Looking in your eyes.

Looking in your eyes,

I see waves crashing into toffee sands on a summer day.

Up in the sand dunes lay a red and white picnic blanket where two young people embrace warmly.

This romantic day seemed like yesterday…

But now a few years later, my heart sings at the memory.

Our first date.

Looking in your eyes,

I see a canvas of moons and stars painted as far as the eye could see.

I lay with you in the meadow, hand-in-hand, talking about 'forever'.

An endless night framed by dawn…

I remember this night which showed me how much you cared.

This was 'The Talk'.

Looking in your eyes,

I see you baring your flesh as you bring me to new levels of passion.

We roll around our boudoir in the throws of lust as we understand more of each other.

One of many cold nights we spent together providing this entertainment…

This was the first time we opened up to each other in an intimate way.

My first time.

Looking in your eyes,

I see a petite chapel rested in the hills of Gretna Green.

I danced up the aisle to join you as you kept your promise on 'forever'.

The most important day in a young lady's life made more special by you…

I keep a photo of this worst kept secret in a frame to show the world.

Our secret wedding day.

Looking in your eyes,

I see a future project of mine to make our house a home.

I was like a young blue tit gathering sticks in order to build her nest.

Something which seemed tedious to up keep…

Though we morphed it to my style, Mr handy man.

Our first home.

Looking in your eyes,

I see your face urging me to push past the pain with your endless words of encouragement.

Deep inside me I felt pain like no other but it brought us moments of joy for years to come despite the many rows that followed.

Even though I know you were a little disappointed to paint the nursery pink…

Everything was worth it to see you smile, you're a natural.

Our first child.

Looking in your eyes,

I see the memories and the love that has been there for years.

We danced the waltz to an old tune from our youth, dug out from a box in the attic.

I know this was the last dance, a lasting memory of mine before things change.

My last memory of you.