You showed me how to see that nothing is whole and nothing is broken.- Utada Hikari


I've come to the realization that I don't know where I am. In fact, I don't even know who I am. I've tried to turn my neck to peer at the incisive beeping coming from the right, but I find myself restrained. One of my arms is encased in plaster and my leg is held firmly by some mechanical looking device that I don't know the name off.

God, if they were going to leave me sitting here by myself they could have at least left a damn remote for the tv.

I let out a ginormous sigh and stick my unrestrained arm out blindly, hoping the remote will turn up in my blind search. My hand circles around something; an object I know definitely isn't the remote before pulling it in front of my eyes.

Yippee, I have a chocolate bar. If only I had to hands to open it.

"Hello?" I call out, hoping someone is around to help me open my treat. "Is anyone there?"

I sit for a moment, listening to the echo of my voice as it bounces off the wall. After several minutes, actually they might have been seconds, I call out again and wait for a reply.

I'm about to scream bloody murder when I hear the door to my dungeon open and a woman in an all tan suit comes scurrying over to me, a smile on her large red lips.

"Oh sweetie, I've been waiting forever for you to wake up." She leans over and plants a huge and grossly wet kiss on my face. "I was so worried you'd never wake up. I should buzz in the nurse to tell her you're finally awake."

Her hand extends over me to press what I presume a button that I can't see. "Um excuse me if I sound rude." Which in fact I know I do. "But who the hell are you?"

Her hand stops extending and drops limply to her side. "Elizabeth, I will not tolerate such language."

"Who are you", I ask exasperated.

Hmm. It appears my name is Elizabeth,. I make a mental note of this, though I'm not particularly fond of the name. It'll have to do until I find someone who can verify this for me.

"Elizabeth?" She says, disbelief not only in her voice but written all over her tired face. "You don't remember your own mother?"

I wish I could sit up. All of this laying down and peering at someone who stands above me is bothersome. I reach blindly around, before letting out a huff. "Can you make yourself useful and raise this damn bed…. please?" I smile pleasantly and pat my big…uhh, what color are my eyes…? Lets says green for now, I've always loved the color green.

Atleast, I think I have.

Anyway, I flutter my big green eyes and smile at her, because I tried to make her happy by saying please.

"Elizabeth, watch the language of yours. It's most un-lady like and extremely ill befitting."

"Geesh," I say with a roll of my eyes. "You can never make you people happy."

She looks like I've just cussed at her again. The woman who calls herself my mother takes an unsteady step back before falling into the nearest chair in the room and glaring at me like I've just told her I strangled and decapitated a cat. Which though I can't remember my life, I know I've never done.

"I don't know what's come over you, but I certainly don't like it."

"I don't like you", I retort, just as a nurse comes in and looks slowly around the room. I would think she was trying to process everything that's happening the way she looks slowly about, taking her time before leaving the room the same way she came.

"Hey mother. Can you please come here and sit my bed up so I don't have to lie on my back like a hooker anymore?"

The part about the hooker obviously bothers her, I can tell by the tight line her lips are in as she leaves her chair and comes over to raise the bed. She fiddled with the bed remote for a few minutes, before comfortably leaving it on a setting that has me half sitting and half laid back. I smile thankfully up at her, but say nothing as she walks back to her seat.

Whatever they have playing on this tv is completely yawn worthy. I look over at my "mother" to ask her to fetch me the remote, but stop as I notice she's staring at me with tears in her eyes. I don't know if I use to be one for tears, but I know I'm certainly not one for tears now. I suddenly feel terrible awful for the way I treated her.

"I'm sorry", I say mournfully. "I didn't mean to be so rude to you earlier. I was cranky."

She shakes her head dismissively, tears falling freely from her big brown eyes. While they look nice and all I still hope mine are green. I wonder how long it will be before I see a mirror.

"It's not that", she says, tears making her voice come out all gargly and choked. If I were a little more heartless I would have laughed at how comical it almost sounded. "I don't know who you are, but you aren't my Elizabeth."

Yes! I might have green eyes after all!

I nodded sympathetically at her. "It's understandable", I say with a reassuring smile. "People walk into the wrong hospital rooms all the time thinking their love ones are in it. Why don't you just scurry along and find your daughter and I won't tell a soul about your mess up."

"You are my daughter!" she yells before breaking down and crying harder into her hands. She's hunched over in the chair and heaving horribly.

"Wait", I say confused. "I thought you just said I wasn't. Woman get your facts straight!"

I'm the one who has no memory of her life and yet she's the confused one. I shake my head sympathetically; I wish I could pat hers and tell her it's going to be alright. But she's so far away and I don't want to ask her to come over to me.

"Elizabeth, I don't know what they did to you, but I'm going to make sure everything goes back to the way it should be." She gets up and storms from the room with a breeze of finality in her voice.

"Hey can you give me the remote first?" I yell after her. But she's either gone too far or doesn't hear me because she doesn't come back to hand it to me.

I sigh before pressing my fingers in my tired eyes. I guess I'm stuck watching this dumb cartoon about a fat man and his family.




"Elizabeth", the woman who told me to call her mother says as we pull up in front of a house that is far to big to house the tiny family she's told me about. "Elizabeth!" she snaps.

My eyes cut over to her angrily, mainly because she's distracted me from gazing at the beautiful monster they call home. "Yes ma'am?"

She smiles triumphantly, glad to have finally tamed this mouth of mine. Well to burst her little bubble I was still cursing, especially at her, in my mind. "This is our house." She starts slowly. "We've lived here ever since we adopted you ten years ago. This is where you have grown up." She unbuckles her seatbelt and I do the same.

"Geesh mom", I say with a roll of my eyes. "I've lost my memory, I'm not retarded."

"Elizabeth!" This woman surely loved saying my name in amazement. "That's not an appropriate term. It's mentally challenged."

"Whatever", I mutter as I step out of the car and look up at the fairy tell house in amazement. It's so huge!

"Don't say whatever to me", she says as she gets out of the car and storms past me to the porch. As I'm still gazing at the house she clears her throat, snapping my attention away from the black, gold and white exterior. "Come on, I've got to reintroduce you to your father."

I nod slowly before hobbling up the five stairs and into the house.

God, if I thought the outside was amazing; the inside has nothing on it!

I look at the high roof with carvings of angels and demons battling, to the grand winding staircase, and the open area covered in paintings and sculptures. I let out a tiny whistle of amazement as mother looks at me with an approving look on her face. I'm guessing she's use to people complimenting her own her house and taste.

"Come now Elizabeth. We'll take the elevator so don't have to hobble up the stairs."

I gap at her like a fish out of water. "You're joking right!" I yell, before looking at the exasperated look on her face. "I mean, we have an elevator?"

She sighs before walking behind one of the statues and opening a gate. "I don't joke, now get in."

Someone has definitely got a stick shoved up their butt.

I hobble onto the elevator and wait as it takes us to the third floor and stops with a jerk. Mom mutters something about calling someone to fix that before opening the gate door and walking off with the expectancy of following her.

"I have a broken leg, can you please not walk to fast", I gasp out as I basically run to keep up with her long strides. She considerably slows and turns to wait for me before opening a door to the left that I wouldn't have even seen because the door blends directly into the wall paper.

She allows me to hobble in before her, before shutting the door behind her and clapping her hands for the lights to come on.

"Come on, sadly there's a flight of stairs." She stops to think before smiling widely at me. "You wait down here and I'll bring your father down here."

"Whatever floats your boat mom." I say before hobbling by her to a mirror I see at the end of the room. While I was in the hospital they made it a rule for me not to see my reflection, because they thought it might shock me.

When mom finally leaves the room I peer into the mirror in amazement. Even though I already knew it, my skin is the soft color of thick caramel and smooth all the way across. My eyes aren't green, much to my disappointment, they're brown and doe like framed with long thick lashes. I blink my eyes several times, just to ensure they're mine, before reaching up and gently touching the mirror. When I pull my hand away it leaves a tiny fingerprint mark, almost completely unnoticeable.

I reach a hand up and touch the tiny curls that frame my head. They told me at the hospital that they had to cut my hair while I was asleep because most of it had caught on fire and was completely damaged. Now I'm left with a curly nest of brown hair and beautiful brown skin and a tiny scar on the top of my eyebrow, that I was told was there before whatever happened went down.

I jump as someone comes into the room and loudly clears their throat for my attention. I turn from my vanity gazing, to a man about seven feet tall, boyishly skinny and glasses. His boyishly light blond hair is tousled in a way that comes with continues hand running stress, and his dark brown eyes are full of worry. His eyes travel slowly over me before he collapses into an empty seat. Mother comes down from the stairs as I'm about to open my mouth, and sits down right beside him.

"Hello", I say with a slight wave of my good hand. "I'm told you are my dad."

He smiles at me. It feels warm and genuine, unlike some of the smiles I received from mother within the last two weeks I've known her.

"Yes, I'm your dad." He runs his hands through his hair and lets out a tiny shaky laugh. "I'm your dad."

"Can I ask you a question?" I ask as I begin to hobble to an empty seat across from his. When he nods I continue. "What made to Caucasian couple adopt a little African american child?"

Both of them are visible taken back, but he hides his surprise far better than she does. While her mouth is agape, waiting to attract flies, he wipes his hands nervously on his pants.

"Well, we knew from the first moment we saw you that we would love you forever. We never thought about race."

Good answer.

I smile at him before turning to look at the rest of the room, just as the doorbell rings. Mom doesn't look the least bit surprised as she gets up and ushers all of us out of the room and back down to the elevator. A smile is cemented firmly on her face as we get off and she opens the door on the floor.

"I've got a surprise for you!" She says, basically squealing like a little school girl. I look over at dad with raised brows but he looks as confused as I am. When she finally throws open the door two girls rush in and basically attack me and knock me to the ground.

"Dad!" I scream, trying to keep myself from falling over with my crotches. He helps me right myself with a timid smile, before I turn to glare at the two monsters that charged me.

"Who the hell are you two?" I ask with a glare.

The first one, a blonde with big perky breast and red pouty lips looks crestfallen, before she remembers I can't remember anything. "We're you're best friends. I'm Taylor."
God, her voice is annoying as I thought it would be. Completely too perky and unnecessarily high. I glare at her and will her away with my amazing brown doe eyes, which in my opinion look ten times better than her boring blue eyes with faint blond lashes.

"I'm Liz too!" The other says, a curvy red head. Her skin is ghostly pale, but e\ instead of it making her look like a pasty ginger, she's quiet gorgeous. If I weren't so gorgeous I'd be envious of her.

"Why'd you say too?" I ask dumbly.

"Well, we call you Liz as well." She smiles widely at me, revealing sparkling white teeth.

"No", I say with a shake of my head. "My name is Elizabeth and I would like to be called to accordingly."

She looks taken back, but says nothing as I give her a dare me glare. I look past thing one and thing two to the still gaping open front door and squint to see the figure standing there. Slowly, like a scene straight from a movie the figure walks toward me and takes me, painfully if I might add, into his arms. I feel like I can't breath, he's crushing my rib cage with his hug. When he finally drops me, I look him dead in the eye with the most dangerous glare I can muster.

"Who the hell are you!"

Mom snaps her neck to look at me. "Elizabeth! Language!"

The boy laughs, loud and powerful and quiet amused. If I had two good legs I would kick him in the shins. "What's so funny?"

He leans forward to kiss me dead on the lips before pulling away with a smile dancing in his eyes. "I'd think you remember your own boyfriend."

I must look surprised because everyone around me, including my mother, begins to chuckle to themselves. I look around, bemused before turning back to the fellow who calls himself my "boyfriend".

"I don't think so", I say, stopping his laughter almost as quickly as it started. "You're far too ugly for my liking."

That got them all to shut up.

Authors Note- For anyone reading this story who is also readiny my story Lilly Happened, I'm terrible sorry. My computer ram malfunctioned(I'm not a computer person I dont even know what really happened.) and erased everything from it. All of my music, pictures, and documents are lost. Trust me, I felt like crying. Anyway, Lilly Happened will be updated eventually. It's just entirely discouraging to have written five chapters and they all get erased. :(