told me many times during our relationship that I was the first to see beyond the "chair" and treat her like a real person I still don't understand that how anyone can refuse to see her or anyone else as a person just because of a piece of equipment except for myself and her current husband her ex-boyfriends have been the reason for her saying men are born an inch from an asshole most don't get any further

I walked in to a friends shop called Spiritual Discovery Center it is an amazing store it sells Bibles right beside books on Demonology and the "Occult" as she has often said her shop has books on everything spiritual from Animism to Zen

She finishes taking care of her current customer she greets me and asks are you sure your vacation is long enough this next book will be rough on you I tell her I know my vacation is not long enough and I won't get any rest for a while afterward such is the life of a spiritual teacher she asks me how will I be I look at her closely then I tell her " Kim it will be an interesting time for you & you Know what the Chinese say about interesting times" a young customer had apparently over heard part of our conversation and said you mean she is going to have trials and tribulations I reply no that is not what I said . I said the time ahead of her will be interesting and to remember the Chinese proverb about interesting times the young customer says I know that "Proverb" I could almost see the Quotes as she said the word proverb Kim knew what was coming and had a customer at the counter so she quietly slipped away I sighed and said to explain this properly you need to know some cultural things I walk over to a chart of spiritual symbols and point to the yin & yang Symbol and ask do you know what this represents she said yes that is the Chinese symbol for balance and harmony I reply that is correct it applies to all Chinese thought that is why I call it a proverb because it is neither blessing nor curse until a person adds their own perspective I let what I have sink in after a moment I see the light of comprehension reach her eyes I leave her to ponder things in a new light

I walk over to the display of crystals I pass my hand over them without touching them Kim comes over to me and asks how did it go I reply refreshingly short she grins & says its time for the next class teacher and it looks like I have another customer moments later the same young lady I talked to earlier asks me why I am not touching the crystals I turn & say it is to feel the energy of them She looks at me puzzled

By the way my name is Alex Jackson I didn't catch your name she looks at me even more confused by the sudden shift in conversation She quickly recovers & says my name is Selene Dempsey & what do you mean to feel their energy I quickly pick a pale amethyst & ask Selene to follow me we sit down in the café area . With out preamble I Ask you're alive correct Miss Dempsey she laughs nervously and says yes last time I checked any way I say good that's one of the requirements . now what makes you alive ? She says all living things are electro chemically active internally I tell her that is a good explanation She asks do you think the crystals are alive I reply no I know they are not alive do you believe the electrical fields generated by living things can be seen or felt she replies no I don't think so I smile and say it can be and there is even a way to photograph it she says Really ? I tell her a Russian developed the process his last name was Krilian I don't remember his first name any way he was experimenting with his camera equipment for what ever reason and came up with some interesting results then as a good experimenter he followed the interesting results and kept notes along the way the process is named after him she says how does this this relate to crystals since you said they are not alive I tell her I am getting there . Now do you know what the piezoelectric effect Selene asks me how is that relevant I say think about the questions I asked , the information I presented and remember how the piezoelectric effect is produced in electronic devices I will be back in a moment I am going to get a coffee as I walk over to the counter to order my coffee I could almost hear the gears in her mind start whirring the café employee took my order and in just a few moments my Borgia no arsenic (hot chocolate made with coffee instead of milk)was ready when I got back to the table I asked her have you figured it out she said I have figured out what your proposing but the human body doesn't produce enough electricity to do what you are proposing Then let me show you first that everyone can feel the energy resonance of crystals I have her place her hands on the table palm up I pick up the crystal I had picked out earlier I took the crystal and slowly swirled the crystal in a counter clockwise motion about a half inch above her palm at the end of the spiral the look on her face was stunned incredulity she said that just feels weird I know the crystal is no different than those out in the shop so how did you do that ? I tell her it is simple really I just moved the crystal in the opposite direction of the natural energy flow what you felt was the turbulence that's all she asks how else can a human energy field effect a crystal I ask her to mark the pale purple crystal with a dab of lipstick then get herself a coffee she follows my instructions when she returns to the table the crystal is now a pale pink she sees this and the shock on her face is clear I ask her if it is the same crystal she marked she looks the crystal over finds the dab of lipstick then says only one word how ? Just then Kim the owner of the store walks by to get a coffee and says Alex remember to put the color back or I will lose money on that . I tell Selene that Kim has no sense of humor about this sort of thing Selene laughed at that remark I tell her anyway I better do as she asks I put the crystal on my open palm and close my eyes to visualize the color flowing back into the crystal I hear a gasp from the other side of the table I open my eyes to make sure the crystal is the proper color how do you do that my response is what makes you think you can't just then as she is about to reply her cell phone rings she flicks it open to see the text message and says I have to go I am on call she writes down her name and phone number on a napkin and says I want to continue our conversation sometime over coffee before I can say much of anything she is out the door I pocket the napkin with her number on it as I go over to Kim and ask her to save the amethyst for Selene I think she will be back for it I ask Kim for the time she tells me I say sorry I gotta run I have to pick up my agent at the airport she says tell your mother I said hello as I leave the store I say will do .