Revenge Served Hot and Sexy

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" A well muscled arm slammed hard into the wall next to my head, blocking my path back into the club.

There's always a time to be brave but when a 6'2", built like a tank, star linebacker is looking at you with death in their eyes, it is not one of those times. His teal blue eyes burning holes in my head while his pale full lips were pulled back in a snarl. His biceps bulged as his muscles tensed, a growl rumbling in his throat. If I were a lesser man, I would be on my knee kissing his feet and anything else he wanted me to put my mouth on. But I wasn't, in fact I had balls of steel.

"Not that I honestly care but who the hell pissed in your cereal this morning?" I mouthed off.

I also had a tendency to be suicidal when it came to him. His eyes narrowed ever so slightly and I knew at that moment I was officially fucked six ways over. But before I get into anymore details, I believe I should explain exactly how this situation came to be. Unfortunately, that means going back to some unpleasant memories but tough tits.

It all started my senior year of high school when I was still 'innocent', that was the time I believe love conquered all and that the fucking tooth fairy existed. I was hopelessly retarded in love with Vance Lambert, much like 85% of my high school population (teachers included). The only major difference between me and the other 84.9999% was that he was actually going out with me. Who is Vance Lambert? Well I'm glad you asked! Vance Lambert is the sexy as hell, popular, beefy, tall, did I mention sexy? I did? Well I'm going to mention it again, Vance Lambert is sexy~. Too bad he's a glorious asshole but that for another day. Moving on, today is the day before graduation and I was just making a ground breaking revelation.

"I… I think I want to have sex with him…" I mumbled, staring blankly into space.

I didn't have to guess the look on Noel's face. A look of shock, disgust and confusion mixed altogether into one. It didn't help that he was about to take a bite out of his sandwich which left his mouth gapping open.

"Excuse me?" He hissed, his amber eyes flaring angrily at me. "Sai, you've had a lot of fucked jokes but this time, I'm not laughing..."

"Well, that's good because I wasn't joking."

A pregnant silence casted over us, Noel glaring at me while I returned to staring off into space, caught in my own thoughts.

"You're fucking kidding me right?" Noel said, breaking the silence.

"Nope serious as a heart attack baby."

"You don't even know him!"

"We've been dating a full year."

"He used to be a man-whore."

"And now he's not."

"Sai!" He yelled hotly.

"Noel~!" I mimicked with a cashmere smirk. "You know I can do this all day right?"

He let out a loud frustrated sigh, flinging his hands up in the air before finally calming down.

"All better?"

"You're an ass."

"Why, thank you."

Noel shook his head, his wavy inky black hair flopping around before falling back into place.

"Anyway on the more important subject like do you not have any shame?"

"What do you mean?"

"Well for one, you're talking about your future sex life in the middle of a crowded cafeteria?"

"Oh well look at that…" I said, finally noticing that we attracted the attention of a few tables surrounding ours.

"I don't think he knows the meaning of shame." A familiar voice said.

Noal and I turned to see a boy with sandy blonde brushed over his forehead with playful green eyes walking over to our table. A frown tugged to Noel's face with a faint smile formed on mine.


Kyle was what Noel calls, a sexual deviant meaning he'll gladly fuck/be fuck by anything that moves. Even though Kyle can be very good company if you have no interest in bending him over of course.

"Are you finally going to try and bone Vance?" He says taking as seat on my left hand-side.

"Wouldn't use 'bone' but sure why not?"

"I still say it's a bad idea."

"This coming from the guy who thought it would be a good idea to spray paint someone's mustang bright pink?"

"Will you guys please let that go?"

"Oh I will but I doubt Mr. Reno will."


"Anyway, graduation tomorrow, wanna hang out and get piss drunk?" Kyle suggested with a mischievous twinkle in his emerald eyes.

"So you can rape us? No thanks." Noel mumbled giving Kyle an accusing look. "When graduations over, I'm going home to sleep."

"Hmm, I like his idea better though." I said pointing to Kyle who smiled in victory.

"Come on Noel! I promise not to touch you or Sai, I swear."

"You better not or else you'll be breathing through a fucking straw." Noel mumbled darkly, his eyes reflecting the seriousness of this threat.

"Right…" Kyle replied, a nervous smile on his face.

Lunch continued on as normal then finally the class that I had been waiting for all day, Calculus. And before you ask, no it wasn't because I had a hard-on for math but more specifically who was in the math class that made me absolutely giddy. Upon entering the fresh smell of lavender tickled my nose and I could feel my eyes gazing over as I saw him. Leaning back slumped a little in his chair was the Vance Lambert (Insert high pitch girly squeal here). The boy was like sex on a very hot day, too hot to handle. Spiked forward black hair, teal blue eyes that shined ever so brightly in the sun. Strong jaw line, high cheekbones with little stumbles. Skin tight black short sleeved shirt that just clung to his muscle clad torso and painted on Levi jeans that showed off his ass, and what a fine ass it was. He turned to me as I walked closer and a heart stopping smile graced his face. I swear I heard someone drop in the background but I was too busy trying hard not to get a boner.

"Hey Sai."

I've heard a lot of people call my name, (usually follow with a fist to my face but that's beside the point) but I swear I will never hear my name spoke in such a way that makes it sound like a sin. I swear this man could have told me to drop my pants and bend over here and now and I would do it.

"H-hey Vance." I stumbled as I tried desperately to will away the blush that was plaster all over my face.

He gave a throaty chuckle that made my heart do jumping jacks. I quickly sat down before I looked like anymore of an idiot than I already made myself appear. Anyway class starts and while Mr. Mathews goes on and on about what a 'limit' is, I was doing a bit of math myself. Me + Vance + Bed = (Or +Kitchen counter? Maybe wall?). It really amazes me how I got him sometimes, really it does. I mean, it's not like I'm 'beat-me-with-the-ugly-stick' but I'm not drop dead gorgeous, really average in fact. 5'5" Dark brown eyes, long brown hair that reaches my neck that usually pulled into a ponytail. I'm not really a gym person which left me with a little bit of my baby fat, not chubby but defiantly normal Asian skinny (Which my mother gets on all the time). All and all pretty average person and it doesn't help that I usually wear clothes one size too big for me. I don't really consider myself 'cute/handsome/etc' no matter how much my mom tells me otherwise. Noel's warning rang in the back of my head but I was as I said before too hopeless retarded in love to care. School soon ended and I rushed off to my part-time job at a local restaurant called 'René' which is a very nice French restaurant. I worked as a cook since it was something I was good as seeing as my mother couldn't cook to save her life.

"Sorry I'm late, Jean!"

The owner, Jean was quite young, only 27, I believe. Not only was he young but he was also quite handsome. Slick back spiky black hair with the most beautiful olive green eyes, 5'8" and had a very lean build. He turned from the customer he was with and smiled dazzlingly.

"It's alright Sai, just get ready okay?"


I continued my way into the kitchen, greeting my fellow employees on the way and got down to work. For the next couple of hours I busted my ass to try and get everything done, I really wanted to get to Vance's early to surprise him. Finally it was closing time, saying my goodbyes to Jean and the rest of the crew; I walked out into the cool night air. I glanced down at my phone which I had dug out form my bag, it reads '6:27'. I smiled as I remember what would happen tonight. Vance had always wanted to have sex with me but I wasn't quite ready to trust him seeing as like Noel said, he was a man-whore. But after a year of commitment I believe he's earned it. A shit eating grin wormed its way to my lips, I had been anticipating this night ever since he asked me out. I quickly ran down the street towards Vance's apartment, which thankfully wasn't too far away, just a short 10 minute walk which I made in a record breaking 5. I walked up the stairs to his floor and up to his door. I knocked but no answer, surprisingly enough the door was unlocked but then again he does tend to do that at times. I opened the door and stepped in, closing it behind me. His apartment was the same as when I was here yesterday, messy. I swear the man will not clean even if the world is coming to an end. But just as I was about to pick up one of his discarded shirt, I happened to hear a faint sound. I froze and seconds later the noise was back but much louder, it sounded distinctively like a moan. I felt my heart skipped a beat; it was defiantly coming from Vance's room direction.

'Is he…'

As my thoughts trailed, I began to walk toward Vance's room. The moans slowly grew in volume which was making my heart beat faster as naughty images of what Vance was doing rattled in my brain.

'Seriously he couldn't wai-' I began to think, a mischievous smile growing.


My heart dropped into my stomach. That was defiantly not Vance.

"Keep quiet baby. Don't want anyone hearing you."

"B-but I-I can't-Ah! Wi-with you p-pounding me like-oohhh- that~"

Mother…freaking…fucker! I abandoned all thought as I ripped his bedroom door open and stopped dead at what I saw.

"Oh shit…" I mumbled.

Oh shit was right, there was Vance, completely naked (which normally I wouldn't mind but in the current situation, I was fucking pissed), balls deep in a familiar looking kid with sandy blonde hair and bright green- wait back the fuck up.

"Vance?" I whispered, my heart slowly breaking into a million pieces




Oh I love this game! Anyway at that moment, I happened to remember hearing once that there are seven stages of grief. But I effortlessly jumped from shock & denial to full on bullshitting rage and was there to stay. By this time thankfully, Vance and Kyle tried to make themselves decent by putting some pants on but it was already too late.

"You low down piece of shit!" I bellowed, glaring hotly at Vance.

"Sai, look let's talk about-"Kyle started to say looking nervously between Vance and I.

"Shut the fuck up." I said darkly, my dark brown eyes spelling death to him if he opened his mouth again.

"Sai, listen I-"

"And you!" I practically screamed turning my attention back at Vance. "How fucking dare you! Vance, I thought you loved me!"

Shit, I can feel the tears running down my face. Vance just looked at me with pity brimming in his eyes.

"Sai, look to tell you the truth, I never really liked you. It was a bet my team came up with for me to try and bed you." He said with absolute no hesitation, his voice and eye changed from pity to annoyance. "But you refused to give out, I was gonna break up with you today anyway."

I think I hear my heart shattering, the tears continued to flow down like a river. I let my head fall as my body was shook.

"H-how long have you two been…"I asked even though I really don't want to know the answer.

"Does it really matter?" Vance grunted, getting up from his bed and walking over to me. "Look, I'm sorry that you fell in love with me but what can I say, you're not exactly the kind of person I could like." He said, stopping front of me. "But if you want I can give you a lasting memory" He whispers into my ear, his voice hinting promises of sexual pleasure.

I was silent for a few minutes, Vance moved his head back waiting for a positive responds. A menacing chuckled bounced in the room. I raised my head, not a trace of the cry mess that I was a few minutes ago, in fact a wide sly smirk and my eyes narrowed to a sinister glare. I practically hear both Kyle and Vance visibly freeze up.

"Oh then I see~" I mumbled out, even my voice sounded different, much more sensual.

I pressed myself up against Vance, leaving virtually no room even to breath as I stared him dead in the eyes. Bring my left hand to his neck, I gripped and pulled him down.

"Sorry but I don't take sloppy seconds." I whisper huskily before sealing my lips over his in a brutal kiss.

Never before had we kissed like this before, I force his mouth open and battled his tongue into submission, during which I felt his body reacted in just the manner I was hoping for. I, painstakingly, pulled away from his full lips, a trail of spit connected out lips before I broke it.

"How that for a lasting memory?" I whisper huskily. "Oh and Vance?" I called getting him back down to earth; I looked down before looking back into his eyes. A mocking smile played across my lips. "Fix yourself up baby." I hissed.

I turned on my heels and walked out of his bedroom, and finally out o his house slamming the door loudly. I walked back to my house, ignoring my mother as she called out to me and crawled away into my room. I collapsed onto my bed, as I pressed myself onto my pillows I felt wetness. While walking I must have started crying once more, it hurt…As I laid there crying my heart and eyes out a wicked smile graces my face. Though my heart is shattered, there's no way I'm going to let him get away with this. Not ever….

~3 month later~








"Mom!" I yelled, giving her a scolding look, my face slightly aflame.

"Just kidding!" She piped smiling like a fox before a serious look overlaps it. "Now Sai, I want you to remember that I always love you and call at least once so that I know you haven't become road kill or died of hunger alright sweetie?"

Really mom, so graceful.

"Yes mom."

"Also remember what I said, if any dirty old men try to talk to you, kick them in the fucking balls. Hard" She says all with an innocent smile on her face.

I swear she's psychotic on some degrees, I mean she almost went to Vance's apartment with a sword (Yes stereotypical Asian) when I told her what had happened.

"Of course mom." I replied giving her my best smile, trying hard not to laugh.

"Good, let's get going."

With that said we got everything packed into the car, and got into the car and drove off. While staring out the window, a wide smirk spread to my face. Sai's back bitches and better than ever! I was no longer the average slightly fluffy Asian kid anymore. I've slimed down and beef up a bit so I gain a swimmers like body, my long hair parted so that the top half was pulled into a messy bun while the bottom half cascaded down my neck. My face was much slimmer, skin gained a natural glow and lips ripened. To put it simple I was fucking sexy. Today I was off to college; and ready to start my life over a new and forget all about Vance. Look out world here I come! A wicked chuckled fell from my lips which caught in my throat at what my mother said next.

"Oh yeah Sweetie?"


"I'm not sure if you know this but I think Vance is going to this school…" She mumbled, not looking me in the eye.

I looked at her, eyes widened and jaw almost on the floor. Fuck my life