This is not a Story of a fall and Redemption to have that kind of story you have to have somewhere to fall from . This is a story of struggle perseverance and of coming to terms with ones own life along with all of its temptations decisions and limitations .

now you need to know who is telling you this story of drugs , struggle with personal demons and fate my name is Jerry Willson I work at a restaurant washing dishes the pay is not great but if I wanted more money I wouldn't have made the choices that I have I would have applied myself in school and gotten a degree in something I am not at all interested in and ended up with an ulcer and an early grave I work night shift so I have time to tell you more about myself if you care to listen I am a part time artist and writer obviously for money to pay the rent and such I wash dishes I know I am a walking cliché the struggling artist working in a restaurant at least I am not a waiter then you might think I was an actor and that would be an even bigger cliché while this story will have a few clichés who's life is free of them and ultimately this story is a section of my life and its Struggles hopefully you will see that your own battles with your own choices and personal demons are worth fighting

Now that I have introduced myself let me put myself in context the restaurant I work in is a upper middleclass establishment that is striving to be a high class restaurant They serve Tex-Mex there is about 30 people that work their at anyone time and like most restaurants the turn overrate is high now let me introduce you to some of my co workers so that you can get an idea of the people I am surrounded by First my fellow Dish-rat Franklin he is very intelligent an anarchist politically and unfortunately he wastes what intelligence he has as big fan of hallucinogens . he is at least however courteous enough to be Sober at work .he is fairly thin and pale skinned about 6 foot tall and has dreadlocks thank fully he keeps those nasty things under his hat . Now the line guys John " Vino" Villeins as his nickname states he is an alcoholic he is thin is snappish at first but if you stick around long enough he warms up to you , Vilhem Konrad is thin heavily tattooed and extremely intelligent he constantly has a book and a joint , Phil is the quiet one , Terri Couture she is one of the most fascinating people I have ever met she is about 5' 5" well proportioned and if she was younger and I was straight I would so date her . at times she has the vocabulary of a trucker other times she seems incapable of saying anything that is improper she also has a unfortunate tendency to date men who haven't evolved to Cro-Magnon yet, because of the men she chooses she dose have a periodic problem with alcohol

Now for the front of the house the wait staff Tammy is about 50 and has been waiting tables for as long as she has been working she is petite , Alexia we all believe has the wrong hair color she really should be our ditzy blond she is a sweetheart though and we all love her