Revenge Served Hot and Sexy

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~Sai's Pov~

"Sweetie please!"


"Stop acting like a child!" my mother screeched, throwing her hands up in the air

"Then bring me back home!" I argued defiantly, glaring up at my mother from inside the car.

She sighed running a hand threw her hair. I'm sure she was pissed but I couldn't give a rat's ass at this point. We were currently in one of the campus parking lots, my mother standing outside on my side of the car, glaring at me while I was sitting comfortably in the locked car. She has been trying to persuade me out of the car for the past 5 minutes with very little success.

"I was going to tell you sooner but you were so into your 'transformation' I didn't want to ruin it for you."

"Mom, what part of 'I'm transforming myself to get over said asshole' did you not understand?"

"You seemed over it..."

"Mom, I spent the first month in a depression!"

"Oh yeah."

Good old mom, can always rely on her when I'm heartbroken and considering suicide. I sighed, unlocking the car and getting out. Since I'm already here might as well stay I mean what are the chances of me seeing Vance on such a big campus anyway? Haha...ha..haman I'm so relieved, note sarcasm. Sighing, I walked around back my mom's craptatic smart car. Everything you ever heard about it being a death trap is completely and totally….true. I keep telling my mom to get a better car or at least one that doesn't make her look shorter than she really is which isn't saying much. She's apparently is going along with the whole 'It's a great car and its helping the environment' jazz. I really have to stop myself when she said that to retort 'Of course you think it's a great car, you're 4' fucking 8"'. Anyway I finally managed to pull my luggage from her metal death trap and slammed the truck closed. My mom goes off listing everything on the damn campus as we passed it, as much as I love her there are just those times where I could just straggle her.

"And that's-"

"Mom, for all that is sweet and holy, please shut up!" I hissed.

She pouted, crossing her arms over her chest and stomped off in the direction of the Student Center. The woman has the attitude of a 6 year old girl I swear. I trudged myself up to the building after her, dragging all of my luggage with me. The building was packed with incoming student and their parents; everyone was talking at once causing the noise to bounce around.

"Excuse me?"

I heard a little voice trying desperately to talk over the crowd with little success, there stood a slightly plump woman, around her mid 30's. She had dark brown bob cut hair with forest green eyes. She stood at 5'3" and was wearing a business suit. She looked distressed as she tried to get everyone's attention. My mom happened to see me staring and followed my eyes and saw the woman.

"She looks like she needs help…" My mom trailed off suspiciously.

I turned to her, no liking the look in her eyes when I did. Suddenly I felt a piercing, god awful pain from my foot which shot up through my body.

"Mother fucker!" I screamed loudly as I doubled over in pain.

Turning my head up, I was about to glared harshly at my mother when I noticed how quiet the room had gotten. I looking around I realize that everyone and their grandmother's eyes were on me. My face became beet red, as I mumbled apologies under my breath, luckily making everyone avert their unnerving attention on me. I stood slowly now that the pain in my foot had died. My mother was standing next to me with an innocent looked on her face, rocking back and forth on her heels.

"What the fuck was that for!" I hissed quietly so only she would hear, giving her a very anger look.

"That was for yelling at me, I may be small but that does not mean I can't beat that ass, do you understand me?" She replied back nonchalantly, glaring back at me.

I pouted, yes guys this is my mother. Loving, slightly demented and very vengeful, .ever.

"Welcome new students! And parent's of course! Welcome to Nelson Davis University!" She cheered overly happy, evoking a few responses from the crowd. "Now I'll be taking all the freshmen to their dorms, any transfer students please follow, Mrs. Diana." She said pointed to a woman with short black hair and bored brown eyes.

Our group exited the building and took a left towards a tall brick building, the walls were slightly entangled with grass but they looked relatively new. It took at least 5 stories, paved in red, white and gold. It had balconies attached to each room and a nice screen door leading inside.

"This is the freshman dorm as you probably guessed. The first two floors are for men and the last two floors are for women and the middle floor is split evenly between male and female. As you can see there are balconies attached to each room and on each floor is a common room at the end of each all on either side."She lead us inside of the building, so far I liked it indeed.

The inside was almost as nice as the outside, floor to wall carpet, abstract designed walling and a relatively clean smell. As soon as we entered I could see the common room, it was pretty spacious. The floor was bare here, showing off the clean oak wood. There was both a lounge area and a TV area with a nice flat screen place on the wall at its center. There were desks and chairs in one area, I'm guessing for studying. All in all, very nice, I can see myself spending most of my time here defiantly. Anyway moving on, we walked down the hall connected to the common area. The hall wasn't too small but not overly big.

"Now, boys with the last names between A-H are on this floor, boys with I-P are on the next floor and Q-Z on the third floor. Same goes for girls." Our tour guide said. "You will be given your room by the floor monitor."

I stayed where I was since my last name is Hibari. It was at that time that I noticed exactly who my floor monitor was. Teal blue eyes looked confidently glorious, muscles bulging in its tight confinement, full pale lips pulled in a smug smirk showing off his pearly whites. His hair was a lot spikier than I last remembered but still was he a god of a man. For a second, it seemed like nothing had changed that was until he called my name."Sai…Hibari?" Still sounded like sin but his voice was rougher than before, giving him an older feel.


"Yeah?" I said, trying hard to remain confident and not give off anything.

He looked me over, I was praying to whoever would listen that he didn't figure out who I was, please. But then again, what other Asian does he know with my exact name? Shit! He stares me in the eyes for a few minutes, I was starting to sweat.

"Do I… know you?"


"Huh?" I asked dumbly.

"Sorry, just thought you looked familiar. Here's your key, room number is 140" He said handing me my key before moving on.

I stood frozen, I couldn't figure out exactly how to feel, anger? Or relieved? It had only been three months and he had forgotten me. For whatever reason, I felt hurt; I mean it wasn't that I was still in love with him or anything but to know he forgot all about me so quickly still really hurt. While I was deep in thought, my mother paraded over to me.

"Hey, wasn't that Vance? Want me to kick his ass?"

I turned my head to her; she was looking adorably confused/anger which made me feel better. I just shook my head, petting her on the head (in case you're wondering, I grew a few inches making me now 5' 7").

"No need mom, he doesn't even know it's me anyway." I said giving her an 'Even if he did what would you do?'

"What? How dare he-"

I quickly muffled my mom's screaming with my hand and dragged her into my room. I release her after shutting my door, making sure to bring my luggage in with me. Luckily the rooms were singles, so no worries about roommates.

"What the hell was that for?"

"Mom, I don't mind if he doesn't remember me, in fact its better this means I can live my life freely!" I said trying to convince her from violence. "And anyway what would you have done? You're 4'8" and weight 90 pounds, he's bench presses 200."

She went to open her mouth but I beat her to the punch.

"And don't even start the ancient Asian martial arts bullshit again because we both know you don't know squat about it. Not all Asian come out kicking ass on a daily basis."

She frowned.


"Thank you."

While she calmed down, I took my time to look around the room. A desk was pushed up again the top left hand corner of the room, Shelves loomed over it, a bed laid next to the desk center in front of a window which shine in right on the bed, note to self: get shades. Anyway in the opposite corner was a large dresser and waste basket on the floor on the side, in front of the dresser. There were two doors, one of the left hand wall which lead to the connected bathroom and one on the right hand wall that lead to a small walk in closet. The bathroom wasn't very big, only had a toilet and sink. The walls were bare and the floor was the same oak wood as the common room.

"Nice room just needs some decorating…" I mumbled to myself.

"Well let's get started." My mother said, back in her chipper mood as she started unpacking my stuff.

I smiled and shook my head and got to work.

2 (Back breaking) hrs later…

It took a while and with mild arguing here and there we managed to finish. Aside from the walls the room looked homier; I placed a dark blue and white mixed bed sheet over the bed. Books lined up on the shelve above the desk. My clothes were packed in my dresser and closet. The bathroom was stocked with all my essentials. I stretched out waiting for the glorious crack before relaxing once again.

"We're finally finished." I grumbled, slightly annoyed.

"We would have been done sooner if you weren't so anal about your god damned clothes."

"Whatever." I said waving her off.

Silences drifted into the room for a minute before it was cut by my mom's sniffling. I turned to her to see tears running down her eyes. I smiled softly, my mom may be a bit crazy but that doesn't mean she's heartless

."It's okay mom." I whispered, hugging her close letting her tears soak my shirt.

She let out a small sob as she wrapped her arms around me. My heart fluttered gently and swelled up.

"N-no, it not o-okay!" She sobbed. "Who's gonna make me Red Velvet cake now?"

….I retract my early statement, the woman's as cold as ice. I chuckled as I held her, she still sobbing gently. It took her a few minutes to settle down and when she did she gave me a stern look.

"Remember what I said Sai, and if you need anything call, just not at 12 pm, that's Young and the Restless hour."

"Yes mom." I said a gentle smile on my lips.

She gave me one last hug before leaving. As soon as the door shut I collapsed on my bed staring up at my ceiling, my mind already wandered about everything that happened.'Well at least I don't have to worry about Vance. Maybe I can still live out my life' I thought with a peaceful thought in mind, I changed into a pair of boxer briefs (could never decide which one I liked better) then slid underneath my covers. My already fatigue body combined with the warmth of the soft cover quickly numbed me to sleep.

Vance pov.

"So Vance any worthy fresh meat this year?" Leo, my best friend asked with a raised eyebrow and grin as he downed another beer.

At his question my mind flashed back to the Sai kid. The boy was, without a doubt in my mind, absolutely delicious. Plump pouty lips, dimples, and chocolate brown eyes with dark brown hair parted horizontally so that the top half is pulled into a ponytail with the rest tumbles down his kissable neck. The body of a swimmer with a slim waist and nice, pert ass which I had to the pleasure of watching before he disappeared into his room.

"Yeah, I found one, quite the catch too.""Oh really?" Leo said, the shit eating grin growing ever wider on his face.

"Well I guess we'll be seeing him at the freshman party coming up?"

"You know it."

"So ya are going on the hunt then?"A chuckled rumbled in my throat as a smirk pulled on my lips.

"Oh the hunt is on, Leo."