Hello? Hello?

You there?



I stare at the screen and wonder where you've gone.

Did I drive you away?

What did I do?

All I tried to do was reach out.

Connect from me to you.

Seperate by a vast data stream...

Distanced by hundreds of miles.

But I never thought that would stop us.

We were almost invencible...

Now time ticks gently by and it seems we don't have time to talk.

Then on a flash of luck I catch you.

I see your logo printed in a tiny box on my screen.

A symbol of hope?

A sign that we can talk.

So I type. You type. We finally talked.

My heart smiled until you slipped a tiny confession out.

It shocked me...

I just wanted to wrap my arms around you and tell you things were going to be fine.

But whenever I tried to speak, things just weren't good enough.

I was ignored.

You had a new crowd surrounding you and I just wasn't lucky enough to be with you.

I'm sorry that I threw away our chances.

I never meant to hurt you.

I wanted to drive down and see you and pretend that things are normal again. As if I didn't leave you.

Leave you for something that never worked as well as we did.

I'm sorry. I'll go. And leave you.

But never forget that I care for you...

(The things I've almost sent, the things I've longed to tell you, the things I hoped you'd know by now...but I just erase it. I don't want to start a fight like last time)

Hello? Hello?

You there?